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Re: Ghost Ship End Loot Teaser · on 02/29/2012 01:20 AM CST 2992
This is from our documentation about Tiers:

Weapon Tiers

Tier 8 - Unique Quality
Absolute cap for items.
[Approval Required]
(Players cannot forge this)

Tier 7 - Epic Quality
Quest Boss Drops
[Approval Required]
(Players cannot forge this)

Tier 6 - Legendary Quality
Final Quest Prizes, Auction Quality
[Approval Required]
(Only forged from End-Quest/Auction metals)

Tier 5 - Very Rare Quality
Quest Drops, Player Cap for Very Rare Metal Forging

Tier 4 - Rare Quality
Expensive shops, Player Cap for Steel Forging

Tier 3 - Uncommon Quality
Normal shops

Tier 2 - Common Quality
Normal shops

Tier 1 - Poor Quality
Specialy Shops

Armor and Shield Tiers

Tier 6 - Grandmaster Rare-Metal Quality
Auctions, Quest prizes
[Approval Required]

Tier 5 - Master Rare-Metal Quality
Extremely Expensive, limited-quantity shops
[Approval Required]

Tier 4 - Grandmaster Steel Quality
Expensive shops

Tier 3 - Master Steel Quality
Normal shops

Tier 2 - Storebought Quality
Normal shops

Tier 1 - Low Quality
Specialy Shops

<<Same tier but different qualifications?>>

Shield vs Armor. Different scales, different data, etc.


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