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Empath NPC Spotlight: Alris Burdlefoot · on 5/28/2008 11:49:33 AM 8633
In his own words:

It is still very hard for me to talk about her, though it's been so many years since the incident happened. There's some unwritten rule somewhere that a man is supposed to protect his sister. Of course, I wasn't much of a man back then, but still...I blame what happened on myself. Oh I know, it's not logical to do so, but sometimes logic has nothing to do with it.

I suppose that's why I find science so appealing. It's about control, it's about decision-making, and about discovery. I have the ability to change the human condition with the right application, and I can see how very tempting it might be to turn the good into the bad. It is a temptation that must be resisted.

I thank the gods every day for my colleague, K'Xonei, and her own determined curiosity. She keeps my mind focused. least for the short term.

Now...where did I put that oatmeal-celery cookie recipe?

Alris is a tallish Halfling with cropped hair the color of wheat and eyes the color of the calm blue-green seas. The pockets of his cotton work smock are bulging with the tools of his trade -- pestles, empty jars, and the occasional scrawled recipe. He can usually be found puttering in his office-turned-workshop, turning crushed or dried bits of this or that into new potions and concoctions designed to cure specific injuries and ills.

He is the typical absent-minded professor/inventor. Kind, but supremely distracted, Alris is likely to carry on a dozen conversations on hundreds of topics at once, expecting those around him to keep up. When asked a direct question, though, he may respond with a blank stare and a mutter; summoning an answer requires directing his brain to a single thought, a task which is sometimes difficult. Somewhat baffled by the lack of interest the general population seems to have in his hobby, he takes any opportunity he can to show off his workroom or his latest invention.

While alchemy of a healing nature remains his primary focus and passion, he's not limited to exploring only these, and he's equally likely to drag some poor unsuspecting passerby inside for a sample of jellyfish icecream as he is to slap a foul smelling poultice on an injury. He does so with such boyish eagerness, though, that it is difficult to react with anything other than exasperated amusement. For those few who react with more vehement emotion, Alris is likely to respond with aloofness tinged with hurt, and will probably not forget that person's unwillingness to cooperate in the name of exploration. Being guildleader of the Ratha and Aesry guildhalls is somewhat of a side gig, but one that offers him the opportunity to collect different ingredients for his experiments and to correspond with others about his interests.

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