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Fang Cove Spring Celebration · on 09/17/2013 02:12 PM CDT 2197
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There was a whole bunch - If I missed anything, feel free to add to it

first we built the new cellar to the shanty, home of some ship rats now.

There was a buncha raffles, some butterflies got loose that people could catch and shove back in a crate for prizes, a parade, and merchants.

Piyvhh was there, working with gold (i think she'll have an HE shop) Cereia who is a dressmaker (i think she'll have a shop at HE) and might start a riot at HE, which mob will you join? I heard there was someone there altering foci Dyer Threda who just changed the colors of things only

You see Goldsmith Piyvhh, a S'Kra Mur Trader. Piyvhh has a triangular face, slitted amber eyes and a slender snout, dark gold-edged scales, a curving tail and a wiry figure. She is tiny for a S'Kra Mur. She appears to be elderly. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pair of soft leather boots the color of rich buttercream, a richly flowing tail drape made of pale gold Musparan silk, an intricately carved gold ring, a heavy gold ring set with a massive flame-hued topaz, a delicate gold pilonu accented with polished amber beads, a set of heavy gold bangles enameled with a detailed kingsnake pattern, a diaphanous robe of pale gold Musparan silk, a tooled leather satchel with polished golden buckles, a wide gold necklace dangling a colorful cloisonne medallion, an enveloping Musparan silk uaro's'sugi with a long amber-beaded fringe, a pair of gold-framed spectacles and an intricate gold and amber sur'nidrel.

You see Dyer Threda, an Elven Trader. Threda has a heart-shaped face with laugh lines, pointed ears, tilted almond-shaped blue-grey eyes and an upturned nose. She has cropped silver hair, with pale skin and a lean figure. She is tiny for an Elf. She appears to be young. She is in good shape.

She is holding an icy-white silk gamantang laced down the back with silver ribbons in her right hand. She is wearing a long hooded cloak, a heavy silk haversack, a sleeveless white silk tunic belted with a steely grey sash, a delicate silver ring embedded with tiny diamonds, some grey leggings and some thin-soled velvet slippers with spiraling straps.

Threda leans forward, peering into her mixing bowl with a fierce frown. Her hand hovers over her dye case, then dart down and adds a light-sucking black into the mix.

You see Dressmaker Cereia, an Elf. Cereia has a softly angular face, pointed ears, thick-lashed hazel eyes and a straight nose. Her white-streaked flaxen hair is very long and fine, and is worn twisted into an elegant infinity knot caught by some jade haircombs carved to resemble dragonflies. She has pale skin and a thin figure. She is very tall for an Elf. She appears to be mature. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pair of delicate gold-framed glasses, a virid damask apron with silk ties, a golden leather pack with a tapestry-paneled flap, a soft dress of leaf green fae-woven silk atop goldweave and some slender brocatelle slippers edged with golden gossamer frill.

Cereia says, "I do so dislike talking poorly about anyone." Mieri says, "I won't tell." Saika says, "Its okay we wont tell." Cereia says, "But, that other lady. you may have heard of her." Cereia asks, "Fritha, I think she is going by now?" Cereia says, "The stories I could tell." Mieri says, "Oh my." Saika says, "Go ahead." Cereia says, "I knew her when we were both very young." Cereia asks, "She never did all of her own work, did you know?" Cereia says, "Always taking in apprentices and then taking credit for their designs." Mieri says, "Awww, now that's a shame indeed." Cereia asks, "It is very hard work, you see?" You say, "Well it works for her." Mieri says, "Credit where it's due, I always say." Cereia says, "So much pain to the hands." You ask Cereia, "You didn't work for her did you?" Cereia says, "Oh yes, for a bit." Cereia says, "But I just could not bear to see how she treated the others." Cereia says, "I ... I tried to stop her." Cereia says, "Well, let me say simply that there is a reason why she is well known, and I am not." Cereia says, "But I dislike to speak ill. Perhaps she has seen her errors and corrected them." Mieri says to Cereia, "Well we shall remedy that. I shall tell all of your work and praise your abilities to everyone." Cereia says, "It has been ever so long." Mieri says to Cereia, "We'll fix that whole reputation thing." Sinithsa exclaims, "Me too!" Cereia says, "Oh, you are all much too kind."

a flower-decked float depicting the Goddess Hodierna reclining on a green bank,

Larger than life, the Goddess smiles benevolently upon the proceedings, the massive wooden carving seeming to glow with health and freshness. A pure white unicorn kneels at the Goddess' feet, in the form of a nervous looking mare with a pearlescent horn strapped to her head. A white-clad acolyte kneels at the "unicorn's" side, clearly soothing the skittish creature, while others move about the float, casting flowers in among the onlookers. >

The unicorn kneeling at Hodierna's feet -- a pure white mare with a pearlescent horn fasted to her head -- abruptly decides that she has had enough. The horse tries to stand once more as a white-clad acolyte vainly attempts to soothe the beast. Just as the horse seems ready to make a break for it, a serene-looking acolyte decked in a wreath of healing herbs approaches the duo, resting her hand gently on the mare's neck. The calming effect is instantaneous, the mare settling once more at the goddess's feet.

The crisis averted, the acolytes resume their graceful dance, casting fresh flowers into the crowd as the float continues on its way.

The cry of an albatross carries on the fresh sea breeze, blending musically with the wind and surf. Bringing your gaze up to meet the sound, you spy a celadon Lemicus float slowly moving in your direction.

a Lemicus float shaped like a breaking wave,

This massive float is a frothy confection of painted deep blues and greens, while the sea foam cresting the float is comprised of hundreds of tiny white blossoms. The Goddess is depicted with her head thrown back and arms raised, her body seeming to sway in an indolent dance amid the breaking waves. A massive papier-mache Albatross surveys the scene from high above, swaying from a silver pole as if in flight. Several green-clad acolytes dance atop the float, casting tiny sea shells into the crowd. >

The green-clad acolytes atop the float sway in a lazy, indolent dance, pausing now and again to cast sea shells into the crowd. Abruptly, a commotion halts their dance as a live albatross circles curiously downward to investigate the float. The acolytes bow their heads reverently as the bird passes above, resuming their dancing only after it moves out of view.

The rearmost acolyte casts smiles and cowrie shells into the crowd as the massive wave heaves out of view.

The gentle sound of cowbells floats through the air, accompanying a small herd of milk-white cows that is making its way into view.

a priestess of Berengaria escorting a small herd of milk-white cows,

The priestess smiles into the crowd, gently leading a pristine cow forward with a braided golden lead rope. Several children dart up to place their hands on the cow's broad flank, laughing in delight as they run back into the crowd again. The cow bears everything placidly, her soulful brown eyes filled with wisdom and serenity.

The cows and priestess pace slowly onward, a few white calves lingering to frolic with a some small children before rejoining their party.

You notice a few brightly-colored bubbles drift past, accompanied by rhythmic music. Peering in the direction of the sound, you see a group of lively musicians making their way in your direction.

also see a group of musicians accompanied by drifting clouds of many-hued bubbles,

Instruments and musicians of all shapes and sizes are represented here, the disparate parts forming a surprisingly harmonious whole. Lively, danceable music emerges from among the group as they make their way along. The sole exception is a doleful-looking Dwarf hefting a massive set of bagpipes -- he plods along blowing clouds of bubbles from a tiny wand, his instrument notably silent. Every few moments he pauses and grimly tosses a few glass vials into the crowd with more force than is strictly needed. >

The musicians pause nearby for a few moments, their performance building to a lively crescendo. All the while, a surly-looking Dwarf moves among the group, blowing brightly-colored bubbles with a tiny wand. Several bubbles become stuck to the Dwarf's beard, his irritated growling forming a rumbling bass line for the performance. >

> The Dwarf, having righted his beard, ceases his grumbling and hefts his bagpipes with a sigh. He pats them a few times as if consoling a distressed child, then resumes blowing bubbles from his tiny wand, plodding off after the group of musicians as they move away. >

You notice a few brightly-colored bubbles drift past, accompanied by rhythmic music. Peering in the direction of the sound, you see a group of lively musicians making their way in your direction.

The cows and priestess pace slowly onward, a few white calves lingering to frolic with a some small children before rejoining their party.


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