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Re: Gweth Traffic Offensive · on 04/23/2002 01:05 PM CDT 99
>>1. Is picture/symbols legal?<<

I would say that excessive use of symbols is definitely distracting and OOG.

That's not to say that as soon as someone uses an emote :) that we should immediately report them... (I love my emotes... I know - emotes = evil!)

Things that should definitely be avoided are things like:

- Using symbols to draw attention: !!!***** SELLING *****!!! blah blah

- Using symbols to abbreviate things like currency: That sword costs way too much $$!

- Using symbols to replace normal characters: $h3 $hou

This message was originally posted in Surviving in DragonRealms - Elanthia \ Gwethdesuans, by DR-JOBU on the forums.