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Estate Holder Auction - Infotorial Preview Post · on 06/26/2020 12:16 535
The sandalwood caravans are also open for the In Game preview of auction items at [Fang Cove, Fate's Fortune Lane]
  • a dapper black songsilk top hat trimmed with a curling golden gryphon plume
Verby hat. Also contains a pair of gloves composed of black songsilk. The gloves can provide ~50 rank bonus to Performance on RUB that lasts for 30min and has a 60min cooldown between uses. Unlimited charges.
  • some blued moonsilver and unicorn spinel earrings dotted with Imperial rubies
Verby earrings
  • an indigo backpack embroidered in gold silk
Standard size backpack. Contains a clothing set with multiple verby items. Contains a stylish amber khiynit jacket embossed with a pattern of tiny suns, an ivory uzil swordsman's shirt with embroidered cuffs, some khiynit breeches gathered at the knees with gold silk ties, an indigo woolen cloak fastened with a dawnfire steel-linked chain clasp, an amber-plumed captain's hat of fine indigo felt.
  • a black korograth leather backpack with ebony clasps
Standard size backpack. Contains a clothing set with multiple verby items. Contains some tailored pants composed of sanguine korograth leather, a quilted sable doublet fastened with indurium scrollwork clasps, a sweeping black velvet mantle embroidered with sanguine thread, a pair of ebony-hued korograth leather ankle boots, an alabaster-colored silk shirt with billowing sleeves.
  • a delicate flamewood trinket case fit with a heart-shaped lock
Case is a pickable container with 35 uses every RL day. Contains a flame-kissed gold engagement ring cradling a trilliant-cut sunset opal. Ring is a POINTable engagement ring.
  • an alluring royal blue avia gown with a frothy mermaid-style skirt
Verby gown
  • a resplendent Longleaf lotusweave ballgown clasped with a Musparan gold sapphire
Verby gown
  • a pale orchid ialalhe gown edged in heartstring lace
Verby gown
  • a demure emerald green walking dress with an embroidered gold bodice
Verby gown
  • a dark ochre Elven wool gown embellished with delicate white embroidery
Verby gown
  • a shimmering goldweave ballgown with exquisite summer's heart sapphire sleeves
Verby, swappable gown. Alternate description is a pale winterweave ballgown glistening with delicate ice sapphire traceries
  • an intricately beaded gold reticule clasped with a sunset opal
Holds any 40 items regardless of size
  • an antiquated kiralan signet ring bezel-set with an Ocean's Deep emerald
Magical Omni-hider
  • some blackened moonsilver cufflinks set with shards of maelstone
Magical hider that hides: gweth, weapon, armor, containers, and trinkets.
  • a burnished gold brocade longcoat fit with dawnfire steel toggles
Fluff hider
  • a pair of Imperial weave lootboots with stormwood heels
Autoloot container, 75 items
  • a sweeping forest green greatcloak edged with a dark brown vine pattern
Autoloot container, 75 items
  • a black furniture voucher
Contains an ornate smokewood canopy bed swathed in stormsilk curtains furniture for home
  • a narrow shadowbark aquarium filled with a variety of sea creatures
Unique home decoration with a bed of iridescent sea-green glass beads, densely planted fields of sea-grass, a school of deep blue dartfish, a red-tailed damaris shark, a coral-hued hermit crab, and a jewel-toned seahorse.
  • a sleek shadowleaf recliner with tapered telothian legs
Portable recliner
  • a fuchsia silk moneybelt with a polished indurium clasp
1000 coin moneybelt
  • a large shadowleaf panther with glinting midnight diamond eyes
Oversized backpack item - 18x13x9 1500 stones
  • a set of four double Ocean's Deep emerald studs
Feature-worn jewelry. Shows as [Lawlite has a set of four double Ocean's Deep emerald studs pierced through the flesh on both sides of his lower lip in a simple shark bite pattern]
  • a set of polished double crystal bone rings
Feature-worn jewelry. Shows as [Lawlite has a set of polished double crystal bone rings hugging the left corner of his lower lip.]
  • a pair of oval mistglass earrings hung from a fine platinum chain
Provides 80min of understanding all languages with 24-hour cooldown. Can be enhanced (longer duration or reduced cooldown) with potency crystals. Infuser stones can one-time remove any active cooldown.
  • a midnight dreamweave cloak graced with delicate starglass and moonsilver strands
Standard size cloak with Huge (150-charge) starglass which acts as a magical light source. Rechargeable with infuser stones or elemental magic user. Can be enhanced with potency crystal (to double max charges)
  • a verdant jadeleaf cloth mantle draped with garlands of Nature's Canopy emeralds
Herb stacking mantle with atmo messaging
This message was originally posted in Estate Holders of Elanthia/Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-LAWLITE on the forums.