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From the X3 Empath Folders, Eventual New Healing System Info · on 12/07/2012 01:04 AM CST 1058
In response to this post:

>>I would love to read details.

Right now I have approval for a slow group healing method, that would be start out healing sort of capriciously, with the capriciousness factor decreasing with skill. Right now this is slated to be 90th circle, ish.

As well as an instantaneous transfer of all wounds with no reduction in severity, that is slated for 80th circle, ish.

Wound redirection, slated for 70th circle, ish.

All of this (except redirection) is post healing rewrite, though. Post X3 I expect to mostly be putting out fires and dealing with bugs for a while, then once X3 is settled in, to finish the rewrite of the healing system, with these additions to follow "soon."

The healing rewrite is pretty massive so it will probably be tested in the test instance once X3 has well and truly settled down. It has been back burnered for a while, basically since I realized it would probably be a mistake to release the Empath shock rewrite, spell rewrite, everything rewrite...all at the same time. So once I can turn my attention to it, I'll have to refamiliarize myself with it, which will take a while. There are some insidious bugs that I haven't been able to track down that need to be fixed, and there are some engine changes that need to be made that I am still waiting on. But new healing is the next push for me after X3 is finally out the door. (No timeline, as ever.)

These healing methods are meant to teach better than the standard healing, since the healing curve for the standard healing actually begins to taper somewhat at around the empathy that you'd have at 90th circle.

I have more ideas but they have not yet been approved so I'll wait to talk about those until I actually have the green light from The Bosses.

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