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Hopefully Helpful Hints about Damsel In This Dress · on 11/01/2014 08:33 PM CDT 3451
In hopes of making things less confusing, I have complied a few notes about the shop Damsel In This Dress.

There are technically three sets of colors used for the regular, unlimited items in this shop, though one set is ONLY used on the hair ribbons in the "Glitter and Shine" room. Every surface can only be set to use one set of colors, this is a limitation with how shops are set up. So if one item from a surface is one set of colors, all items from that surface use the same set of colors. While some colors may overlap both sets, here is a list of colors to help you know what you're getting.

Color Set One: white, blue, green, yellow, brown, tan, grey, violet, bright red, dark red, teal, green, orange, purple, rose colored, dark blue, sky blue, forest green, leaf green, lavender, bone-colored, royal-blue, silver, golden, striped, black

Color Set Two: midnight black, sparkling white, sapphire-blue, apple-green, sunny yellow, deep brown, soft tan, misty grey, pale lilac, fiery scarlet, ruby red, teal blue, jade green, burnt orange, deep purple, rose-colored, royal blue, sky-blue, forest-green, leaf-green, pale lavender, bone-colored, deep turquoise, sparkly silver, bright golden, storm-grey, sand-yellow, dark olive, bright coral, slate-blue, periwinkle-blue, bright magenta, blue-violet, dull khaki, pastel peach, beige

Color Set Three (hair ribbons only): golden, violet, silvery, pale blue, sapphire-blue, jade-green, chestnut, vivid red, blood-red, bronze-hued, sunny yellow, misty grey, peacock-blue, night-black, midnight-blue, cherry-red, tangerine, sunset-orange, pale pink, soft rose, rich coral, slate-grey, chocolate, teal, pale green, creamy white, copper, indigo, pearl-white, soft peach, deep blue, dark green, leaf-green, vivid purple, burgundy, wine-red, smoky grey, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink, brown, muddy ochre, puce, turquoise, ecru, taupe, black

About the Limited gowns: Some of these will change colors, some will not. An attempt has been made so far when announcing that a new gown is out as to if it changes colors or not. I understand that you may not be around for the announcement and may not know when buying, this is a chance I'm going to have to ask you to take. Though if the gown doesn't have a color from one of the color set lists, it probably isn't color changing! (Note: That doesn't mean I won't use a color from one of the lists on a non-changing gown!)

All color changing items from this shop (limited gowns included) will message (shimmer pull message here) when you pull on them. Not all of the items' TAPs will change to reflect this, it's pretty random as to what will and what won't, depending on what I thought would work with having the TAP altered to include the word "shimmering". When you pull on your item it will activate an ATMO for that item, there are different ATMOs depending on the item and this is not limited by surface. I'm not going to give them away here, you'll have to buy and find out. Pulling on your items a second time should both turn this off and message that your item stops shimmering. (Again, if your item's TAP changed to include "shimmering" it will go away this point. If your item's TAP didn't change, it won't change here either.)

~FGM Kaarina~
Wedding Lead

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia \ Hollow Eve Festival, by DR-KAARINA on the forums.