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Re: Fantasy University.... Really? · on 11/10/2010 11:10 AM CST 2437
We (DR and GS) were logging millions of hours on AOL (we were the top two products on AOL if I recall correctly, in terms of hourly usage) and, when AOL was "pay as you go", we were getting our (really big) share of that from AOL each month. This is why DR was never "free". You paid for it, it just went to AOL first and we got the money after that. (So when DR was "free", most of you were actually paying LOTS more than you are paying for it now, of would have been if you were around at that time.)

When AOL went unlimited, our contract didn't say anything about where AOL got the money, it just said we got paid based on how many usage hours we logged, which certainly didn't decrease when the went to the $20 model. In short, AOL was now having to pay for millions of hours of usage with $20 per user, when previously it had been getting $100, $200, or $2000 a month from those users before. They didn't like that and tried to "force" the issue, which wasn't very nice of them.

I'm certainly not going to say they violated their contract with us, but we left AOL right after that. Later, AOL went to the "Premium Games Channel" model and started trying to charge by the hour for other games. You see how well that worked out for them.


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