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Re: From the X3 Empath Folders, Eventual New Healing System Info · on 12/07/2012 09:06 PM CST 1062
>>I picture healing while transfering to some degree.

Group healing in this context means transferring the wounds of multiple people, yes, slowly and automatically, not using magic to heal the wounds on a group. That's to say, healing in this context means "transferring to the Empath" and not just making the wound go away.

Empathy is a lore skill, not a magic skill, so the healing systems will be all Empathy.

>>group healing? You mean like one empath healing multiple people?

Yes, there will be a way for an Empath to create persistent transference links that don't require constant touching to be reinstated. So the empath will be able to perceive the health of people with whom they have these links, without having to touch, as well as heal through them, so long as the patient and the empath are still in the same room. So you'd create these persistent links then start the slow group healing, and it would work on whoever you had the persistent link with.

>>Does this mean that the TAKE ALL syntax is no longer part of the new base healing system

TAKE ALL will still be a thing in the new healing system, but it's not instantaneous, there is still a several-second delay. The instantaneous healing would really be instantaneous, and it would teach more. It's also needed for another system that I am cooking up, but am not yet ready to talk about.

>>My takeaway is that the backend support for critter healing is there, waiting... waiting...

Critter healing isn't really supported, I just added that bit because I knew people would try to heal their Alfar <g>. That's not to say it's not ever going to happen, just that no work on it has been done, nor have any proposals been written.

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