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Re: Flintheart's Fine Imports · on 11/07/2013 12:57 PM PST 2302
Alright here's what I've learned from a sample of 5 pure tarinas, could be partially incorrect (or just entirely since this is all PAFO) but here's the gist of it.

Every time a pure tarina (while socket-ed into a holder) gives off an atmospheric effect it decays (this may or may not be only a high chance, as one time mine lost nothing) by 90 copper doks (give or take .11 copper). Tested this with several pures and the decay is always 90 copper doks. There is no decay from adding or removing the pure tarina into a holder. Or, obviously, just having pure tarina not in a holder at all.

A pure tarina may appraise anywhere from 130000 copper doks (the lowest I've seen) to 570000 copper doks (the highest I've seen) with most averaging around 15 to 18 plat doks.

So figuring all of that a pure tarina that apps at 130000 will last around 1444 atmo pulses. 570000 would be 6333 atmo pulses.

I was going to try to figure this into hours based on average atmo time, but that seems daunting since their kinda random-ish, you usually get one the first minute of wearing an atmo item and then its all over the place within 5 to 10 minutes or so.

I don't think its just tied to time socket-ed because just holding an item with a pure tarina in it (like in your hand or in your backpack) does not cause decay (because it doesnt atmo) also being hiden while wearing an item did not decay (also because it did not atmo).

Anyway you slice it, 5 pulses over 30 minutes cost me 450 (actually 451, but im gonna round down for right now) copper doks.

Just extrapolating from that gives us: A pure tarina appraising 130000 copper doks would last approx. 120 hours active. A pure tarina appraising 570000 would last approx. 527 hours active.

Mostly I just did this for myself so I would know.

Gee, I hope its not too far off and leads people astray.

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