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Re: Fear Items · on 12/06/2012 09:13 PM CST 357
>>Have Roar Cloaks, Facemasks, Warpaint and all of that jazz been converted over to properly use the new fear contest mechanics?

I believe so.

>>Do spellcasters need to use a spell slot in order to use a roar cloak successfully, similar to how Barbs need to spend a slot for the facemasks/warpaint or whatever?

Barbarians do not need to spend slots to use these. Spellcasters do not need to use a spell slot to use these.

>>Also, is there a limit to how many times/how often one can use any of these items? Or is it pretty much an always-on bonus?

Roar masks and cloaks have unlimited uses. Warpaint is limited in use (but only Barbarians can use it anyways).

This message was originally posted in DragonRealms 3.0 \ Barbarians, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.