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Re: FoU · on 4/4/2009 11:17:09 PM 8332
>>25-50 mana cost is high compared to CL or FR, both of which are the same tier, have higher killing power (as stated by the GMs) and in my experience and understanding (at least CL) teach more TM. 25 as a spread seems fine, but a minimum of 25 seems high.

With all of its quirks, FoU is one big experiment, really, trying to combine usefulness with the current AoE philosophy. We don't like that AoE spells take less mana than single-target spells, and FoU's mana range breaks the TM model to see if we can change that. Also, FoU does something neither of those spells do.

As for learning TM, luckily GM Wythor will be rewriting that. There will be no more CL-style teachers in the meantime.

>>The PFE immunity makes that really weird, in my opinion. It'd be nasty against a non-Cleric, but against any Cleric or someone with an indakar rattle, that's a hard sell for me.

PFE doesn't always provide immunity.

>>I roasted some goblin zombies in the hopes of seeing something specific to versus undead, but I didn't notice anything unusual.

You can hit more undead with slightly less mana, but that's it.

GM Grejuva

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