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Ereic and Arilana - Conversation · on 6/18/2009 8:45:28 PM 4178
This conversation happened just after Arliana retired to the Keep after yesterdays events:

[Ulf'Hara Keep, Library] Deep blue carpet covers the floor of this expansive room and heavy drapes of a darker royal blue hang on either side of the tall window. Book shelves of dark walnut line the walls from floor to ceiling. A single claw-foot chair sits facing the window, with a low table resting nearby. A simple oil lamp provides light for reading. Also here: Arilana, Lord Ereic. Obvious exits: north, out.

Arilana says, "I do appreciate it, but there is no need."

Ereic smiles. Ereic says, "I must I simply must insist."

Arilana says, "You keep saying that."

Ereic says, "It is my duty as his eldest living blood relative."

Arilana says, "And my duty to as his wife is to Zoluren and even in my grief, I will not falter."

Ereic says, "And by blood third heir to the throne."

Arilana says, "That could be debated, but Iviana is in fine health."

Ereic says, "It could be debated and I really have no wish for it."

Arilana says, "True, there is no debate and we shouldn't waste words on it."

Ereic says, "But as my friend and late liege came to the assistance of Vorclaf so I come."

Arilana asks, "Why were you not beside him?"

Ereic says, "Had he informed me of his intentions I would have been even at my age." Ereic says, "Since I was not I am here instead."

Arilana says, "There were enough that knew, most of Therengia were beside him."

Ereic says, "I am Morzindaen not all knowing."

Arilana says, "Though you were here like the wind when he fell." Arilana nods.

Ereic says, "Moon gates." Ereic says, "It was the least I can do since I missed the fight."

Arilana says, "Well, we have good fortune that they will be available to you as soon as you need to return."

Ereic says, "And you know Vorclaf never mistrusted me or Therengia since we gave him a place to grow strong." Ereic says, "Your mistrust now is unwarranted."

Arilana says, "Perhaps."

Ereic says, "I have sent a runner north to the Baron." Ereic says, "I will stay until I hear from him."

Arilana asks, "And your guard?" Arilana says, "You show the same mistrust." Arilana says, "And alarm my people at this time of pain and grief."

Ereic says, "Well you must know there are some who will harm a noble just because they can." Ereic says, "To travel unguarded is foolish."

Arilana says, "'You are not traveling now."

Ereic says, "I will need them with me when I do to have them tramping all over is poor leadership." Ereic asks, "Surely a small squad like that is not an issue?"

Arilana says, "It would be less of one in the barracks."

Ereic says, "Ahh I do not think it would be wise at this time to thrust them in among your men."

Arilana says, "Then you will need to excuse my mistrust."

Ereic says, "It will do them good to camp out they have been to soft guarding this old man."

Arilana shakes her head. Arilana says, "I imagine that is true."

Ereic says, "I am more a reader of books these days than anything else."

Arilana says, "Then please, take advantage of our library." Arilana says, "And only that."

Ereic says, "I shall and if you need anything at all you need any assistance with your nobles or other things I will be glad to help."

Arilana says, "There will be no need. But thank you for the offer."

Ereic says, "His Grace will be most distraught when he hears of this."

The pale blue Dalterein diamond in Arilana's diadem pulses in an eclectic display of color before settling into a steady blaze of fiery yellow. Arilana says, "They were close at times." Arilana nods.

Ereic nods. Ereic says, "I am related to both and I feel responsible."

Arilana says, "You do not need to feel responsible for me."

Ereic says, "Let us agree that I am an old fashioned paladin who can not feel any other way."

Arilana says, "And let us agree that I am not a simpering grieving widow. I am Princess first."

Ereic says, "I do not think anyone said otherwise."

Arilana says, "And I am for Zoluren first." Arilana says, "And with that, I need to attend to matters. Please, take whatever books you need and I will be sure to send a warming block for your bed. Until the morrow." Arilana just went out.

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia (13) \ Zoluren Events (14), by BOONES1851 on the forums.