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Re: HT vs Crossbow · on 09/08/2013 11:07 AM CDT 4179
>>It does seem pretty crazy

Not really, but folks seem adverse to actually posting how many mastery ranks they have :P

The headhunters have low 400s in defense, so with 340 ranks of HE I can hit them about 50% of the time if they are completely unbalanced and I am incredibly balanced. Not very good odds there. If I throw up a half-strength weapons buff my to-hit jumps to about 65%. A full-strength to-hit buff raises it to about 75-85%. If stunned it rises to about 90%.

That seems rather balanced to me. No single buff is allowing you to make a massive jump in effectiveness - they all combine to give about a 15-20% advantage. Now, when you stack buffs, and balance, and disablers, mastery skills and forged weapons, then you are able to make up a 25% rank-deficit.

Now thrown is ranged so you must rely on a tactics ability for gaining balance, which I'd consider another form of buff/debuff that not everyone has access to. Circling over and over to gain balance is time spent that isn't factored into these posts. So let's add another 20 seconds to get to incredibly balanced.

With all of that - I still miss 85-90% of the time due to the large random in the thrown calc, it takes me 5-8 hits to kill one, or about 20-30 seconds. You add in the bless and I suppose you could see things dying in 3-5 hits.

The problem is more with cleric abilities and the lack of forged crossbows than with heavy thrown being overpowered (though I do plan to make some improvements to it soon). I'll poke some people and see what it would take to allow blessing of the bow.

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