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Re: HP for Warrior Mages · on 12/04/2012 09:20 PM CST 198
So a few things here...

Armor Terts probably shouldn't mix armor types. You're not good at using armor, so don't try to get all fancy. This is a perk for having a higher armor skillset.

Buffs do less in 3.0. This is probably affectng you more than armor hindrance. If Swirling Winds gave +250 defenses in 2.0, it is probably giving half that now. This is true for almost all Guilds that had buffs brought in line with the new caps.

Now, as for plate. The tradeoff for using plate is having a larger defensive penalty than tissue paper cloth and other lighter armors.

How effectively you can fight in HP depends on how you've trained, how light your plate armor is and other factors. If you are fighting anything weaker than you (invasions, boss monsters, PvP), you'll probably get the best mileage out of your HP armor. The defensive penalty won't factor in much because your defenses are higher than the enemy, and the added absorption will come in handy because things always have a chance to hit you.

Hunting at level, you'd probably want to land vertigo on things to remove its bite, unbalance it with tremor/TC, stance more for parry/shield which are less affected by hindrance, or backtrain a bit.

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