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Re: Guild Meeting · on 06/27/2012 10:44 AM CDT 1316
Here's a trimmed down log: Highlights are

There's currently a "short list" of 8 spells Raesh is considering: Elemental themed ones that offer buffs but you can only have one at a time running, Muses Inspiration, and a Silence themed spell.

Performing is going to be a system that essentially lets you earn money and reputation playing in various places, but you'll have to play to the audience to succeed.

Instruments might be expanded at some point by Kodius, but again they will not be necessarily needed for spells in 3.0

Raesh is hoping to do events: Feel free to suggest things we'd like to see

A few small tweaks to the Bardic Lore abilities might occur, but it's still planned. same for Heritages.

Ummm....I dunno, skim!

Raesh says, "Right. So, most of you know me already."

Raesh says, "I'm GM Raesh and currently I'm wearing a lot of hats."

Raesh says, "The important one for today is that I'm the acting/interim Bard Advocate."

Raesh says, "That "Interim" word there is mostly so I have an excuse to make someone else take the job later."

Raesh says, "Since there's been some confusion on the forums, I'll make it clear here."

Raesh says, "I'm a Developer on staff. I'm a part of the Lore team -- that team works on Bards, Traders and Empaths as well as lore skills in general."

Raesh says, "I'm currently the developer in charge of well, Bards 2.0, 2.1, 3.0... whatever we're calling it these days."

Raesh says, "That's totally seperate from acting as the Advocate, though it is why I ended up as the interim one."

Raesh says, "So if we find someone else to take over as Advocate I'm not going to suddenly stop doing dev work for you guys."

Raesh says, "It just means we're looking for someone who actually has a history with Bard events and lore -- I do not."

Raesh says, "I'm going to do the best I can for you guys, but it's not my strong point."

Raesh asks, "Does that make sense?"

Raesh says, "Basically I take point in making sure you guys get events."

Raesh says, "I'm your main contact with staff on the forums."

Raesh says, "And I communicate with people working on Bard projects to make sure there's a hoalistic vision behind it."

Raesh says, "The rest of this meeting is mostly going to be Q&A. I'll say in advance there's a lot of stuff, if you're anything like the Moon Mages, you'll want to ask I'm going to have to redirect to the forums since I'm not directly involved in them and this time I don't seem to have any wing men."

Issus is next.

You say, "Heritages: Is that pretty much strictly a "Waiting on 3.0" situation as of now? Also, any changes in the direction it was aimed for? Last I heard, there'd be abilities that cost points, both functional and fluff."

Raesh says, "They're in a "waiting on me" situation."

Raesh says, "Basically here's what's up with all the Bard 3.0 projects."

Raesh says, "They're behind. Way behind. And you really have no one to blame but me."

Raesh says, "I've had a fair bit of RL stuff going on, but more to the point -- I just bit off a major project as my first real DR project."

Don't blame him. Crap happens. Especially with Big Projects.

Raesh shrugs.

You ask, "Still along the same line of thinking for when they do happen, though?"

Raesh says, "What can I say, since I started on Bards 3.0 I've moved, got a new job, got married, and learned a lot about how long projects take."

Raesh says, "3.0 hasn't helped any, but it's not to blame."

You say, "I missed a year, not sure if plans changed."

You say, "I blame the wife."


Raesh says, "So here's where we stand in 3.0 timeline wise."

Raesh says, "Recall is going to be the next project I finish -- not because it's the most important, but because it's already largely done."

Raesh says, "Heritages are going to be after that -- I can drive some good events from that."

Raesh says, "And we've got another Bard-ish GM in the pipeline so hopefully I'll have a minion soon."

Raesh says, "The plans for Hertiages are largely the same as they will be -- though I plan to release them as they're done."

Raesh says, "My goal is to before Simucon."

Raesh says, "Finish up a fistful of small projects, some of the kinda of Bardish, some not, run some events, update the prediction system for 3.0, finish the premie expansion to 'dillos and hopefully get Recall out."

Raesh says, "Note that's not all Bard stuff. Like I said, many hats -- but that's most of staff right now."

Raesh says, "After the 'Con we're looking at Heritages and HE projects being my main focus."

Raesh says, "With events interwoven as needed."

Raesh says, "Or as I come up with fun ideas. Either/Or."

Raesh says, "Oh, and I'll be at Simucon if any of you will be."

Meigs is next.

Meigs says, "What's the status of the bard Setinel, if you know? Last I heard it was in QA or close to QA."

Meigs says, "That was a while ago though."

Raesh says, "Right."

Your mind hears Riyk thinking, "Para what? Whats that mean?"

Raesh says, "I believe Dartenian was working on that."

Meigs says, "Yep."

Raesh says, "I, unfortunately, don't have a status update on it. I can give him another poke -- I've had no direct involvement with it."

Meigs says, "I'll get back to you when I know is perfectly acceptable."

Raesh says, "And... reminder sent to Dart."

Raesh says, "I'll post on the forums when I hear something."

Azfa is next.

Azfa says, "Hey there."

Azfa says, "Nae sure if ye were around way back then when I proposed an update to chorus mechs."

Azfa says, "I know Dartenian was looking into it...."

Azfa says, "But what I wanted to do was choose who sang with me."

Kodius puts his shard in his gravimetric singularity.

Azfa says, "So chorus tenor, or chorus male, chorus female etc."

Raesh says, "I somewhat remember that."

Azfa says, "Just putting my two kronars in for that again. I proposed this wayyyyyyyyyyy back when."

Azfa says, "I think it was about seven years ago."

Raesh says, "Oh, never mind."

Raesh says, "I don't remember that."

Raesh grins.

Azfa laughs!

Raesh says, "I must remember something else that came up with Chorus."

Azfa says, "Well I've brought it up a few times since then."

Raesh asks, "Could you put a summary on the forums and I'll see if Dart has an update on that too?"

Azfa says, "Still nae news."

Azfa says, "Will do."

Raesh says, "Oh and we have Kodius here now."

Herachs smiles at Liandrilinn.

Raesh says, "He does the work of like 10 GMs, unless those GMs are me."

Raesh says, "Then it's more like 20 to 1."

Kodius = Awesomesauce.

Raesh says, "He's also a good person to ask about crafting stuff and he doesn't know it yet but after he finishes with Barbs 3.0 I'm stealing his code for Bards 3.0."

Kodius blinks.

Raesh says, "I just need to flip a letter."

Kodius says, "Bards have Inner Cool. For sure."

Raesh asks, "... I think we were on a question about chorus?"

Raesh asks, "Did that wrap it up?"

Azfa says, "Yea."

Azfa says, "Ye asked me to post it on the boards."

Belladulce is next.

Raesh says, "Back to questions."

Belladulce asks, "My question is about voice throws. Any news on what's going to happen with them? Any chance of expansion from what we have now?"

Raesh says, "My current plan for them is to share them all."

Raesh says, "Thieves and Bards get all of them."

Raesh says, "They also need some sanity in their reqs for learning them."

Raesh says, "I don't particullarly see a reason to make you relearn them."

Raesh says, "It's possible I'll find some mechanical snag that makes me eat those words."

Raesh says, "But if that's the case I'll likely give you a way to relearn them quickly for awhile like was done with Moon Mage cantrips."

Enome is next.

Enome says, "Now, reguarding evoke vs. recall."

Enome says, "Seems some places are not in tune well enough for Evoking and others are, why is that/."

Raesh asks, "What do you mean exactly?"

Enome says, "In some instancces recall history works and evoking does not."

Raesh says, "That's because they are different."

Raesh says, "Perc History turned into Evoke."

Raesh says, "Recall History is still Recall History."

Raesh says, "Evoke is working under the new system, Recall History is still under the old system."

Raesh says, "Type "evoke help."

Enome says, "Well ok then, I was under the impression that evoke replaced recall histlry."

Raesh says, "I need to work it into the guild leader speach when you join."

Ysselt says, "I think thats why it was renamed."

Ysselt says, "Was confusing."

Raesh says, "But I was waiting for further into Bards 3.0 to rewrite them."

Raesh says, "Mostly it was renamed because it's no longer tangled into the magic system, but confusion is a good reason too."

Raesh says, "Evoke is a supernatural ability of Bards that lets them actually relive events from the past."

Raesh says, "Recall is just searching your memory for facts about something."

Raesh says, "And will actually stop being Bard specific for recall history, though you guys will still be the best at it."

Raesh says, "Most of what we hav right now are recalls."

Raesh says, "The new system makes it far easier to write new ones."

Raesh says, "So I've been pushing to get more out there but it's a work in progress."

Raesh says, "Basically every area I write I try and include at least one and I'm trying to get other GMs in the same habit."

Raesh says, "And before you go looking, no, the assassin expansion doesn't have one -- it's only six rooms."

Raesh asks, "Does that cover it?"

Leilond is next.

Leilond says, "Alright, soooo have there been or do you anticipate any changes to the awesome slew of Mojo 3.0 abilities you posted a while back? The Beguiles and what not? I take it that all of the new Mojo stuff is coming far after Heritages."

Raesh says, "I reserve the right to tweak the list somewhat, but the core is going to be the same."

Raesh says, "It's been enough time and there's a few that may not work out the way I want them to in 3.0 land."

Raesh says, "Or in the case of Dodge they're just redudant and when I start writing them I'll need to find a replacement for them."

Linett is next.

Linett asks Raesh, "When will we be able to bond with instruments again?"

Raesh says, "When I write a proposal for the system to do something, and then code the system."

Raesh says, "Seriously though."

Linett says to Raesh, "Fine fine. Soon. I get it."

Raesh says, "The relationship with instruments is important."

Raesh says, "And I get that, and they're being downplayed in Magic 3.0."

Linett says, "It is likely low priority after 3.0 etc and all that stuff. People lalso probably care more about heritages and all that other mojo stuff realistically."

Raesh asks, "It's sort of the same spot we're in with sentient instruments. "Okay, that's a cool idea but... what the heck does it DO?"

Raesh asks, "So I'm open to suggestions, but if it's just an elaborate wrapper around a skill booster I'm not really interested you know?"

Linett asks, "I suppose a free bond like invoke to our hand would be too powerful?"

Raesh says, "Maybe we'll spark something off I can run with."

Raesh says, "It isn't a system I've looked at but I think that's the case."

Raesh asks, "That cover it?"

Linett says, "Okay, I just wanted to make sure it was out there someplace, at least one bard still wants to bond with instruments."

Raesh says, "Good deal."

Raesh says, "I will note, I'm not against the "fluffier" side of the Bard so to speak."

Raesh says, "It's the same thing I said when I started dev for you guys."

Raesh says, "You can RP without fluffy mechanics, but you can't slay a dragon priest with playact."

Issus is next.

Raesh says, "Well, maybe some of you can, and I'd pay to see it, but you know what I mean."

You say, "Start a thread on the forums, I'm sure we can brainstorm some cool stuff."

Raesh says, "NEXT QUESTION."

You say, "Items: It seems like we're always getting items that are fluff (knots, neithral bands) shared (warhorns where we get the lesser effect though I think those are a work in progress) or flat out left out (most things elemental magic based) So, my question is: Can we start to see some Bard Only, stress on the only, items that actually do cool and powerful things? Also, can we stop being treated like elemental dimwits? Hate seeing things like ashcloaks (just for an example) that are elemental based yet we cant figure out rhodonite or fire well enough to trigger their fluff stuff."

Raesh says, "There's kind of two questions there."

Raesh says, "The first is special items."

Raesh says, "Sure. If we come up with some ideas, I'm fine with them -- but much like warhorns we're trying to move away from guild specific abilities that can only be used with rare items."

Raesh says, "Which is part of why so many items end up fluffy."

Raesh says, "Though I agree, you could use some fun auction level stuff."

You say, "Well, one thing is that 3.0 seems to open us up to the possibility of mojo refreshing items and such."

Raesh says, "I think Kodius has something to say then I'll get to my other point."

Raesh says, "Yes, it does."

You say, "I mean, while I want super power stuff, fun utility stuff is great too."

Kodius says, "Hey everyone. Warhorns were definately intended for future expansion opportunities."

Kodius says, "In many ways we are waiting on 3.0 so some of the effects can be managed better."

Kodius says, "Not to mention I've spoken several times about siege warfare and how that system will make better use of them, and Tactics skills."

Kodius says, "Lastly, I wouldn't give up hope for special warhorn-only enchantments that are fun and awesome."

You say, "Will those effects be backwards compatible with old warhorns, do you think? Somehow I've managed to get ahold of two really nice ones."

Kodius says, "Which should address some of your concerns with being elemental wimps."

Kodius says, "Yup, don't worry about backwards compatability."

Raesh says, "Anyhow -- the other part of that question was really about elemental magic."

Raesh says, "And that's something I think 3.0 is going to pay off nicely in."

Raesh says, "I don't really want to turn you guys into Jr. War Mages -- so the goal is to give you a rather different feel in your approach to elemental magic."

Raesh says, "The example I've been using for awhile."

Raesh says, "Is that a Warrior Mage using fire magic is going to throw a giant fireball."

Raesh says, "And, yeah, to some degree you can do that with Pyre or something."

Raesh says, "But it's not the strong point."

Raesh says, "When a Bard is really in tune with "Fire" the sort of things they're going to do are enflaming emotions, causing Anger, or Bravery or whatnot."

You exclaim, "I can dig it. My main issue is that, as of now, we don't really see that reflected much in a second hand manner, ie. items and such. But I have the faith in 3.0!"

Raesh says, "I follow what you're saying -- and it's something we'll look at."

Raesh says, "I dunno how many old items we'll go and change but for future dev or enchantement items and so forth."

Azfa is next.

Azfa asks, "Do ye know if the songbooks will work in 3.0?"

Raesh says, "No, I don't know. I imagine they'll be updated the same time spellbooks are."

Raesh says, "But that's not a project I'm involved with. Frankly there shouldn't be a difference in 3.0."

Razzer is next.

Wordsmith Azfa went through a pair of glass doors.

Razzer says, "Mostly I'm wanting my long promised Bard Familiar."

Raesh says, "I'm not familiar."

Katralyn asks Razzer, "Songbird again?"

Razzer says, "Was promised us long ago."

Raesh says, "Oh. Those."

You say, "The form has changed over the years. At first it's kind of what instrument sentience was said to be like, then songbirds, then nagas, then fae, then songbirds."

Raesh says, "Right. I know I told the Kaldar this when I met with them, and I think I told the Bards this when I met with them the first time..."

Raesh says, "But there's like 15 years of past promises from past GMs going on all over this game."

Raesh says, "Systems that were "almost done" or "promised forever" or... what have you."

Raesh says, "I'm not going to be held to those. Some because I disagree with them, some because the person didn't leave anything for me to work from... there's a lot of reasons."

Raesh says, "Plus I have nothing from past GMs to work on there. I've seen an old proposal, but that's about it."

Raesh says, "That's not a firm no."

Razzer says, "It's like bards lack a solid idenity....we're neither fish nor fowl.....not really magic users and same with fighting....."

Raesh says, "You're magic users in 3.0."

Raesh says, "QED."

Raesh says, "And in DR magic users are welcome to use weapons, and sometimes they have to."

Raesh says, "You're one of the ones that has to."

Raesh says, "Mechanically though we're trying to flesh out that identity some more."

Basgonif is next.

Basgonif says, "When you mentioned new areas including evokes, would that include the new premium areas such as Fang Cove? i'd like to see them there, as alot of work and effort went into that area, and i'd like to see some of them there."

Raesh says, "I personally didn't work on Fang Cove, but from what I know of the lore it's a solid candidate for a few."

Raesh says, "I'll talk to the Premie people, see if we can make it happen."

Katralyn is next.

Katralyn asks, "With regards to instrument sentience, and more along the lines of creation systems, a long time ago there was an idea passed around that we may be able to creat instruments that could play enchantes, or maybe music boxes. Is that possible still with 3.0?"

Kodius says, "I don't see why not, but generally speaking that would be reserved for rare instruments. If anyone can make them then everyone would make using them a normal part of their routine."

Katralyn says, "But I mean specifically being able to imbue them with our enchantes, with limited use or timer on them."

Kodius says, "That is likely going to be found with enchanting."

Katralyn says to Razzer, "We gotta have these music skill for something."

Kodius says, "Bards in general will be better at a wide range of unique things via Tinkering."

Kodius says, "But can definately get involved with enchanting."

Raesh says, "I don't see a problem with a magic item that cast and sustains a cyclic spell in 3.0."

Raesh looks at Kodius and shrugs.

Raesh says, "When you get down to it mechanically that's all we're talking about."

Kodius says, "Nah, they can exist. We just need to talk more about what, and how, and all that."

Raesh says, "Yup."

Katralyn says, "Ideally, being able to make somethign that could play drums say.. for others to use."

Raesh says, "Remind me to make them horribly ugly."

Issus is next.

You say, "As long as we're talking about creation stuff: Is Muse's Inspiration still a possibility? I've heard conflicting things about boosting creation skills."

You say, "FYI, it was solely a creation skill/mech boosting enchante."

Raesh says, "That's on my short list of spells I'd like to develop."

Raesh says, "My current thinking is that it'd be the top tier Lorekeeper feat."

Kodius says, "The lack of working boosters is because 1 skill = all creation systems currently."

Raesh says, "The ability to learn that spell -- so non lorekeepers could do it at a lot of investment."

Raesh says, "But, yes, what Kodius said."

Raesh says, "It's something that would need to go through some hammering to balance for the reality of how crafting works now."

Belladulce is next.

Kodius says, "Also don't forget boosters might come in other forms. Protecting tools, reducing the penalty for missing a step, reducing round times, etc."

Raesh says, "Let's just say "A spell that enhances your crafting in some way."

Belladulce asks, "Ok this is really a simple question, I asked in the forums but didn't get an answer - were the diaries and inkwells sold at Bardic Journey RP in nature or could we actually write in them?"

Raesh says, "Also I chronically call it Inspiration of the Muse so odds are I'd end up calling it that to keep myself sane."

Raesh says, "Not familiar with them."

Belladulce says, "I'll keep bugging people about it on the forums then."

Raesh says, "I'll do a little poking around too."

Linett is next.

Linett says, "I was at a spar thingie a week or so ago and the mage who was fighting a bard thumped the Bard. Rendering the Bard entirely incapable of using magic/enchantes. Can some thought be given to making that not work, since it is pretty crippling to a Bard to be thumped in a combat situation and it isn't something you have any defense against, aside from raw circles. I agree on the whole training weapons/armor stuff but still, a lot of a Bard is enchantes and being buffed, using a song to get out of something long enough to retreat."

Linett says, "Someone suggests our throats should be extra immune to numbing type effects from all our imbibing."

Raesh says, "I don't know how/if thump will interact with 3.0."

Raesh says, "It's something I'll keep in mind for the new Bard abilities."

Linett says, "Really thump should go away since now days it is just basically always abused."

Raesh says, "For now, let's just say if you're in the Trials you might want a no thump rule."

Linett says, "But, seeing it used on a Bard who then couldn't sing.. it was bad for Bards."

Leilond is next.

Leilond says, "Do you have any more details about the new Performing system? No problem if not -- I know it's still probably a ways off from even when 3.0 hits."

Raesh says, "Well, I'd have to remember what all I mentioned before."

Raesh grins.

Raesh says, "Aside from "I have a plan."

Raesh says, "So I'll just outline it and pretend it's all new."

Raesh says, "The gist is that you could start playing in a public place, a city or so forth."

Raesh says, "And a crowd will spawn around you that reflects the area."

Raesh says, "Are you on stage, are you in a rich city, a poor city and so forth."

Raesh says, "And you'll need to perform to their tastes."

Raesh says, "If you do you'll be rewarded with exp, tips and some... let's call it reputation."

Raesh says, "Eventually the crowd will become exhausted and that area will be unusable for a little while."

Raesh says, "Not long, but enough to keep you wandering a little bit."

Basgonif asks, "And if you do badly they will throw cabbages?"

Raesh says, "Or worse."

Raesh says, "Arrested for disturbing the peace, you know, whatever."

Raesh says, "The reputation would be used to earn possible titles or other prestige things."

Raesh says, "Maybe a Patron."

Raesh says, "That's all possible expansions to the core plan."

Raesh says, "Someone tosses something unique into the hat -- a treasure map or something."

Raesh asks, "Does that answer the question? Was it new info?"

Leilond says, "Actually it was, and yes it did answer it."

Leilond says, "Thanks."

Issus is next.

Raesh says, "Oh, I should mention, not only would different areas have different tastes but it give a difficulty curve. Performing in a smally city would be a lot easier than a major city."

You say, "I was reminded of this from the Evoke talks: Think Evokes will ever get to the point where there could be a system (requiring GM approval) where bards with enough Bardic Lore could write them? Also, I think every bard should get one written about them when they get to 150th."

Raesh exclaims, "That's a good question Issus. NEXT!"

Raesh says, "I don't see a need to strap a skill req on it."

Raesh says, "If you have an idea for an evoke throw it on the forums."

Raesh says, "And we'll see what we can flesh out. I have a backlog from those recall contests that I've been waiting for the new system to be in place for."

Raesh says, "So I don't have to write em twice."

You say, "Well, I saw it as a Bardic thing we could potentially make money doing for others. Commissioned work and such."

You say, "Which is why I put the skill req on it."

Raesh says, "An Evoke for 150th wouldn't really be fitting -- a recall possibly, but that's a lot of players we're talking about."

You say, "Oh, recall would work."

You say, "Basically, a way for us to make a story people could see recording heroic deeds and such, whether true or not."

Raesh says, "Evokes are always inherantly true -- recalls are not."

Katralyn is next.

Katralyn says, "In terms of statistical boosting, is it possible we could have something that boosts on the level of Benediction in clerics or some of the barbarian dances, that isn't an enchante, that say was a ritual dance or limbering exercise for bards. Just throwing an idea out there, to give us some other avenues of ooomphh.. Also, Thank you very much for holding this and for answering all of our questions."

Kodius says, "Well, every ability is being rewritten for 3.0."

Raesh says, "Boosting will be standardized in 3.0."

Raesh says, "Yeah, what he said."

Kodius says, "Dragon dance is having its head removed..."

Kodius clears his throat.

Raesh says, "Also you might want to check out the practice verb."

Raesh asks Kodius, "Head removed? Isn't just like the toenail going to be left?"

Kodius says, "It was a top-heavy dragon."

Kodius shrugs.

Katralyn says, "Yes I use that for mojo reboost, and didn't find much else from it in terms of the old + by anything statistically, but I can check again."

Kodius says, "Feel free to suggest new abilities, however. Things will allow more versatility in 3.0."

Raesh says, "Do note that currently your line up is lacking a charisma booster."

Raesh says, "Which is kinda weird."

Raesh says, "I've got an idea for a line of boosting spells themed with the elements."

Raesh says, "But they're going to have to wait until after 3.0 for the support to be in place for them to make sense."

Raesh says, "Basically you'd take on the aspect of one of the elements, but only one at a time."

Raesh says, "And it'd do some boosting and interact with the mojo abilities."

Raesh says, "As an aside the Electricity one is my current idea for the top slot of the Songsworn Feats."

Meigs is next.

Meigs says, "You've covered performance, what about bardic lore? Will there be ways to work that too? Performance and Bardic Lore would seem to be the natural top two skills for a bard, but I suspect most bards are going to have them behind at least two secondary skills in primary magic and harness and they're going to fall further behind without ways to work them that fill them the way that we can work secondaries in combat."

Raesh says, "Performance needs development in ways that aren't bard specific."

Raesh says, "Since it's not a bard specific skill."

Meigs says, "But it is sort of a bard's natural skill."

Raesh says, "But it also needs a reason to exist aside from messaging the room about how hard you just crit your lute."

Raesh says, "Thus the system I just discussed."

Raesh says, "Bardic Lore will power the new mojo abilities, (the existing ones after they're redone), Evokes... I might be forgetting something."

Raesh says, "But the core of it will be the new mojo abilities."

Raesh asks, "Did we answer the question?"

Meigs says, "Guess it's mostly a wait and see at this point and I've been impressed by all I've seen so far."

Raesh says, "Oh, and if skills 3.0 comes out before new mojo stuff and odds are it will."

Raesh says, "We'll have some stop gaps in place to make sure Bardic Lore is learnable."

Raesh says, "Astrology and possibly some of the other guild only skills are going to need the same treatment."

Meigs says, "I just hate to see lore primary skills sitting well behind secondaries and staying there."

Leilond says, "Ok, I have three questions from Issus."

Leilond says, "Do you have any more details about the new Performing system? No problem if not -- I know it's still probably a ways off from even when 3.0 hits."

Leilond says, "Er."

Leilond says, "Not that one."

Leilond says, "3.0: Why no perk to learn other guilds spells without prereqs (magic theorist) by default? We've always had that capability."

Raesh says, "Hmm."

Raesh says, "I'll ask the Magic guys."

Raesh says, "Otherwise I'd have to go dig up what the current list of default perks is."

Leilond says, "Fine fine, well then that was that."

Linett asks, "Question two: Raesh said Inspiration of the Muse was on his list of spells he wants. What other spells are on your "list"?"

Raesh says, "Oh I can answer your question afterall."

Raesh says, "I just talked to the Magic folks."

Raesh says, "And the answer is that as a magic secondary you only get one feat "Free."

Jaedren isn't a magic folk.

Raesh says, "And that's the one that makes your cyclics into the enchante-like spells."

Raesh says, "I figured that was the case."

Raesh says, "So I think there's a feat that does what you want."

Raesh says, "But you'll need to spend a slot or two -- whatever the current cost is -- on it."

Leilond says, "Just gotta spend a spell slot to take it."

Raesh says, "But by default you can power your cyclics with normal mana instead of held."

Raesh says, "Which other guilds have to train to do."

Raesh says, "There's basically seven spells on my short list, unless I'm forgetting one."

Raesh says, "Which is the Muse spell and the six "aspect" elemental spells I already mentioned."

Raesh says, "Logically there'd be another one that would be the Taleweaver top tier spell, but if I have a plan for that I don't recall it offhand -- I think I'm still brainstorming that one."

Raesh says, "Top tier feat, sorry."

Leilond asks, "Hmm, if each heritage has one aspect, where do the other 3 come from?"

Raesh says, "No."

Raesh says, "Only the songsworn have one."

Raesh says, "The other five would be normal spells."

Raesh says, "They basically came out of a prior draft for the new mojo abilities."

Raesh says, "Aether, Air, Water are the three elements Bards tend to use the easiest."

Raesh says, "And in descending order after that you have Fire, Earth and then Electrical."

Katralyn says, "Wasted a mime on a sleeper though."

Leilond says, "Oh snap, but... breath of storms."

Raesh says, "I kinda want to theme Breath of Storms as another element, but I think it's staying electical."

Raesh says, "On one hand thematically I like it more as an element that's more in tune with how Bards use magic."

Raesh says, "But it's also a good example that Bards can do straight elemental attacks, it's just not what comes naturally to them."

Jaedren says, "You people and your fixation on blackfire."

Raesh says, "I'd say I'd also like to see another TM spell or three in your book -- but no solid plans there."

Raesh says, "It's not really a big deal."

Raesh says, "It's just a thematic note."

Raesh says, "That was part of defining how Bards interact with the elements vs warrior mages."

Jaedren says, "It could be worse. You could be Heart, instead. Nobody liked that kid."

Raesh says, "Water is tied to emotions."

Raesh says, "Thematically spells like DALU is a "water based" spell."

Raesh says, "Of course, my view on the water aspect spell is more of an icy view."

Jaedren says, "Don't be so cold hearted."

Raesh says, "I don't have the notes handy, but I'd like to see it more of a TM booster type spell."

Raesh says, "Helps you dull your emotions and focus."

Raesh says, "Any how -- it's all early, I haven't even run them through proposals yet since I'm waiting until 3.0 is out so I can fit them into the gaps in the spellbook."

Raesh says, "Instead of ending up with redudant spells."

Raesh says, "NEXT QUESTION."

Ixien is next.

Ixien says, "I was pleased to hear you mention Muse earlier, so I take it that spell is really happening."

Raesh says, "Uh sorta."

Raesh says, "It's on my short list of spells I'd like to see post 3.0."

Ixien says, "And also I wanted to know about the instrument quality that was boosted at the last festival."

Raesh says, "I have no idea if instrument quality does anything."

Raesh says, "I haven't torn into that aspect of Bards yet."

Raesh says, "Or more I've looked at it a little and decided to NOT dig into it yet at this time."

Kodius says, "I did want to mention that when I get to writing Tinkering I hope to expand upon instrument stats a bit."

Raesh says, "It'll factor into the performance system discussed earlier."

Raesh asks, "How's that?"

You say, "Mechanically, I believe Vaeldriil said it functionally does nothing yet, but that doesn't mean it couldn't. Could tie into the new perform stuff well. Mo' money for mo'quality."

Raesh says, "You all heard him."

Raesh says, "Kodius just volunteered to rewrite instruments."

Kodius says, "Essentially that is what I anticipate having to do."

Katralyn says, "Speaking of Dalu and stringed instruments."

Katralyn asks, "Are there plans to get us one-handed string instruments, or change that plan in DALU?"

Raesh says, "No, and Yes."

Raesh says, "I'll consider making a one handed stringed instrument based on a gnome design."

Raesh says, "But you won't use an instrument to play spells in 3.0."

Raesh says, "Since they'll be, you know, spells."

Raesh says, "So the need for a one handed stringed instrument will basically cease."

Katralyn asks, "So we're never going to play enchantes on instruments?"

Linett says, "Well no, still good to study compendium and play instruments. One handed instruments are ... crucial."

Seldaren says, "With all instrument skills combining, just use bones and txistu."

Jaedren says, "..."

Linett says, "Oh right, I forgot that sad.. instrument combining thing."

Raesh agrees with Jaedren.

Leilond says, "Yes, no spells on instruments."

Katralyn asks, "So basically, we're lower class magic casters?"

Raesh says, "You're no longer using a special snowflake of a system."

Raesh says, "Hint: Special snowflake systems are usually not a good thing if you want your guild to function."

You say, "Also, I don't know if I'd say lower class. Maybe fewer options in the long run due to spell slot deployment, but the new stuff looks pretty rad."

Ixien says, "That's good, but the lack of musical flavor is a little sad."

Raesh says, "There will still be a musical flavor to a number of the spells."

Katralyn asks, "So how will all our musical lores work into powering us up?"

Raesh says, "You just won't have to try and parry with your viola."

Katralyn asks, "Or they won't?"

Raesh says, "Musical Lores == Performance, Mustical theory == Bardic Lore."

Leilond says, "High Performance skill will let us perform better infront of people, which probably means bigger tips and more reputation."

Raesh says, "Performance == Ability to perform. See above discussion of the proposed system to make this useful."

You say, "Perhaps instruments could just get tied in to the new performance system. That'd actually improve their functionality drastically. Bar crowds like drums, hoighty toighties like harps, etc."

Raesh says, "Bardic Lore == Bard Only non-spell mojo abilities. Screams, bluffs, and the other proposed stuff like beguiles."

Raesh says to Jaedren, "I'm okay with making Elkabongadors for the next auction just so you know."

Issus is next.

You say, "I think my others got asked, sooo this was more of a thing I thought of when thumps were mentioned."

You say, "I actually think its neat we cant do enchantes while thumped, but I think the same should go for all magic casters that require a vocal/spoken component. So also, we need a spell."

You say, "Idea from the thumping: Silence spell: Stops all magic and roars, as well as talking and classes, like a castable silence bell. Kind of like a Banner, just different in how it stops things."

Raesh says, "Seems like a Bardic spell."

Raesh says, "I'll add it to the short list."

Meigs says, "So silencing an area wouldn't stop casting."

Ixien asks, "But it might hinder those who are using vocal spell preps...?"

Raesh says, "Depends on how metaphysical you're talking about "Silence."

Raesh shrugs.

You say, "Anyway, I like outside the box spell ideas like making people shut the hell up when I want."

Raesh says, "I could see it being an actual silence."

Raesh says, "Plus with enough mana trying to "still" other actions like spellcasting."

Raesh says, "Like I said, consider it short listed."

Jaedren asks, "You know, is there even another 'silence' spell out there?"

Jaedren says, "HULP, I guess."

Jaedren ponders.

Raesh says, "Yeah, Clerics get a little sorta like it."

Raesh says, "And there's the classic TWANG-silence."

Jaedren says, "And if the Barb roar actually worked."

Linett says, "I wondered two things but I will put it together with a comma so it is only one question! I wondered if sort of ethereal elemental instruments are possible, similar to a Shield Of Light spell, that we could summon and play then it would disappear, also I wondered if we could get instrument cases that functioned the way spellbook cases did, with turnable compartments."

Raesh says, "1) What's the point? 2) I'd have to see how ugly the spellbook case code is."

Raesh says, "This is why man invented the roof."

Raesh says, "Or Caress of the Sun."

Linett says, "I guess since I don't actually believe crystal instruments are actually immune to weather."

Jaedren says, "Spellbook case stuff is rough, but I've been wanting to expand it anyway."

Raesh says, "You heard the man, Jaedren to make spellbook-like instrument cases."

Linett says, "And yeah, but if I need to be in combat, not in my house and play an instrument while singing an enchante... I would like to not ruin my instrument."

Linett says, "Plus now that instruments are basically ONLY personal flavor."

Linett says, "Aside from the whole performing thingie."

Linett says to Jaedren, "Thank you, if it can fit harps too that would be spiffy."

Ixien is next.

Raesh says, "Next question."

Ixien asks, "So... do we know what the 100th ability is going to be?"

Raesh says, "Lemme find the list."

Raesh says, "Okay, found the list."

Raesh says, "Riposte is the currently 100th ability."

Commending your thirst for knowledge, Leilond enlightens you on how to use the Targeted Magic skill.

Ixien nods.

Leilond exclaims, "Counter attack backstab!"

Leilond rubs his hands together.

Raesh says, "A melee weapon attack that combines a verbal feint with a physical attack. Only works against intelligent foes. May be restricted against use as a first strike (to stay true to the name)."

Raesh says, "Do realize it's not meant to be like THE UBER MOJO ABILITY."

Raesh says, "You get more abilities after that."

Raesh says, "100th circle ain't what it use to be and the idea that every guild gets an amazing 100th circle ability has always been rather flawed."

Leilond's able tutoring continues, in an effort to insure that you more fully understand Targeted Magic.

Ixien asks, "I hope that stylistically it won't come off completely silly?"

Ixien says, "I mean, I'm in favor of silly as long as there are also options not to be silly."

Raesh says, "We'll see. It won't be over the top silly."

Raesh says, "It also was just informed it might get renamed since it looks like Combat 3.0 stole the name Riposte from me."

Raesh says, "Either way, I have the 100th circle spot reserved as a weapon feat."

Jaedren says, "Shouldn't use combat names for a lore guild, yo."

Kodius chuckles.

Raesh says, "Since I figure you should have at least one of them."

Ixien says, "Just please do have consideration for the boring, serious bards is all I ask."

Raesh says, "Moving on."

Raesh says to Ixien, "I think you'll like my vision of Bards."

Raesh says, "Hmm list is empty."

Raesh says, "So I'll just open the floor before I kick you all out."

Raesh grins.

Linett asks, "Are there any Bard events planned currently?"

Raesh says, "Oh while I have you all here."

Raesh says, "Yeah, events."

Raesh grins.

Jaedren says, "You're at one."

Raesh says, "I've got a few minor ideas for events."

Raesh says, "But as I mentioned Bardic lore isn't my strong point."

Raesh says, "So if there are any particular aspects of bardic stuff you want explored this would be a good time to mention them so I can start researching."

Basgonif says, "The riverhaven guildleader."

Jaedren says to Raesh, "Can you bring back Coln? He was cool."

You say, "Oh, bee tee dubs, when thinking of Bardic items, consider also that there is already at least one type of stone that specifically reacts to bards: Faenellas Tear. Events reminded me of it."

Basgonif says, "Still missing in action."

Ixien says, "You can sometimes guess, but there's not a lot on that."

Raesh says, "I know right where he is."

Basgonif grins at Raesh.

You say, "Also, I think that the Nenav Dalar event not only needs to happen, but should be Bard driven."

Raesh asks, "What's that?"

You say, "It's a lost city in P5."

You say, "Theres a prophecy to the finding of it."

You say, "IT's in a book in P5."

You say, "Seems epic."

You say, "And I wanna be the guy who finds it. I just need a kvika heart or some such."

Basgonif says, "Its mentioned by a few shard Npcs too i think."

Raesh says, "I can see what people know."


You say, "Http://"

You say, "Could be interesting. No idea if the area is made, or started, or just a twinkle in a GMs eye."

Raesh says, "I don't know either but I know what my guess is."

Raesh says, "So I'm thinking we're out of questions."

Ixien says, "I wanted to know about enchanting for Bards."

Linett asks, "When is our next bard meeting?"

Ixien asks, "I know each guild gets its own sigil, which means special enchantments made only by that guild?"

Jaedren says, "Special sigils made/harvested only by that guild."

Raesh says to Linett, "When I schedule it? I doubt it will be before Simucon."

Ixien says, "Right. So I wondered what types of bard-only enchantments there might be."

Jaedren says, "Not exactly enchantements made by said guilds."

Ixien says, "Ah, right."

Ixien says, "Well, then, enchantments made from bard-only sigils."

Linett says, "ACK one more."

Katralyn appears to be concentrating intently on something.

Kodius asks, "What kind of bard-only enchantments would you like to see?"

Kodius says, "Generally speaking they would be elemental and musical in nature."

Ixien says, "Well, I'd like to see stuff based on time, personally. Like, the ability to do things faster but sloppier, or slower but with better results."

Leilond says, "Speaking of, we need an enchante to speed up time."

Raesh says, "I need an enchante to summon additional coders."

Raesh says, "And more time."

Jaedren says, "I could have used it to make this meeting go faster."

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