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Re: Empathic Sensitivity vs. Necromantic Corruption: Fight! · on 11/22/2012 09:18 AM CST 22
>>Necromancers don't really have a thanatalogical sense to harm, in the same way that empaths have an empathic sense (though Armifer may correct me on this). They don't accomplish what they do by honing their senses, but by perfecting rituals in a highly mechanical way.

This is correct. Necromancers are as insensitive as a normal person, the rituals they enact is what grants them access to the transference link. Not very many people, not even the Philosophers, understand the physics behind this. That is to say, the rituals have a clearly supernatural result but few know why they do.


This message was originally posted in DragonRealms 3.0 \ Empaths, by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.