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Elothean Culture Faire · on 04/30/2013 10:05 PM CDT 2065
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Hello! Here are a few logs from a few of the different House leaders that came out.

If you've a log of one of the House Leaders or a discussion from the faire that you don't want to edit in order to post, I'll be glad to.

Thank you!

These first two logs were provided by Miskton!

Aeloshiia, House of the Verdant Lily

[Shard, The New South Bridge] A horse's iron-shod hooves ring on the cobblestones, the wooden wheels of a farmer's wagon squeak as they turn, peddlers cry out their wares and children shout at play. And the scene is as varied as the sound: it may be a prince, it may be a beggar, it may be a sentinel, it may be a thief, but there's always an interesting sight on the South Bridge. You also see a basalt Human bead, a basalt Human bead, a large desert-hued caravan and a creamy peach silk tent. Also here: Theater Director Ruea, Neineloa Ylosh'a Aeloshiia, Antiquary Stylia, Holy Blade Corgar, Ilse, Priestess Jerleigh who is shrouded by swirling grey fog, Fanatic Ianhanse, Drakilor and Legionnaire Styllian. Obvious paths: north, east, south, west.

> look aelo You see Neineloa Ylosh'a Aeloshiia Sonaiert of the House of the Verdant Lily, an Elothean Cleric. She has tilted almond-shaped pale blue eyes flecked with grey. Her long golden hair is worn twisted into an intricate knot in the back of her head. She has fair skin with a pink undertone. She is slightly under average height for an Elothean, and has a slender build. She is approaching her prime for an Elothean. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a white gown lined in golden silk and belted with a matching sash tied in a complex knot and a pair of white silk slippers with soft leather soles.

You nod politely. > Ruea asks, "I'm rather enjoying things, are you?" > Ruea smiles. > You say, "Evening, all."

Corgar says, "It's alright. Mostly silks and tall people clothes."

Aeloshiia says, "Simply not bad? Tst. You should be enjoying such an event to learn, and shop I suppose." > Ianhanse says, "Turialo's done some pretty awesome work." > Ianhanse grins. > > Aeloshiia says to Ruea, "I find myself quite pleased with the turn out. And to think Turialo has joined us? It is an honor." > The tip of Ianhanse's tail makes lazy circles in the air. > Aeloshiia nods to Ianhanse. > You say, "She did do some wonderful work." > You nod in agreement. > Ruea says to Aeloshiia, "She certainly did, she was generous enough to help some of us with alterations." > Ruea smiles. > Aeloshiia chortles softly at some secret joke. > Aeloshiia nods. > Ianhanse begins to advance on Ruea. > > Ianhanse mutters to himself. > Ship's Master Sortny just arrived.

> Ianhanse stops advancing on Ruea. > > Aeloshiia asks Corgar, "Tall people clothes, you say?" > Sortny waves to Ruea. > Sortny waves to Ianhanse. > Corgar nods.

Sortny waves to Jerleigh. > Ship's Master Sortny went through a large desert-hued caravan.

Aeloshiia asks, "Perhaps the Dwarven clans will be the next to host an event. Then, I may complain over the shortened garments, no?" > > > Ruea laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement. > Corgar says, "Nope." > Corgar says, "You'd look good in a dwarf length robe." > Ianhanse hisses. > > Ruea says, "And the shoes." > Fanatic Ianhanse wanders south. > Fanatic Ianhanse just arrived.

> Aeloshiia laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement. > > Jerleigh holds hands with Ilse. > > > Aeloshiia says, "I think garbing myself as a Dwarf would be quiet alarming to my House. They may think me quite knocked in the head." > Ianhanse ponders. > Styllian continues to instruct you in a lucid and serious manner on the fine art of Debilitation. > Aeloshiia smiles at Corgar. > > Corgar asks, "Well... no accounting for taste?" > Corgar grins at Aeloshiia. > Aeloshiia chortles softly at some secret joke. > Ship's Master Sortny came through a large desert-hued caravan.

> > Ship's Master Sortny stomps south.

> Aeloshiia says, "Our cultures, they differ so clearly." > Ship's Master Sortny just arrived.

> Sortny waves to you. > Aeloshiia smiles at Corgar. > Ship's Master Sortny stomps south.

> Corgar nods. > Ship's Master Sortny just arrived.

> Inspector Atazai just arrived.

> Inspector Atazai drifts south.

> Corgar says, "I don't know much about either culture." > Sortny hums to herself. > Inspector Atazai just arrived.

> The wings of Styllian's boots stretch for a moment. > > Atazai blinks. > Corgar says, "I couldn't even tell you the last time I met another dwarf." > Aeloshiia cocks her head at Corgar. > Sortny peers quizzically at Corgar. > > Corgar studies the faces around him. > > Sortny slowly braids her beard. > Corgar says to Sortny, "Like... met met." > Inspector Atazai drifts south.

Jerleigh smiles. > Corgar says to Sortny, "Not saw." > Sortny slowly braids her mustache. > Sortny blinks. Ruea says to Sortny, "I think he's asking you out." > Sortny laughs at Ruea. > Jerleigh chuckles.

Aeloshiia laughs quietly. > Ianhanse smirks. > > > Corgar says, "Well... see... this is why I live in the forge and the caves." > Sortny snorts, loudly. > > Ianhanse says, "Caraamon lives in the forge..." > Aeloshiia asks, "It is a time for celebration, what better time could there be for a meeting a stranger and sharing a few glasses of suur?" > Ianhanse smirks. > Aeloshiia grins at Sortny. > Corgar raises his hand in an imaginary toast. You hear a distant but hearty chuckle as a noggin of Helmsman's Ruin appears in Corgar's right hand!

> Sortny asks, "Suur?" > Sortny ponders.

Corgar offers Sortny a noggin of Helmsman's Ruin. > Corgar bows his head and chants a prayer. > Sortny says, "Sounds like a man's title." > Aeloshiia says, "Oh, yes." > Sortny accepts Corgar's Helmsman's Ruin. > Aeloshiia nods. > Corgar raises his hand in an imaginary toast. You hear a distant but hearty chuckle as a noggin of Helmsman's Ruin appears in Corgar's right hand!

> Sortny takes a sip of her Ruin. > Ianhanse gets a bottle of nightmare brew from inside his reinforced lootsack. > Corgar offers Aeloshiia a noggin of Helmsman's Ruin. > Sortny says to Corgar, "Thank ye." >

Corgar nods.

Aeloshiia accepts Corgar's Helmsman's Ruin. > You say, "I think there's some on the cart over there, actually."

You point south. > Ianhanse puts his brew in his reinforced lootsack. > Ianhanse gets a smudged bottle of fortified pigeon-blood wine from inside his reinforced lootsack. > The sun sinks below the horizon, turning the clear sky a thousand shades of ever-deepening blue as the day fades into night.

Sortny turns a noggin of Helmsman's Ruin in the light, looking at it admiringly. > > Aeloshiia asks, "Is there really?" > Corgar says, "Gotta be good for something. It's surely not talking." > Corgar bows his head and chants a prayer. > > Ruea says, "Perhaps we should check." > Aeloshiia says, "It seems to come and go. I think they must be refreshing the food." > Aeloshiia nods to you. > > Theater Director Ruea goes south.

> Neineloa Ylosh'a Aeloshiia goes south.

> Corgar raises his hand in an imaginary toast. You hear a distant but hearty chuckle as a mug of zombie's revenge appears in Corgar's right hand!

> > s You stroll south.

[Shard, The New South Bridge] Under the light from the lampposts, wagons come and go, usually arriving loaded and leaving empty. Many a merchant schedules shipments to arrive at night, when the traffic is light, interruptions are few, and the authorities will not mind if the bridge is blocked for a few minutes. You also see a silk-draped cart with several things on it and a tin-roofed wooden caravan. Also here: Neineloa Ylosh'a Aeloshiia and Theater Director Ruea. Obvious paths: north, east, south, west.

> Ruea offers Aeloshiia a goblet of black suur. > Ruea says, "There was indeed."

You say, "Probably a good idea to refresh it. Wouldn't want to just leave the fish out there all day." > look on cart > On the silk-draped cart you see a lightly glazed almond wreath pastry, a small pot of spiced lemon tea spiked with a splash of apple brandy, a stout glass decanter of black suur, a raised dish of rich sibo-diaka, a tall and slender bottle of sainyuso suur, a neat pyramid of jade-colored tea-ice that rests inside a shallow waxed paper cone, a warm bowl of windhaze-soaked bread pudding drizzled with Elothean chocolate, a silver box of Elothean chocolates with coconut-cream centers, a fluffy diakasuur on a delicate frosted blue glass plate, a bamboo tray of spicy raw tuna sainyuso rolls, a bamboo tray of lobster and radish sainyuso rolls drizzled with creamy coconut lime dressing, a shallow bowl of fresh pickled cucumber slices and mint leaves and a bamboo tray of golden sainyuso rolls stuffed with mushrooms and leeks.

You pour yourself a goblet of black suur. Cheers! > Aeloshiia sniffs delicately at the Helmsman's Ruin in her hand and finds a nearby area to pour it out. > Aeloshiia accepts Ruea's black suur.

Raising your black suur to Aeloshiia, you give her a toast. Cheers! > > Raising her black suur to you, Aeloshiia gives you a toast. Cheers! > Aeloshiia smiles.

You take a sip of the suur. > Aeloshiia takes a sip of her suur. > Ruea nibbles on her tuna sainyuso roll.

Aeloshiia exclaims, "Now that is a wonderful beverage!"

You help yourself to a tuna sainyuso roll. Yum!

Ruea takes a sip of her suur.

You say, "Definitely a perk to having moved down here... I'm quite fond of Elothean food." > You take a bite of the roll. > Ruea says, "Oh, that's rather smooth." > Aeloshiia smiles at you.

You take a sip of the suur. Smooth and pleasant ... warms your throat! > > Ruea says, "Traim's taken to it as well, especially the kimono." > Ruea says, "He's got at least ten." >

You chuckle.

You say, "I've picked up one or two. And I got a few new robes at this faire." > Aeloshiia says, "With all of the herbalists in the House of the Verdant Lily, I find I am often eating bitter tasting foods. It is nice to splurge at times on faire food." > Aeloshiia glances at a silk-draped cart. > You grin. > > > Aeloshiia grins at Ruea. >

> Ruea laughs with delight, her eyes full of merriment. > Ruea asks, "Is that your House, ma'am? Verdant Lily?" > Aeloshiia says, "Ah, yes." > > Aeloshiia says, "I'm sorry, I did not introduce myself." > Ruea says, "I've never met someone of that Order before, it's a pleasure." > Aeloshiia says, "I am Aeloshiia Sonaiert, of the Verdant Lily." > > Aeloshiia smiles at Ruea. > > > > Aeloshiia says, "We are a quiet sort, I suppose, compared to the others." > You say, "Miskton Ramahk, Court Mage of Ilithi."

You nod politely to Aeloshiia. > Ruea says, "I am Ruea Ruin, I run the theater here in Ilithi with some help from the House of the Silk Strings." > Aeloshiia gives you a courteous nod. > > Ruea says, "And by some, I mean quite a bit, actually." > Ruea grins wryly. > Aeloshiia says, "Aha, I have heard of you both. You have done good work, I feel." > > You smile at Aeloshiia. > > Ruea says, "Thank you, perhaps next time we hold a performance we can entice you to attend."

Ruea smiles. > You say to Aeloshiia, "Thank you." > > > Aeloshiia says, "That would be quite nice, provided I can get away from my meditations." > Aeloshiia chortles softly at some secret joke. > > > Aeloshiia asks Ruea, "Is your counterpart also attending the faire, Lady Ruin?" > > > > > Aeloshiia asks, "The Lady.. Ah, what is her name? The one with a million shoes?" > Ruea says, "Sesi." > Ruea laughs with delight, her eyes full of merriment.

Sticky Fingers Martee just arrived.

> Aeloshiia exclaims, "Ah, yes!" > > > Kythryn just arrived, leading her group.

> Kythryn runs north, leading her group.

> Sticky Fingers Martee goes south.

> Ruea says, "I certainly hope so, we have some damage to do to the amount of inventory these folks have." > > > Ruea says, "And I don't think she's seen our new marquee yet." > > Aeloshiia smiles. > Aeloshiia nods.

You say, "I think I saw her around the area once or twice." > > Sticky Fingers Martee just arrived.

> > Aeloshiia exclaims, "Wonderful!" > Aeloshiia takes a sip of her suur. > Aeloshiia smiles at Martee. > Aeloshiia says, "Greetings." > > Martee says, "Heyo." > You nod politely to Martee. > Ruea takes a bite of the roll. > Drakilor just arrived.

> Drakilor goes south.

> Ruea takes a bite of the roll.

Aeloshiia asks Martee, "How are you enjoying our faire, Olvi?" > Isharon just arrived.

> Martee says, "Oh I am having fun exploring. and buying. Buying is almost as fun as eating tarts." > Isharon strides south.

> > > Aeloshiia laughs!

You grin. > Ruea says, "Almost." > Ruea winks at Martee. > Martee says, "Aye." > Martee makes an odd noise like she just inhaled a tart. > Aeloshiia says, "Shopping for new silks is very enjoyable, I must concur, though I don't feel I share the same love for tarts." > > > Martee says, "Then you havent found the right tart. The right tart will overshadow everything cept the love of a good partner." > > > Aeloshiia chortles softly at some secret joke. > > > > > > Ruea says, "I'm afraid I have to avoid the search for the right tart or my silks won't fit anymore." > Ruea says, "And then I may lose the love of my good partner." > > Ruea winks. > Martee says, "Ahhh You need a line of expandable silks." > > > Martee says, "Oh foo if the partner is the right one it wont matter what you look like." > Aeloshiia says, "Expandable? I think that would require some sort of new silkworms to be bred." > > Aeloshiia gets a thoughtful expression on her face. > Martee nods. > Martee says, "Something to look into." > > > > > > Aeloshiia takes a sip of her suur. > > Aeloshiia nods in agreement. > Ruea asks, "Could it be translated into purses, thought?" > > Aeloshiia grins at Ruea. > > Martee says, "Oh that would be nice especially when shopping expandable purses." > > Ruea pats a dusk-hued feyweave purse clasped with a nightfire opal. > Aeloshiia says, "I think you may have better luck talking the Warrior Mages into teaching you their trick about placing things in the elemental planes." > > Ruea laughs with delight, her eyes full of merriment. > > > Ruea says, "I planned ahead and married a Moon Mage." > You chuckle. > > Martee says, "Thon one time an evil Elf named Havok tried to get me skinned so he could make a halfling pack said it would be bottomless." > > Aeloshiia chortles softly at some secret joke. > > Aeloshiia blinks at Martee.

You ask, "Shadow servants are handy for lugging things around, aren't they?"

Aeloshiia exclaims, "That's horrid!" > You grin. > Martee says, "The Tanner refused to skin me thank the heavens." > > Aeloshiia says to Martee, "I would hope the Elf was placed in a prison, or the penal colony for such an outrageous threat." > Aeloshiia frowns severely. > > Martee says, "Nah not Havok. I knew he wasnt serious." > Aeloshiia takes a sip of her suur. > > Aeloshiia nods to Martee. > Aeloshiia says, "That is quite concerning, still." > > > Martee says, "One of those men who is more mouth then anything. Bluster." > You take a sip of the suur. Smooth and pleasant ... warms your throat! > > > Aeloshiia nods. > > > Martee says, "If he caught a fish it was always bigger then it really was." > > >

Aeloshiia says to Martee, "If one of our members were to joke thusly, they would be removed and banished without question." > > Aeloshiia clucks her tongue and shakes her head. > > > > Ruea says to Aeloshiia, "We should probably keep you away from Osus, then." > > Martee says, "Ahh sometimes ya have to know whats behind the joke. and it always helps if they are really evil, I kick em in the shin." > > Aeloshiia asks Martee, "You fight with them?" > Peacemaker Marssi just arrived.

> Martee says, "Not exactly." > Marssi smiles. > Marssi hugs Ruea, who wraps her arms around Marssi with a warm smile. > Aeloshiia nods. > Ruea hugs Marssi, who wraps her arms around Ruea with a warm smile. > Marssi's features are limned in fiery rutilant light, her eyes burning with a fearsome vivacity. > > > > Martee says, "Being an Empath, I know the weak points that hirt." > > Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her. > Marssi closes her eyes for a moment and grows still. > Ruea says to Marssi, "This is Lady Aeloshiia of the house of the Verdant Lily." > Aeloshiia says to Ruea, "This Osus. I have heard this name before. He seems to cause quite a bit of trouble with his sword and his mouth." > Woodsman Yoca just arrived.

> Marssi curtsies to Aeloshiia. > Woodsman Yoca entered a tin-roofed wooden caravan.

> > > Marssi says, "It's good to meet you." > Cascading points of rutilant light swirl around Marssi like sparks dancing up from a blazing fire. > Aeloshiia smiles at Marssi.

Ruea says to Aeloshiia, "He's mostly just baiting people. He has his uses and he's actually quite an interesting fellow if you can get past the mouth and the axe." > Aeloshiia asks Marssi, "Greetings. How may I call you?" > > Brilliant sparks of rutilant light dance around Marssi, bathing her in a warm glow. > > Aeloshiia nods to Martee. > > Marssi exclaims to Aeloshiia, "I'm Marssi!" > > Aeloshiia says to Martee, "Being an Empath is a noble cause." >

Aeloshiia smiles at Marssi. > > Aeloshiia says, "It is nice to meet you, Marssi." > > Marssi smiles at Aeloshiia.

Ruea says, "Marssi is the Queen of Peace." > Ruea smiles. > Martee says, "Well back to shopping. Thank ye again for all the lovely silks." > Martee waves. > Aeloshiia chortles softly at some secret joke. > Sticky Fingers Martee goes north.

> Ruea says, "And a very clever girl besides." > Brilliant sparks of rutilant light dance around Marssi, bathing her in a warm glow. > Aeloshiia asks, "Queen of Peace?" > Cascading points of rutilant light swirl around Marssi like sparks dancing up from a blazing fire. > Marssi says, "I don't know about clever. Therengia did name me their official Queen of Peace, though." > Marssi says, "They gave me a circlet and everything." > > Marssi nods in agreement. > Aeloshiia says to Marssi, "I think you and my House would get along well." > Marssi seems to glow with an inner light, trailing rutilant sparks with every movement. > > Marssi smiles at Aeloshiia. > > Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her. > > Woodsman Yoca came through a tin-roofed wooden caravan.

> Woodsman Yoca drifts south.

> > Marssi exclaims, "I would hope so!" > > Ruea says, "Marssi is one of the bravest Empaths I know, she'll run headlong into a battle to heal warriors no matter what the risk to herself." > > Marssi's features are limned in fiery rutilant light, her eyes burning with a fearsome vivacity. > > Aeloshiia smiles. > Aeloshiia nods to Ruea. > Brilliant sparks of rutilant light dance around Marssi, bathing her in a warm glow. > Marssi says, "Oh, that's not really brave. I just try to do my part, however I can." > Marssi waves her hand distractedly. > Ruea says, "She's kept my husband alive on many occasions, something for which I am quite grateful." > > Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her. > Marssi says to Ruea, "He's also kept me alive, so it all works out." > Brilliant sparks of rutilant light dance around Marssi, bathing her in a warm glow. > > Aeloshiia says, "I myself tended the wounded of the Outcast war. I cannot say it is bravery that drives us. It is the need to help in any way we can against what we feel is an impossible evil." > Ruea takes a sip of her suur. > Marssi seems to glow with an inner light, trailing rutilant sparks with every movement. > Isharon just arrived.

> > Isharon strides north.

> Marssi nods at Aeloshiia, obviously agreeing with her views. > > > > Marssi seems to glow with an inner light, trailing rutilant sparks with every movement. > > > Ruea says, "Whatever the motivation, I certainly appreciate it. As do most of us, I think." > Ruea smiles.

You nod in agreement. > Ruea takes a bite of the roll. > Marssi seems to glow with an inner light, trailing rutilant sparks with every movement. > Aeloshiia smiles.

Marssi says, "The appreciation is, well, appreciated." > > Marssi grins. > Aeloshiia chortles softly at some secret joke. > Marssi's features are limned in fiery rutilant light, her eyes burning with a fearsome vivacity. > Aeloshiia says, "Indeed it is."

Ruea laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement. > Marssi says, "But I appreciate those who go out and fight to keep us safe." > Cascading points of rutilant light swirl around Marssi like sparks dancing up from a blazing fire. > Ruea says, "I try to make it up to Marssi by helping her dress up like a rabbit." > Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her. > Woodsman Yoca just arrived.

> Woodsman Yoca drifts north.

> Marssi exclaims to Ruea, "I had a real dress made!" > > Aeloshiia laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement. > Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her. > > > Ruea exclaims to Marssi, "I remember, I was there!" > Marssi says, "Not a single bunny on it." > > Marssi exclaims, "A new one!" > Cascading points of rutilant light swirl around Marssi like sparks dancing up from a blazing fire. > Ruea exclaims, "Ooh, show me!" > Marssi gets a strapless jade green chiffon dress with a layered skirt from inside her feyweave pouch. > > Marssi holds a strapless jade green chiffon dress with a layered skirt high into the air for all to see. > > Marssi shows Ruea her chiffon dress. > Ruea laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement. > > Aeloshiia exclaims, "That is certainly quite the dress!" > Ruea says, "It's srunning, I love the bodicework." > Marssi beams at Aeloshiia! > > Marssi shows Aeloshiia her chiffon dress. > > Sticky Fingers Martee just arrived.

> Sticky Fingers Martee goes south.

> Ruea says, "Funny, I had a chiffon number done too." > Ruea chuckles. > Marssi says, "It's not too stuffy, either." > Marssi's features are limned in fiery rutilant light, her eyes burning with a fearsome vivacity. > Aeloshiia says, "Perhaps a bit too decorous for my own usage, but it is a nice dress." > Aeloshiia nods to Marssi. > > Marssi smiles at Aeloshiia. > Woodsman Yoca just arrived.

> Brilliant sparks of rutilant light dance around Marssi, bathing her in a warm glow. > > Aeloshiia says to you, "I suppose we are boring you, Visionary, with our chatter of healing and dresses. My apologies." > Sticky Fingers Martee just arrived.

> Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her. > Sticky Fingers Martee goes north.

You chuckle. > Ruea says, "Nonsense,I dress him too." > Ruea winks at Aeloshiia.

You say, "No, no, it's fine." > Marssi grins. > You say, "And there's still plenty of good food here." > Aeloshiia laughs at Ruea.

> You grin. > Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her. > Marssi puts her dress in her feyweave pouch. > Woodsman Yoca drifts north.

> You say to Ruea, "I actually did some shopping here without being prompted." > Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her.

You pat a square-cut light azure linen tunic. > > > > Ruea says to Aeloshiia, "For some reason all the Moon Mages I come across dress like they lost everything to a bookie." > > Ruea rolls her eyes. > > Cascading points of rutilant light swirl around Marssi like sparks dancing up from a blazing fire. > > > Lord of Lyrics Raithren just arrived.

> Aeloshiia says, "Ah, the evasive tactics of a well-informed man. Stuff food in your face and no one will question why you're not joining the conversation." > > > Aeloshiia smiles indulgently. > Ruea asks you, "I'm proud of you! Did you finally get rid of the safari pants?" > Marssi giggles.

You grin. > Marssi seems to glow with an inner light, trailing rutilant sparks with every movement. > Aeloshiia grins at Ruea. > Cascading points of rutilant light swirl around Marssi like sparks dancing up from a blazing fire. > Aeloshiia asks, "Safari pants?" > Marssi says, "I'm going to need new cloths with the way I've been stuffing myself." > Aeloshiia tilts her head up. > > Aeloshiia laughs! > Ruea grins. > Raithren slings a glaes partisan over his shoulder. > Marssi takes a bite of the tea-ice. > Raithren's feet are dripping water everywhere.

You say to Ruea, "I did find some new pants. These are pretty nice for everyday wear." > Cascading points of rutilant light swirl around Marssi like sparks dancing up from a blazing fire. > You pat a pair of sepia linen trousers. > Woodsman Yoca just arrived.

Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her. > Ruea says to Aeloshiia, "Miskton has a fondness for khaki." > Ruea says, "And pockets." > Aeloshiia says, "An Olvi was just suggesting we look into expandable silks. My if such a thing existed, I worry for the bodies of our Houses." > > Aeloshiia nods to Ruea. > Brilliant sparks of rutilant light dance around Marssi, bathing her in a warm glow. > You exclaim, "Pockets are useful!" > > > Marssi giggles. > > Ruea takes a bite of the roll. > > > Aeloshiia smiles at Yoca. > Aeloshiia nods to Raithren. > Raithren's feet are soaked. > Ruea takes a bite of the roll. > Raithren nods politely. > Aeloshiia says, "Greetings, both of you." > Yoca waves. > Raithren says, "Greetings."

> Marssi says, "That would be a little too handy to have." > > Aeloshiia asks Raithren, "Have you thoughts on dresses and expandable silks?" > Marssi seems to glow with an inner light, trailing rutilant sparks with every movement. > Aeloshiia chortles softly at some secret joke. > > > Ruea says to Marssi, "I worry more about Allye and Synamon finding ways to stuff gnomes inside sacks of expanding silk,." >

Marssi exclaims, "Oh dear. That can't happen!" >

> > Woodsman Yoca drifts north.

> Raithren says, "Dresses are nice on ladies, and expandable silks are a must." >

Marssi says, "I'm glad I've managed to avoid being trapped by them, but I do need to think of my fellow gnomes." > > Aeloshiia laughs at Raithren.

Aeloshiia says to Raithren, "A must? Well, I may have to approach some vendors and suggest they speak with their suppliers then." > Ruea says, "I wish you'd been here when they set that poor Rakash on fire." > Ruea sighs. > Marssi's features are limned in fiery rutilant light, her eyes burning with a fearsome vivacity. > > Raithren nods to Aeloshiia. > Aeloshiia blinks at Ruea. > > Ruea says, "He actually agreed to it which was the most disturbing part." >

Aeloshiia blinks. > Aeloshiia asks, "What?" > Marssi clucks her tongue and shakes her head. > > Aeloshiia says, "That's horrific." > Raithren says, "Yes, we must accomidate all sorts of people." > >

Raithren ponders. > Aeloshiia says to Raithren, "Ah, for silks, yes." >

> Raithren asks, "Wait they burning Rakash?" > Marssi says to Raithren, "I guess that could be helpful instead of having a closet with both your skinny, and not so skinny clothing." > Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her. > > Ruea says to Aeloshiia, "A pair of local Empaths wanted to know if, under the circumstance that a Rakash's tail was removed and placed in a box during Moonskin, it would continue to exist when the Rakash returnd to Human form." > > Aeloshiia grins at Marssi. > >

Aeloshiia blinks at Ruea. > Ruea says, "They got a Rakash to agree to try it and then somehow it devolved into setting him on fire." > Ruea rubs her head. > > You ponder. > Ruea says, "I didn't show up until he was mostly put out and laughing about it." > Aeloshiia says, "That is absolutely disgusting." > > > Marssi's features are limned in fiery rutilant light, her eyes burning with a fearsome vivacity. > > > Raithren says, "Must have been a very distrubed... group."

You ask Ruea, "Was there alcohol involved?" > Ruea asks you, "Isn't there always with these kinds of things?"

Aeloshiia glances up at the sky. > > Raithren says, "Sounds like the makings of a fine play. The Rakash who was on fire." > >

Ruea says, "We'll write some songs about it, make it a musican." > Ruea takes a sip of her suur. > > Accord Keeper Malzard just arrived.

> Ruea smiles at Malzard. > Ruea says, "There you are, dear." > You nod politely to Malzard. > Malzard asks Ruea, "Who, me?" > Aeloshiia smiles. >

Battle Lord Mahe just arrived.

> > Mahe shakes Malzard's hand. > Ruea says to Malzard, "Most days." > Malzard says to Ruea, "I can never tell with how many "dears" you throw out on any given day." > Malzard appears to be trying hard not to grin. > Aeloshiia says, "Ah, the be-turbaned one." > > Malzard nods politely to Mahe. > > Mahe bows to Aeloshiia. > Aeloshiia gives Malzard a courteous nod. >

Aeloshiia smiles at Mahe. > Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her.

Malzard says to Aeloshiia, "Good evening Aeloshiia, you reputation precedes you."

Aeloshiia laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement. > > Malzard asks Aeloshiia, "I trust these eager minds have been soaking up your wisdom?" > Marssi's features are limned in fiery rutilant light, her eyes burning with a fearsome vivacity. > > > Malzard casually observes the area. > > Aeloshiia says, "I'm afraid I did not get much opportunity to bestow the teachings of peace upon them." > Marssi says, "I do always try to soak up wisdom." > > Marssi's features are limned in fiery rutilant light, her eyes burning with a fearsome vivacity. > > Aeloshiia says, "They have been keeping me busy with suur and talk of dresses and silks." > Aeloshiia chortles softly at some secret joke. > You chuckle. > Raithren says, "Expandable silks." >

Aeloshiia says, "And shocking my very soul with horrific stories of burning Rakash alive." > > Aeloshiia furrows her brow. > Malzard says, "Well, I suppose it is a time for festivities as well." > Aeloshiia says to Raithren, "Ah, yes. Expandable silks." >

Ruea says to Aeloshiia, "Sorry darling, it is a bit of a shock I suppose." > Ruea smiles. > > Battle Lord Mahe swaggers north.

> > Aeloshiia says, "It is enough to wound the soul of someone, hearing such poison." > > Ruea says, "Rough people, rough behavior. All involved were rather amused though I did put a stop to it." > Ruea says, "Luckily we'll have no such issues here." > Ruea smiles. > Aeloshiia nods to Ruea. > > Aeloshiia says, "That is good to hear." > > Marssi nods in agreement. >

Aeloshiia says, "I'm glad to have seen you, Malzard of Silken Strings, but I must beg my leave from you all at this anlas." > Ruea says, "Will you tell us a bit of your House, Lady Aelshiia? Few of us are well aquainted with it." > > Ruea says, "Another time, perhaps." > > Ruea smiles. > Marssi exudes life and vitality, rutilant sparks dancing around her. > Malzard chuckles to himself. > Malzard pats Aeloshiia on the back. > > > Aeloshiia says, "The timing grows near for nightly meditations, though I do hope to venture out among you again soon." > Brilliant sparks of rutilant light dance around Marssi, bathing her in a warm glow. > Aeloshiia nods to Ruea. > > Raithren ponders. > Marssi says to Aeloshiia, "It was good to meet you. I do hope to hear your teachings in the future." > Aeloshiia says to Ruea, "I will speak of my house upon my next visit, surely."

You nod politely to Aeloshiia. >

Aeloshiia smiles. > > Aeloshiia smiles at Marssi. > Ruea says, "It was a pleasure, thank you for your company." > >

Aeloshiia says, "A Queen of Peace wishes to learn from me? I am honored." > Raithren says to Aeloshiia, "I must ask, what do you meditate upon."

Marssi smiles. > Aeloshiia says to Raithren, "The very fabric of my soul. It is most calming to learn the way the threads move and change." > Aeloshiia smiles at Raithren. > Raithren says, "Very interesting." > Raithren says, "I might try this one day." >

Aeloshiia nods approvingly at Raithren. > > > Aeloshiia says, "Good evening." > Aeloshiia waves. >

Malzard nods politely to Aeloshiia. >

Observed by Miskton

Paeraik, House of the Grey Storm

[Shard, The New South Bridge] Under the light from the lampposts, wagons come and go, usually arriving loaded and leaving empty. Many a merchant schedules shipments to arrive at night, when the traffic is light, interruptions are few, and the authorities will not mind if the bridge is blocked for a few minutes. You also see a silk-draped cart with several things on it and a tin-roofed wooden caravan. Also here: Accord Keeper Malzard, Hunter Nasrid, Celestian Veraise and Paeraik. Obvious paths: north, east, south, west.

Malzard says, "They do seem to be the starting place for most of my conversations."

You see Neineloa Ilotan'a Paeraik Naoleireh of the House of the Grey Storm, an Elothean Warrior Mage. He has tilted almond-shaped eyes of rich emerald green. His fiery red hair is worn in a complex knotted braid that hangs to his shoulder blades. His skin is the color of new cream except for signs of a severe burn scar on his left forearm. He is slightly above average height for an Elothean, and has a lean build. He is at his prime for an Elothean. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a slender animite diadem set with a dazzling midnight ruby, a short robe of stormy grey brocade belted with a crimson sash, a pair of loose silk trousers dyed an inky black and a pair of grey velvet shoes with sinuous crimson embroidery.

Malzard adjusts his silverweave turban.

Paeraik nods to you.

Veraise says to Paeraik, "You must admit, they are lovely hats."

You nod politely.

You say, "Good evening, all."

Malzard says, "Where they go from there is always more interesting, of course."

Malzard smiles at you.

Paeraik exclaims to Veraise, "I musn't admit a thing!"

Malzard says, "Miskton."

Malzard adds his praise upon you, continuing to support you with his approval.

Paeraik smirks.

Nasrid chuckles at Veraise.

You smile at Malzard.

Veraise flashes a quick grin.

Veraise nods politely to you.

Paeraik says to you, "Hello."

Paeraik ponders.

You nod politely to Paeraik.

Malzard says to you, "How've you been? So good seeing you enjoying the occasion."

Paeraik says, "Another Moon Mage that I think I have awareness of."

You say to Malzard, "I've been well. And definitely been enjoying the faire."

Malzard gives you a slight nod.

Veraise nods to Nasrid.

Paeraik asks you, "You are the Human who holds those meetings, yes?"

You nod to Paeraik.

Paeraik says, "Of the portents."

You say, "That's correct."

Paeraik nods.

You say, "Miskton Ramahk. Pleased to meet you."

Nasrid says, "Good day all."

Paeraik says, "Paeraik Naoleireh, leader of the House of the Grey Storm."

With a suave grin, Nasrid dramatically tosses his traveler's cloak over his shoulder and bows deeply with a practiced ease.

Hunter Nasrid treks north.

Malzard asks Paeraik, "I do hope some have taken the opportunity to inquire and learn more of the House of the Grey Storm from you during these festivities?"

Paeraik says, "Just this one."

Paeraik gestures at Veraise.

Veraise strikes a heroic pose.

Malzard smiles at Veraise.

Veraise taps something inside her steelsilk haversack.

Paeraik says, "It is well enough, they should know their cultural as is, should they be of our people."

Paeraik says, "And the others..."

Paeraik shrugs.

Malzard chuckles to himself.

Paeraik says, "I'm not sure any have bothered, or perhaps I frighten them."

Paeraik smirks.

Veraise gets some crimson celestial charts detailed in black ink from inside her steelsilk haversack.

Veraise puts her suur in her steelsilk haversack.

Paeraik says, "Though I imagine the bulk simply haven't a clue who I am."

Veraise puts her charts in her steelsilk haversack.

You say, "I wouldn't mind hearing a bit, if you don't mind repeating yourself. I've only got a little knowledge of the Elothean Houses."

Paeraik says, "Just another Elothean in a robe."

Malzard praises you.

Paeraik smirks.

Paeraik nods to you.

Paeraik says, "I can speak of it, yes. At least you seem the sort to listen."

Veraise gets a sigilbook embossed with the image of Morleena on the cover from inside her steelsilk haversack.

Paeraik says to you, "You know the basic, yes? What the Houses are and all that."

You nod.

Paeraik says, "Good."

Veraise squints at a sigilbook embossed with the image of Morleena on the cover.

Veraise puts her sigilbook in her steelsilk haversack.

Paeraik says, "My House, the Grey Storm, we are very largely Warrior Mages."

Paeraik says, "Very largely."

Paeraik says, "The only exceptions are those who have the ability to prove that they've a Warrior Mage in their ancestry."

You ask, "Is there a particular reason behind that?"

Paeraik says, "All Houses have their focus."

You nod.

Paeraik says, "If you've paid any attention to those you've learned of, you've noted that this focus is both literal and not."

Paeraik asks, "Correct?"

Paeraik peers quizzically at you.

You say, "That does seem to be the case, yes."

Paeraik nods.

You say, "Naethel from the House of the Silk Strings spoke a bit about that, earlier during the faire."

You say, "I only caught the end of the conversation, though."

Malzard smiles slightly.

Paeraik says, "In our case, the storm is both very literally that which rages within the elements that most of us control, and that which pervades our own temperments."

Commander Heartsfyre just arrived, leading her group.

Heartsfyre bows to Paeraik.

Paeraik nods to Heartsfyre.

Paeraik nods to Delorien.

Paeraik says, "As I was saying."

Delorien smiles.

Malzard quietly says to Heartsfyre, "We're hearing about the Grey Storm."

Heartsfyre beams!

Paeraik says, "This manifestation of power, of passion, of action -- it is integral to who we are."

Paeraik says, "The blood holds true in many cases, so that is why we allow entry for those with appropriate family backgrounds."

Actor Sesi just arrived.

Actor Sesi traipses south.

Liankhua just arrived, leading her group.

Veraise ponders.

Liankhua grins.

Liankhua's group entered a tin-roofed wooden caravan.

Paeraik says, "But it does manifest in the random Elothean, and as such, we seek also those who have seen this in themselves and sought to train it further."

You nod.

Paeraik says, "We care little if they've the spark but not the sense to know what to do with it."

Paeraik smirks.

Veraise chortles softly at some secret joke.

You chuckle.

Liankhua's group came through a tin-roofed wooden caravan.

Liankhua goes south, leading her group.

Liankhua just arrived, leading her group.

Liankhua's group entered a tin-roofed wooden caravan.

Paeraik says, "As such, the House has a bit of a reputation."

Paeraik says, "Earned, really, but you understand how these things go."

Heartsfyre gives a slight nod.

Paeraik says, "You burn an idiot for being one, and the other idiots find resentment."

Paeraik shrugs.

Paeraik says, "Plus it tends to rather shock non-Elotheans."

Paeraik says, "Which gives me no end of amusement."

Paeraik smirks.

A hint of vanilla mingles in the air around Heartsfyre.

Heartsfyre chuckles.

Paeraik says, "We are, after all, delicate, fragile, polite, measured, and ever so very covered in silk."

Paeraik rolls his eyes.

You chuckle.

Heartsfyre clears her throat.

Heartsfyre bows to Paeraik.

Commander Heartsfyre's group entered a tin-roofed wooden caravan.

Paeraik says, "They also seem to forget the strength of silk."

Veraise runs her hand over the silk of her kimono, and you can't help but notice its high quality.

Paeraik says, "And see only its draping."

Malzard says to Paeraik, "Strength of silk, a fine point."

Paeraik nods to Malzard.

You nod in agreement.

Malzard says, "I've always considered the most trained Elotheans of the Grey Storm to represent something of the calm eye at the center of a raging hurricane."

Paeraik says to Malzard, "That is because you are not an idiot."

Malzard says, "Those around you feel the power, but you are a beacon of stillness able to step out from that center at any moment."

Smuggler Baeleth just arrived.

Smuggler Baeleth goes north.

Paeraik nods to Malzard.

Paeraik says, "The elements are within us, as we are within them."

Paeraik says, "The young ones may be rash, and there is at times a point to rashness."

Liankhua's group came through a tin-roofed wooden caravan.

Liankhua says something in Gerenshuge.

Liankhua goes south, leading her group.

Paeraik says, "But yes, control."

Paeraik asks, "You know of the tower where my guild resides here?"

You nod.

Malzard says, "Of course."

Paeraik says, "The storm that rages above it -- people fear the bolts."

You say, "Well enough to know not to loiter."

Paeraik says, "They see them as random, erratic."

Paeraik says, "And, in their way, they are."

Paeraik says, "But if one watches, one waits -- you can feel them before they come."

Malzard gazes thoughtfully at Paeraik.

Paeraik says, "With the right practice, of course."

Commander Heartsfyre's group came through a tin-roofed wooden caravan.

Malzard says, "Fascinating..."

Commander Heartsfyre sashays north, leading her group.

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Veraise takes a sip of her suur.

Paeraik says, "The air changes, the smell of it, the feel of it."

Actor Sesi just arrived.

Actor Sesi traipses north.

Paeraik says, "The control. You can feel the power building, ready to loose itself."

Paeraik says, "Ebbs and flows in temper are much the same."

Paeraik says, "When one of the Grey Storm acts, it may seem as arbitrary, rash, thoughtless."

Paeraik says, "But that is only because one does not understand that which came before. They do not sense the changes. They've no eye for control."

Paeraik says, "They see only bluntness and destruction."

Paeraik shrugs.

Jochua just arrived.

Jochua runs south.

Paeraik says, "Because they are too dull to see otherwise."

Veraise furrows her brow.

Malzard says to you, "For all our time spent seeking insight into the far future, we might sacrifice some of this attention to immediate awareness."

You nod to Malzard.

Paeraik asks Veraise, "This troubles you?"

You say to Malzard, "Definitely a potential danger. That's one reason I try to keep myself grounded in other studies as well."

Malzard nods to you.

Paeraik says to you, "Grounded. In a discussion on storms. Clever."

Paeraik nods to you.

Veraise says to Paeraik, "Intrigues me."

Veraise chortles softly at some secret joke.

You say, "Oh, yes. Unintentional, though."

You chuckle.

Paeraik says to Veraise, "Good."

Veraise says, "I have heard there is a Warrior Mage who commands the storm."

Paeraik says, "Command is a bit of a stretch."

Veraise nods to Paeraik.

Malzard says, "I do apologize, but I must excuse myself for the moment."

Malzard nods graciously at Paeraik, giving him a polite smile.

Malzard says, "This was a pleasure."

Paeraik says to you, "Your comment, though, even if unintentional, does bring us to the portion of my telling that I suppose is the subject of the most discussion regarding my House."

Malzard smiles at you.

Paeraik nods to Malzard.

You nod politely to Malzard.

Malzard nods to Veraise.

Accord Keeper Malzard drifts north.

Paeraik says, "The public does love a spectacle."

Paeraik says to Veraise, "And I do not flinch from being upfront on the matter."

Paeraik says, "If either of you have heard any of the other House leaders talk, they may have covered the concept of loyalty to the House."

You nod.

Paeraik says, "And that which comes when such loyalty falters."

Veraise says, "Yes, somewhat."

Paeraik nods.

Paeraik asks, "Tell me then, what did they say of it?"

Veraise says, "Most talked of loyalty, but I did not hear anything specific."

You say, "That was part of the conversation that I only caught part of, I believe. I do remember the importance of it being stressed highly, though. And that the consequences for disloyalty could be dire."

Veraise nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

You say, "The House of the Grey Storm was noted in that regard, actually, for the punishment for disloyalty."

The sharp scent of ozone wafts through the air, seeming to center upon Paeraik.

Paeraik nods.

Veraise fixes Paeraik with a calm, clear stare.

Paeraik says, "As I said, the public does enjoy a show. They often see only the vulgar details and miss the point entirely, though."

Paeraik says, "Loyalty. What this means in detail differs greatly between Houses."

Paeraik says, "All of us have expectations for our members, but at their base, we expect them to hold true to the House, and to what they have said of themselves when they joined."

Veraise nods to Paeraik.

Liankhua just arrived, leading her group.

Liankhua goes north, leading her group.

Paeraik says, "Each House in turn, also handles beytrayal differently. Some look to small slights and correct them swiftly, for they see the details as to be as important as the whole."

Paeraik says, "Others will be more informal in the moment, allowing their members to correct themselves."

Paeraik says, "Expecting them to, really."

Paeraik says, "In these Houses, such as my own, when the line is finally crossed, there is no going back."

Veraise takes a sip of her suur.

Paeraik says, "There is only the symbolic and the concrete."

Paeraik shrugs.

Paeraik says, "Much like with entry."

Currahee silently steps from the shadows.

Outrider Currahee wanders south.

Paeraik says, "In our case, if such must come to pass, the offender is suited up in the thickest, most conductive plate armor around, and shackled to the ground."

Paeraik says, "The timing is the important part."

Paeraik says, "Everyone notices that we do this in the midst of a large, violent storm."

You nod.

Paeraik says, "But that is not really the thing."

Paeraik says, "The storm must be at the cusp of its potential, as the person once was."

Paeraik says, "When they are struck by the discharges of that potential, it is as when they failed themselves, and the House."

You stroke your beard in thoughtful contemplation.

Veraise says, "Both symbolic and concrete."

Paeraik nods to Veraise.

Paeraik says, "Exactly so."

Veraise nods in agreement.

Veraise takes a sip of her suur.

Paeraik says, "No matter if they live or die, they are lacking now, and so we leave them as they were before our ritual."

Veraise nods to Paeraik.

Paeraik says, "For an Elothean, their House is the deepest expression of themselves."

Paeraik says, "While we are all individuals, we have currents."

Paeraik says, "Proclivities, interests, yes, but moreso an essential aspect to our being."

Paeraik says, "Our House should both reflect this and assist in refining it."

Paeraik says, "To fail one's House is to fail oneself."

Paeraik says, "It is the deepest shame we may feel."

Paeraik nods.

You nod.

You say, "It's a little difficult from an outsider's standpoint, but I think I'm starting to understand."

Paeraik says, "Good."

Paeraik says, "And yes, it is not something that translates well, I'm afraid."

Veraise nods in agreement.

Paeraik asks, "Is there anything else?"

You ponder.

You say, "I don't think I have any other questions at the moment."

Paeraik nods to you.

Paeraik asks Veraise, "And you?"

Veraise says to Paeraik, "You are quite skilled at making an argument for your House."

Paeraik smirks.

Paeraik says, "One would hope."

Jochua just arrived.

Jochua puts his chocolates in his traveler's pack.

Jochua goes north.

Paeraik says, "Well then, if there is nothing more, I suppose I should be off. Faire or not, there is work to be done."

Paeraik nods.

You nod politely to Paeraik.

Veraise says, "It was a pleasure to speak with you."

Veraise bows to Paeraik.

You say, "Thank you for stopping by to talk about your House."

You smile.

Paeraik asks Veraise, "You know how to join should you find what you are seeking?"

Paeraik nods to you.

Paeraik says, "Of course."

Veraise asks Paeraik, "Remind me?"

Paeraik smirks.

Paeraik says, "No, but I trust you will find your way."

Paeraik nods.

Veraise flashes a quick grin.

Paeraik waves.

Veraise waves to Paeraik.

Paeraik says, "Good night to you both."

Paeraik just went south.

Ithna, House of the Rowan Branch

You see Sainyuso Neineloa Fyearik'a Ithna Avoinasako of the House of the Rowan Branch, an Elothean Cleric. Ithna has tilted almond-shaped stormy grey eyes. Her silver-gilt hair is very long and curly, and is worn tied back. She has pale skin. She appears to be in her prime. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a simple silverwillow hairstick tipped with a polished sapphire, a pale silk brocade robe tied with a dark charcoal sash, an intricate silverwillow shesegri ring interwoven with silk threads, a silk brocade pouch, a dark grey silk under-robe and a pair of satin slippers.

[19:33] Ithna says, "I suppose I didn't introduce myself to the rest of you. I am Ithna, leader of Rowan Branch." [19:33] Arandrowse asks, "Certainly not, but wasn't sure what to call you?" [19:33] Arandrowse asks, "So I used your form?" [19:33] You tenderly say to Ithna, "I am Mistanna, one of the scribes of the city." [19:33] Ithna says to Arandrowse, "You turn a fair trick." [19:33] Gromnir says, "Though I am a dyed in the wool subject of Her Grace, I am not familiar with the house -- Father Gromnir Il-Khan at your service, madame." [19:33] Arandrowse says, "I am Arandrowse of the Province and Nation of Ilithi, of the Wind Elves, of the Horse Clan, of the tribe I know not, of the Matron Line I know not, and my mother and father are unknown to me." [19:34] Ithna asks you, "I have heard of you. You recently sent out the recruitment letters, correct?" [19:34] Gromnir says, "What a beneficent lineage." [19:34] Arandrowse says, "I am currently a citizen of Zoluren, though I search for Elothean culture and ethics here at this faire." [19:34] Navesi says to Gromnir, "Good evening, Father." [19:35] Ithna says to Arandrowse, "Ah, you are from the tent people nearby. I should have known, from the lingering smell of horse. It is a good, peaceful work your people do." [19:35] Gromnir says to Navesi, "Good evening, what. How do you do, Ms Navesi? We have chanced upon the leader of the Rowan Branch, Ms Ithna." [19:35] Arandrowse says, "I seem to smell of Nightshade." [19:35] Navesi says, "Oh, excuse me." [19:35] Gromnir exclaims, "Poison!" [19:35] Arandrowse says, "And far to much of the city for what my people would like." [19:36] Navesi says to Ithna, "At your service. A pleasure to meet you." [19:36] Ithna says to Arandrowse, "Nightshade? I suppose you must be used to the smell by now. It is of no matter." [19:36] Ithna says to Navesi, "It is nice to meet you as well. Navesi? An interesting name. I enjoy the way it flows on the tongue." [19:37] Arandrowse says, "Yes my girlfriend, well she seems to like the aroma, so, well between me being near her, or her things..." [19:37] Arandrowse says, "Well it started to linger around me too." [19:37] Navesi says to Ithna, "Thank you. Its sounds are typical of Gorbesh." [19:37] Gromnir exclaims, "A girlfriend!" [19:37] Ithna asks, "Ah, Ashtarsi. Did you think you could hide from me, being so quiet?" [19:38] Ithna says, "It is well to see one of the House out and enjoying the faire." [19:38] Ashtarsi says, "Some very fine items to peruse." [19:38] Ithna asks Veraise, "And you, ah.. Veraise? You claim no House, was this correct?" [19:39] Ithna asks, "Have you been turned out from one?" [19:39] Veraise says, "I have yet to choose one." [19:39] Navesi asks Ithna, "Is it not the case that some Elotheans choose never to join?" [19:39] Navesi says, "Senka'i neir, if I recall my studies correctly." [19:39] Ithna says, "Some never choose, or some are expulsed from the ones they are born into." [19:40] Navesi asks, "How common is it, never to choose?" [19:40] Navesi says, "If I may ask." [19:40] Ithna says, "I think too common than it used to be." [19:41] Gromnir says, "What is the House of the Rowan Branch, then? The multudinous houses of Ilithi has always baffled me." [19:41] Navesi says, "But still a small percentage, I take it? Forgive me, I am trying to learn more of Elothean ways during the Faire." [19:41] Ithna says, "I shouldn't be so pushy about it, really. Each of us surely feel our House is the best for those we find unattached." [19:42] Navesi says to Gromnir, "I too would like to hear of it." [19:42] Ithna says, "For the most part, Elotheans sequester themselves within a House that fits them. A House is more than just a way of life, it very much reveals something of who you truly are." [19:43] Ithna says, "The Rowan Branch.. we are a bit different from the other Houses, I think." [19:43] Ithna says, "We are led by three, rather than just one or a couple." [19:43] Ithna says to Navesi, "One male, one female, and one eunuch." [19:43] Gromnir says, "Eunuchs! Lovely." [19:44] Ithna says, "It aids in our purpose of serving as a religious asylum or sorts. And we often take in lost souls." [19:44] Gromnir says, "What? It is has been tested and found to be correct that they prove to be the best of bureaucrats." [19:44] Ithna asks Gromnir, "You find them lovely?" [19:45] Gromnir says to Ithna, "They are free of worldly distractions, what? There are many admirable things about eunuchs." [19:45] Starlear asks Casserah, "You didn't save any of that popcorn, did you?" [19:45] Gromnir says, "What is this one's role in your house? I am very curious." [19:45] Casserah says, "There." [19:45] Starlear says, "It'll do." [19:46] Arandrowse asks Ithna, "I know I'm stirring in a vastly different direction, but have you heard of Bowmaster Renshear Shapan'geur of the House of the Gilded Longleaf?" [19:46] Starlear says, "He's that guy." [19:46] Ithna says, "I have heard of the man, but I do not know him personally." [19:47] Arandrowse says, "Just was hoping perhaps for some information on what fell him." [19:47] Ithna says, "I do not have that information for you." [19:47] Arandrowse says to Ithna, "Sorry, for my digression." [19:47] Gromnir says, "Visit his grave, you may discover more." [19:47] Arandrowse asks Gromnir, "Where perchance is his grave?" [19:48] Casserah says, "Perhaps it would be best to ask someone from that House." [19:48] Gromnir says to Arandrowse, "Burial at sea, I'm afraid." [19:48] Arandrowse says to Gromnir, "I'll have to agree to disagree." [19:48] Ithna says, "Now, as to what I do within the House..." [19:49] Ithna says, "I am the female leader. Primarily, I stand over those who pledge to join, ensuring that they keep their vow of silence." [19:49] Ithna says, "Often, the triad will exchange duties, but it is perhaps best that we stick to what we do best." [19:50] Navesi asks, "What are the duties of the other two?" [19:50] Dianelle asks Starlear, "Can you imagine me trying to get through a year of silence?" [19:50] Gromnir exclaims to Dianelle, "You would not be a good candidate then, I ween!" [19:50] Ithna says to Navesi, "I'm afraid it would be improper of me to speak of them without their presence." [19:50] Casserah says, "Yes. And it's hilarious." [19:51] Arandrowse asks Ithna, "Now what do you do best?" [19:51] Gromnir says, "Perhaps you can expound then upon the duties you all share, without getting into specifics on each of the triune." [19:51] Ithna says, "I ensure that the pledges keep their vows. When they do not, they are left to the will of the gods." [19:51] Ithna says, "Very few of them live through such." [19:52] Gromnir quietly says to Navesi, "Chief Whip." [19:52] Ithna says, "But of course, we subject our members to the same if they are disloyal to the House." [19:52] Navesi asks Ithna, "What are the foremost values of your House?" [19:52] Ashtarsi asks, "Perhaps you might explain what the 'will of the gods' involves?" [19:53] Ithna says, "A good point, Ashtarsi." [19:54] Ithna says to Navesi, "Our foremost values are caring for the lost souls, the ones that have lost their way and must be brought back within the fold of the Gods' embrace. We have other purposes, but I feel this is the strongest for myself." [19:54] Arandrowse asks Ithna, "And which god or goddess do you feel has chosen you?" [19:55] Ithna says to Arandrowse, "All of them." [19:55] Ithna says, "If I were not so chosen, I would not be one of the triad." [19:55] Navesi asks Ithna, "Do you read more closely on one than the others?" [19:55] Arandrowse asks Ashtarsi, "And you?" [19:55] Gromnir exclaims, "She already said, God bless her!" [19:56] Ithna says, "To explain the will of the gods as Ashtarsi suggested.. Hmm." [19:57] Navesi quietly says to Gromnir, "The gods' choice of her and her choice of reading are different questions." [19:57] Gromnir says to Navesi, "As Saint Toad said to the people of Jorqa Steppe, "Trust in the will of the God, but tie up your camel." [19:57] Ithna says, "When one of our members are disloyal, the triad takes them to a high precipice, a cliff, a ledge. Places that are proper for this. The disloyal one is tied down and left with nothing." [19:57] Gromnir quietly exclaims to Navesi, "Unstop your ears!" [19:58] Ithna says, "They are left as such for a week, and if they have lived, we accept that the gods have forgiven their transgression, and so shall we. They are restored to the House with their full status at this point." [19:58] Arandrowse says to Gromnir, "I have heard of this Saint Toad... however it is only from you." [19:58] Ithna says, "As I said, many do not live." [19:58] Gromnir says to Arandrowse, "I am glad that you have heard of him before." [19:59] Arandrowse asks Gromnir, "And other then this Saint Toad, are there other Saints you follow?" [19:59] Navesi asks Ithna, "Would you ever say that they are sustained by the gods?" [20:00] Sortny says, "Later." [20:00] Ithna says, "There are stories of this happening to the few that lived." [20:00] Dianelle says, "It would be very difficult to get past the fourth day without water." [20:00] Gromnir says to Arandrowse, "Saint Toad was the pre-eminent messenger of Drogor. There are lesser, more obscure saints that one learns of when they accept the greater mysteries of the church." He adds, "My son." [20:01] Arandrowse asks, "The Church?" [20:01] Arandrowse asks, "Is this separate then the Temple?" [20:01] Gromnir says, "Indeed, but that is for a separate time. The good leader of the Rowan Branch is here to teach of her people." [20:01] Navesi asks Ithna, "Would you indulge me in another bit of curiosity about your culture?" [20:02] Ithna says to Veraise, "Perhaps I do not make a good case for our House in your eyes today. My House is small, and we have harsh penalties and live in a monastery, but it is good work that makes the soul stronger." [20:02] Ithna says to Navesi, "I will try, ask." [20:03] Navesi asks, "I have spent a very little time on Surlaenis, not enough time to learn more of its history and people. Is there a presence of the Houses there?" [20:03] Veraise says to Ithna, "No, no. This is all quite interesting to me. Your House is the one I know the least about." [20:03] Traim asks, "Anyone have any shops to recommend?" [20:04] Traim says, "Afraid this is my first trip over." [20:04] Casserah asks, "Are you shopping for yourself or your wife?" [20:04] Arandrowse asks, "For you or Ruea?" [20:04] Ithna says to Navesi, "To answer your question, the Houses extend where they must. Our people reside here and Surlaenis'a and have strong footing in other lands as well." [20:04] Traim says, "Myself, generally. I imagine she's already been through." [20:04] Arandrowse says, "Never know if your planning to get something for the wife..." [20:04] Ithna says, "The majority of the Houses and leaders, I would say, largely prefer to stay here. Much more comfortable climate." [20:04] Casserah says, "I would try Necessities in Silk. There's a lot of nice trousers and pants." [20:04] Traim says, "Never rule it out. Wise rule." [20:05] Navesi says to Ithna, "Thank you." [20:05] Arandrowse says to Starlear, "Tell him your expert advice." [20:05] Gromnir asks, "Madame, can you perhaps expound upon the inter-House relations if there is any?" [20:05] Ithna says, "Perhaps you could elaborate on what sort of relations you are questioning me on." [20:05] Arandrowse says to Casserah, "Well, sorry for overlooking you, your advice is sagely." [20:06] Gromnir says to Ithna, "Do the Houses work towards a common purpose? Is there cooperation between them on various projects or aims, and so forth. A general question." [20:07] Ithna says, "The Houses have worked together to pull together this faire and you ask such a silly question." [20:07] Arandrowse says to Ithna, "I was not aware of that fact, though it makes sense." [20:07] Ithna says, "Yes, we work together. Perhaps not always toward a common goal, and perhaps not always willingly, but we do so for the greatness of our race." [20:07] Starlear says, "The greater good." [20:09] Ithna asks, "It may look as though it is simply a few tents and some free food to sample upon, but this? This took quite a bit more work than it appears. Trying to convince every one of the leaders to come out and speak?" [20:09] Ithna says, "The arguments I endured.." [20:09] Gromnir asks, "You will forgive me, but I only just arrived today. Have they then?" [20:10] Traim asks, "All of them?" [20:10] Gromnir says, "Well, I suppose it is a good thing -- a recruitment drive, what. It is good to know what House one is joining. It keeps down the number of ignorant members." [20:10] Ithna says, "I am the last of those that will come out and speak. If others come, they have already come and come again to fraternize." [20:11] Ithna says, "It is a happy time when we can bring an unattached Elothean into the fold of our own House." [20:11] Arandrowse asks, "I have a more Elothean question if you could perchance give your thoughts on what is sainyuso rolls?" [20:11] Ithna says, "Yet, this faire was mainly to educate those not of our race." [20:12] Ithna asks Arandrowse, "You're asking me about rolls now?" [20:12] Arandrowse says to Ithna, "I want to know more of the Elotheans." [20:12] Ithna says, "/drly Clearly." [20:12] Arandrowse says to Ithna, "I am sadly under experienced." [20:12] Casserah says, "Maybe you should try eating one of the rolls." [20:13] Arandrowse says, "I know plenty of people that eat and eat, and they know little of what it was." [20:13] Dianelle says, "They're really delicious and healthy." [20:13] Veraise says, "I am learning much about the other races from this festival." [20:13] Ithna says, "As am I." [20:13] Arandrowse says, "And it is gone in there stomach." [20:13] Navesi says, "If a little small." [20:13] Ithna says, "Sainyuso is Gerenshuge, the name for the Elothean language, for prophet. The rolls are delicious." [20:13] Arandrowse says, "It is crisp and slightly salty." [20:14] Ithna says, "I hope that answers your question." [20:14] Gromnir says to Ithna, "I will have to see what others have heard. I am sure that we are all thankful for the opportunity to treat with the leaders of the Houses. I believe there are many subjects of Her Grace that can benefit of this knowledge." [20:15] Dannrik asks, "Know anyone who wants a throwing axe?" [20:15] Dianelle says, "Not offhand." [20:15] Arandrowse says something in Gerenshuge. [20:15] Dannrik says to Ithna, "Vault cleaning." [20:15] Ithna asks herself, "Has the faire come to this, hawking out goods in the street?" [20:15] Arandrowse says something in Gerenshuge. [20:15] Dannrik says, "Not hawking." [20:15] Dannrik says, "Giving." [20:16] Stilva asks Dannrik, "Steel?" [20:16] Starlear says, "As long as you don't give it with a toss." [20:16] Arandrowse says something in Gerenshuge. [20:16] Traim says, "Courtesy is exiled nowhere, Dannrik." [20:17] Gromnir asks Ithna, "Madame, you said earlier that your members are collected within a monastery. Do you allow outsiders within its walls?" [20:17] Stilva says, "Hm, that's quite lovely..." [20:17] Arandrowse says something in Haakish. [20:17] Ithna says, "Currently, we do not." [20:17] Arandrowse says something in Haakish. [20:17] Ithna says, "Your grasp of my language is paltry at best. Work on your accent, Elf." [20:18] Casserah says, "I think the rest of us would prefer he spoke in Common anyway. I know I would." [20:18] Arandrowse says to Ithna, "I shall continue to work on that." [20:18] Stilva says, "Quite lovely as well! I do wish I'd trained in the throwing arts a bit more than I have..." [20:18] Arandrowse says, "However for now I shall take a break, it's difficult work, trying to know all the languages." [20:19] Traim asks Ithna, "How are the Houses' relations with the Mountain, Lady? Varied? Unified?" [20:19] Traim asks, "None of my business?" [20:19] Ithna says, "Relations betwixt the Elotheans and the Elves has always been a strained one." [20:20] Ithna says, "We of course, would seek a peaceful resolution in all things." [20:20] Ithna says, "Aeloshiia certainly preaches enough of her pacifism for all of us." [20:20] Arandrowse says to Ithna, "It may help in your attempts, if you don't see elves as one people but many peoples." [20:21] Arandrowse says to Ithna, "Approaching a mountain elf is different then approaching a wind elf." [20:21] Arandrowse says to Ithna, "Just a suggestion." [20:21] Dianelle says, "I would say usually a Wind Elf is more polite but.." [20:21] Ithna says, "You assume, Horse Elf, that I am ignorant of your people and their Clans." [20:22] Casserah says, "Enough." [20:22] Gromnir exclaims, "Well!" [20:23] Starlear hesitantly says, "Lovely weather we're having..." [20:23] Traim says, "Excuse me all, I'm going to enjoy the sights some." [20:23] Ithna says, "This tea is quite good." [20:23] Navesi says to Starlear, "It has been fine, hasn't it? I haven't seen a cloud in a few months." [20:23] Gromnir asks Ithna, "What would say comprises a typical day for one of your members, madame?" [20:23] Gromnir says, "What would you say, rather." [20:24] Ithna says, "I would say it varies. For myself, I often join Aeloshiia in her meditations when I am not overseeing one who would pledge themselves to the House." [20:24] Arandrowse says, "A new day, and off I go." [20:24] Ithna says, "I do not shadow the pledges, but I am observant of their actions." [20:24] Arandrowse says to Ithna, "Thanks for your information, and sorry if I offended you." [20:25] Gromnir asks, "Who is this Aeloshiia that you speak of?" [20:25] Ithna says, "Oh, forgive me, I speak as if you knew." [20:25] Ithna says, "Aeloshiia is the leader of the House of the Verdant Lily, a pacifist House." [20:25] Dannrik says, "I"ll see you later daughter." [20:26] Gromnir says, "I must -- I am sure there is a book on all of this which I have overlooked." [20:27] Ithna says, "I am unsure if someone has written of our names in recent times." [20:27] Gromnir says, "I chanced upon the embassy in my evening constitutional and it is very beautiful. I meant of the houses themselves, and their histories." [20:27] Dianelle says, "I've lived here nearly all my life and this last few days I feel like a tourist. It's refreshing and scary both." [20:27] Navesi says to Gromnir, "I believe there is a book called Elothean Studies that outlines basic information on the Houses, if not the names of the recent leaders." [20:28] Ithna says, "It is good to educate yourself, Lieutenant." [20:28] Dianelle says, "It is and I'm highly enjoying it." [20:28] Dianelle says, "I thought I knew the Houses but I've learned somuch." [20:29] Starlear says, "Indeed, I have learned a lot too." [20:29] Starlear says, "It's been a great experience." [20:29] Gromnir asks, "I imagine all of the various Houses have different practices in how one becomes a full-fledged member. What is it of the Rowan Branch?" [20:29] Ithna says, "A day you have not learned something, is a day wasted. Even if you have only spent the day learning something about yourself." [20:29] Gromnir says, "You mentioned pledges before." [20:29] Dianelle says, "There is a vast difference between reading a book and meeting a house leader." [20:30] Ithna says, "Those that pledge themselves to Rowan House must complete a vow of silence for a year. If they break this vow, they may not attempt to rejoin for five years." [20:31] Ithna says, "This may actually be one of the times I have spoke the most in one day." [20:31] Navesi asks Ithna, "May I ask how you normally spend your days?" [20:31] Gromnir exclaims, "You must live a very contemplative life meditating on the higher mysteries!" [20:32] Ithna says, "I did answer this question, but I will indulge you once more." [20:33] Ithna says, "I often spend my days seeing to the pledges and ensuring they take their vows seriously. I join Aeloshiia in her mediations when I am able, or I seek solace on my own. While I would not call my position one of paperwork, there are many takes the triad must attend to together and I am often among them for the majority of my days." [20:34] Ithna says, "Ah, The Court Seer. We are honored that you've joined us." [20:34] Miskton says, "My pleasure." [20:34] Miskton says, "The whole faire has been wonderful, and I've learned quite a bit from the House members." [20:35] Ithna asks, "Had you the opportunity to speak with Silver Star?" [20:35] Miskton says, "I'm afraid not." [20:35] Ithna says, "Ah." [20:35] Ithna says, "She was babbling on about some turban nonsense." [20:35] Ithna says, "And more on that star recently seen." [20:36] Gromnir asks, "A star?" [20:36] Miskton says, "Ah, yes, that." [20:36] Navesi asks Miskton, "Something troubling?" [20:36] Traim asks Miskton, "The Wolf?" [20:36] Miskton says, "The doomed star." [20:37] Ithna says to Gromnir, "I don't recall the specifics." [20:37] Miskton says, "It's a star that has appeared on the edge of Dergati's Eye." [20:37] Gromnir says to Ithna, "Whatever it is, I am sure it was disturbing and a portent of some eldritch horror." [20:37] Miskton says, "But I don't want to interrupt whatever conversation was already ongoing." [20:37] Gromnir says, "Drogor save us all." [20:37] Traim says, "Generally the case, isn't it." [20:38] Ithna says, "Oh, please do interrupt. My voice needs the rest." [20:38] Gromnir asks Miskton, "Was this discussed at your meeting recently?" [20:38] Dianelle says, "I should find father and see if he needs help." [20:38] Gromnir exclaims, "Did you also ask about my man bursting through ice with dragons!" [20:39] Traim says, "He's in the Temple of Darkness, Dianelle." [20:39] Traim says, "Aldauth's Alcove." [20:39] Miskton says, "I... made a note to myself about it, and then completely forgot. I'm sorry." [20:39] Dianelle says, "Thank you Traim. That narrows it down quite a bit." [20:39] Dianelle says, "Pardon me." [20:40] Ithna says, "That is quite interesting." [20:40] Ithna says to Gromnir, "I will share this with the triad, with your permission." [20:40] Gromnir says to Miskton, "It has been plaguing my thoughts, I admit. If you could see what others think -- my specialty is not examining auguries." [20:40] Gromnir says to Ithna, "But of course, madame, thank you. It was suitably unusual." [20:40] Navesi asks Gromnir, "Did you tell him your theory?" [20:40] Miskton says, "But, for those who don't know, Dergati's Eye is a spot in the heavens where no light is seen, under normal circumstances. Every few decades, however, a star can be seen near the periphery for a few nights, dimly flickering." [20:40] Gromnir asks Navesi, "What was my theory?" [20:41] Navesi says to Gromnir, "About who the man is." [20:41] Gromnir says to Navesi, "Remind me, Navesi. I have many things on my mind." [20:41] Miskton says, "The star has been seen again recently. But now, those of us with the gift of foresight have the strong impression that this is the last time it will be seen." [20:43] Miskton says, "As for any specific meaning that might have as an omen, I'm afraid I haven't had a chance to research that yet." [20:43] Gromnir says, "Hmm... that was something mentioned many years ago -- the return of Teiro. I do not know what significance a dragon's wing has, except I have heard of the meeting of Abzabraxas the Red with the Tower. I am a-mazed." [20:43] Gromnir asks Miskton, "What transpired when it was seen in times past?" [20:43] Navesi says to Gromnir, "Ael'tharaxus." [20:43] Miskton says, "As far as I know without further digging into records, it was seen for a few nights, then faded back into the darkness." [20:44] Miskton says, "There are theories that Dergati's Eye is actually consuming the star in some fashion. And if this really is the last time the star will show, it raises the question of what may happen when the eye has finished with this star." [20:45] Gromnir says, "Hm." [20:45] Gromnir asks Miskton, "It very well could be nothing, no?" [20:45] Navesi asks Miskton, "Has this been considered in relation to the other... recent activities of said goddess?" [20:46] Traim asks, "Egg in the north?" [20:46] Miskton says to Gromnir, "Entirely possible, yes. That would certainly be nice." [20:46] Gromnir says, "Of course, that would be a slim chance. Indeed." [20:46] Navesi says, "Also the vision involving the three rainbows." [20:46] Gromnir exclaims, "God forfend any foul machinations coming to fruition!" [20:46] Gromnir says to Navesi, "Go on, then." [20:47] Miskton says, "A possibility. I've no idea what might be happening with the chrysalis. The Baron has been keeping people out for some time now." [20:47] Gromnir asks, "Chrysalis...?" [20:47] Gromnir exclaims, "What is hatching in Therengia!" [20:47] Miskton says to Gromnir, "Some time back there was a prayer vigil held at Dergati's shrine in Ker'Leor." [20:47] Ithna says, "That he harbors what is so clearly a foul creation.." [20:48] Navesi says to Gromnir, "The vision, as recited to me, passed on from an unknown seer:." [20:48] Navesi says, "As he gazed at the heavens, deep in contemplation, an unusual rainbow somehow bearing more colors than it should streaked from horizon to horizon. A second rainbow, this one of regular colors, slithered across the sky from another angle, far underneath the first. His mind's eye was suddenly blinded by a tearing sensation, and he never get to see the third rainbow that was beginning to coalesce." [20:48] Miskton says, "Those attending had a great deal of their spiritual strength sapped by the formation of a chrysalis at the shrine." [20:48] Miskton says, "It then continued to feed on any who got close to it." [20:48] Miskton says, "But as for what is inside..." [20:49] Gromnir says, "Who organized the prayer vigil? Bring them up on charges of creating an abomination." [20:49] Gromnir says to Navesi, "Interesting." [20:49] Veraise asks, "An unknown seer. This vision is not shared by other mages?" [20:50] Gromnir says to Navesi, "I am afraid I haven't the foggiest idea." [20:50] Navesi says to Veraise, "It just means that I wasn't informed of who the seer was for my notes." [20:50] Navesi says, "I suspect that Miskton here can confirm other seers have witnessed this vision." [20:50] Gromnir says to Navesi, "When in doubt, fear extra-dimensional beings." [20:50] Veraise says to Navesi, "Ah." [20:50] Miskton says, "Others saw that vision, some time ago. Then it stopped appearing, with no clear resolution." [20:51] Navesi says, "Anyway, in a few discussions it was suggested that the three rainbows might represent three goddesses." [20:51] Gromnir says, "As for this chrysalis -- how very disturbing! The Baron will become possessed, if he is not already." [20:51] Miskton says to Gromnir, "I believe his intent is to keep people away, so that they won't continue to feed it." [20:51] Navesi says, "Only tangentially related here but yes, as there was no resolution, I thought I would mention it." [20:52] Gromnir says to Miskton, "Hmm. Has he set anyone to studying it? Have they attempted to destroy it? No good came of it." [20:52] Gromnir says, "No good can come of it, rather." [20:52] Miskton says, "That I don't know. But I feel attempting to destroy it would not go well." [20:52] Traim says, "Last I remember, troops guarded it." [20:52] Traim says, "Perhaps that has changed." [20:53] Miskton says, "Dergati has expressed her displeasure with people behaving poorly in her shrine, and I can only imagine she approves of the chrysalis." [20:53] Gromnir asks, "What else can man do but attempt to destroy it bolstered by God's numerous blessings?" [20:53] Gromnir asks Ithna, "Madame, have your people heard any news of this thing?" [20:54] Ithna says, "We have heard of it, yes. The triad holds a certain opinion on it that I may not speak of." [20:55] Ithna says, "It seems I have managed to talk through most of the night to you all." [20:56] Ithna says, "And into the morning, my." [20:56] Gromnir exclaims, "It's very easy to do!" [20:57] Traim says, "Speaking of, it is time for me to travel. Good hunting all. Lady, thanks for visiting and answering questions." [20:57] You tenderly say to Ithna, "Thank you for visiting with us so." [20:57] Traim says, "And for the Faire." [20:57] Gromnir says, "Well, it is good a time as any, for my morning ablutions. Good morning to you all." [20:57] Ithna says, "I suppose I should return to my duties however, I think I can say this of all the House leaders. We will likely come out more often. For some of us, this was the tender cracking of a long hardened egg shell." [20:57] Miskton says, "Wonderful to hear." [20:57] Casserah says, "Thank you for your time." [20:57] Veraise says, "That is wonderful news." [20:58] Gromnir says to Navesi, "Until next time, Ms Navesi." [20:58] Ithna says, "Thank you all for your curiosity and interests. I hope you have found the faire education and entertaining." [20:58] Navesi says to Ithna, "I have." [20:58] Gromnir says, "The Dame. Leftenant. Seer, et cetera, et cetera." [20:58] Ithna says, "Good day to all of you." [20:59] Casserah says, "And to you as well."

Vehiel, House of the Gentle Lion

You see Shoan Senuhir Vehiel Raneiri of the House of the Gentle Lion, an Elothean Paladin. He has a square-jawed face with tilted almond-shaped sea green eyes, a straight nose and a cleft chin. His ash-blonde hair is short and fine, and is worn loose. His skin is slightly tanned, and he has a muscular build. He is clearly in his prime for an Elothean. He is in good shape.

He is wearing a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a heavy silk brocade cloak lined with tawny lion fur, a pale gold spidersilk shirt with long billowing sleeves, a wide gold ring etched with the crest of the House of the Gentle Lion, some forest-green silk trousers with a gold-buckled leather belt and some dark green suede boots.

[22:01] Rekave says, "Please, allow us to introduce, Shoan Senuhir Vehiel, leader of the House of the Gentle Lion." [22:02] Vehiel says, "Greetings, everyone." [22:02] Starlear says, "Greetings." [22:03] Erieck says, "Pardons...and well met it would seem." [22:03] Erieck says, "I'm a bit surprised at the ah.." [22:03] Erieck says, "Sudden appearance of everyone." [22:03] Inyasa says, "It is faire day. Well, the tail end of it." [22:03] Inyasa says, "We can't miss that." [22:04] Starlear says, "A faire point." [22:04] Casserah says, "It has been a lovely faire." [22:04] Erieck says, "Oh indeed...I just got in the other day.." [22:04] Marssi says, "I have to say that I've enjoyed this faire. I like learning about the different houses, since I wasn't very familiar with them before." [22:04] Erieck says, "We were just having a look about." [22:04] Vehiel says, "Now, I do wish to speak with the both of you privately later, regarding some matters of the Tower. But for now, let us simply enjoy the faire." [22:04] Rekave says, "Of course." [22:05] Vehiel says, "It has been quite a while since this bridge has seen such a festive crowd." [22:05] Inyasa says, "Look." [22:05] Starlear says, "It was nice to see so many visitors to the city." [22:05] Inyasa says, "It is much recovered." [22:05] Erieck says, "Well it brought in me and my money." [22:05] Rekave asks Inyasa, "Your face?" [22:05] Inyasa says to Rekave, "Not here, my dear brother." [22:06] Rekave says, "Later, of course." [22:06] Vehiel says to Rekave, "I thought you two were over your quarrel." [22:06] Osus says to Inyasa, "Someone mentioned that the older twin was responsible for all official funding of new buildings in Shard.." [22:06] Inyasa says to Osus, "Oh? This is the first I've heard of anything of this sort." [22:06] Osus says to Inyasa, "Word on the street and whatnot." [22:07] Rekave says to Vehiel, "Our quarrel, quarrels on." [22:07] Rekave says, "It seems." [22:07] Dianelle says, "Oh. People." [22:07] Dianelle says, "Hello people." [22:07] Inyasa says, "Allow me to dispel any rumors, then. Nothing is valid until and unless it is signed." [22:07] Rekave says, "Ah, the other Lieutenant. Welcome." [22:08] Osus asks, "So there's no building then?" [22:08] Yanbelev asks Fayenangel, "Ready to run along then, sweet heart?" [22:08] Inyasa says to Osus, "I am not going to bother answering your weighted questions." [22:09] Starlear says, "Commander, I actually had a question for you, should you have the time after your fairegoing." [22:09] Osus says to Rekave, "Tried." [22:09] Rekave says, "Of course, Lieutentant." [22:09] Vehiel says, "I see they may be in positions of importance, but they still fight like four year old children." [22:09] Erieck says, "Well huh...if one does stand in a spot long enough he can see everyone in the province.." [22:10] Rekave says, "I at least fight like a ten year old." [22:10] Casserah says, "I think it's something siblings always do, regardless of age." [22:10] Inyasa says, "I merely am answering baseless accusations." [22:10] Dianelle says, "Yes it is." [22:10] Vehiel says to Casserah, "You know too well how true that is." [22:11] Casserah says, "My cousin and I used to fight like that, too." [22:11] Inyasa says, "Oh, it's nothing new." [22:12] Rekave says, "Of course not, Lieutenant. We will have the building." [22:13] Dianelle says, "Thank you." [22:13] Erieck says, "Well...while it is good to see everyone and listen to the amusing conversation." [22:13] Katralyn says to Dianelle, "So you did what you said you would not... he clearly has a way about him." [22:13] Starlear says to Dianelle, "I'll go chop the wood and lay the mortar myself if I have to." [22:13] Rekave says to Katralyn, "Please, rest assured, I have dropped my former title of Shining Holy Light of Justice Against the Darkness." [22:13] Dianelle says to Katralyn, "He wasn't the only one but yes." [22:13] Vehiel says, "Perhaps I should take the matter of funding away from the both of you." [22:13] Rekave says, "The newest one is much easier." [22:13] Erieck says, "Please excuse us..we're going to mosey along and do a little shopping." [22:13] Casserah says, "I think I largely pushed Nelle into the role. I even bought her a robe." [22:13] Marssi asks, "What is the new one?" [22:13] Rekave says, "It is simply Grand Holy Paladin of Pure Holy Justice." [22:14] Erieck says, "So congrats to all the new council members and I hope that things go on swimmingly.." [22:14] Erieck says, "If you swim well that is." [22:14] Dianelle says, "Yes, Casserah was very skilled at not so much nagging but strongly urging. Constantly." [22:14] Inyasa asks Rekave, "Holy Justice for short?" [22:14] Marssi says, "Oh, yes. Much easier. Maybe the other can be used on more formal occassions." [22:14] Rekave asks Vehiel, "Oh, you would fund the triage building?" [22:14] Erieck says, "Lets see...where was I..." [22:14] Erieck says, "Ah." [22:14] Rekave says to Inyasa, "Pfft. Just Rekave. But on paper? That glorious one is much better." [22:14] Katralyn says, "Holy Paladin of the Long Winded Titles and Golden Tongue of Persuaviness." [22:15] Inyasa says to Katralyn, "Watch it, he'll actually use that." [22:15] Vehiel says, "Actually, it is tempting to do some funding for such a building." [22:15] Dianelle says, "It really is for a good cause, sir." [22:15] Katralyn asks, "A building?" [22:15] Casserah says, "Divine and Shining Lord Cavalier of the Ilithi Court." [22:15] Starlear says to Casserah, "You're so good at this." [22:15] Vehiel says, "I believe they are speaking of plans for a building dedicated to triage for the city." [22:16] Casserah says, "I have more familiarity with the titles." [22:16] Rekave says, "Yes, of course." [22:16] Katralyn says, "A triage building.. most excellent." [22:16] Dianelle says to Rekave, "I even have a uniform of sorts, not as spiffy as Starlear but much more practical." [22:16] Katralyn says, "A triage tent which is portable would also be very good.. one never knows where the threats will come from." [22:17] Dianelle says to Katralyn, "My ideal is one by each gate and one in the center. I'll be thrilled to death with one, somewhere in the city." [22:17] Inyasa says, "Tents are easily run over during invasions, however." [22:17] Casserah says, "Triage is less useful if nobody can find it as well." [22:17] Rekave says, "A building is much better." [22:17] Katralyn says to Inyasa, "Well they served us well during the Dragon Priest uprising." [22:17] Vehiel says, "I will put deep consideration into this, but I believe we can work something out." [22:18] Rekave says, "You are all that is gracious and honorable." [22:18] Inyasa says, "I agree, for once." [22:18] Marssi says, "I'm very excited about this triage building." [22:18] Dianelle says to Vehiel, "I adore you suddenly." [22:18] Rekave says, "It will do our people good to know where to turn for help and aid in times of crisis and terror." [22:19] Dianelle says, "And we will make sure people know exactly where it is well before an invasion." [22:19] Starlear says, "A building is much more defensible than a tent, as well." [22:19] Starlear says, "Walls, not flaps." [22:20] Vehiel says, "Not to mention more easily warded against danger." [22:20] Dianelle says, "Yes it is, but I was going for simple and easiest just to get something." [22:20] Marssi says, "Fire arrows wouldn't be good against a tent, either." [22:20] Rekave says, "Wonderful to see you again." [22:20] Kasto says to Rekave, "It's great to see you as well." [22:20] Dianelle says, "I'm going to cry when I finally see it I think. I've been working at this for so long now." [22:21] Kasto says to Rekave, "We were just about to leave your fair province and I was hoping to see ya before I left the gates." [22:21] Rekave says, "Well that makes two of us." [22:21] Inyasa says to Dianelle, "I know how difficult it can be to heal on the go and in the open. Or in a random shop." [22:21] Kasto says, "It's been really wonderful to come here, I've enjoyed seeing all the nice shops and meeting the citizenry." [22:21] Dianelle says to Inyasa, "Or worry about infection in places like the Noose." [22:21] Evro says, "Thanks much." [22:21] Acynarian says, "Thank ye." [22:21] Inyasa says, "Heartily agreed." [22:21] Katralyn says to Dianelle, "Well we have an agreement there." [22:22] Kasto says to Rekave, "Not every day I get to say "Congrats!" to like four people in a row." [22:22] Rekave says, "I've heard the leader have done quite well to educate the masses and answer many questions." [22:22] Dianelle says, "We had to bring a child there once, her father was horrified." [22:22] Katralyn asks, "She survived?" [22:22] Dianelle says, "Tildi? Oh yes." [22:22] Evro says to Dianelle, "Hear you got a promotion." [22:22] Katralyn says, "Luckily..the place is in need of a firebomb." [22:22] Vehiel says, "Come now, it is a time for celebration. Let our thoughts turn to lighter matters." [22:22] Kasto exclaims, "And I got to see a bunch of wonderful things!" [22:22] Marssi says, "Well, hopefully that exposure helped strengthen her immune system, at least." [22:22] Dianelle says, "Yes." [22:23] Kasto exclaims, "That Turialo does some great work!" [22:23] Evro says to Dianelle, "Congrats." [22:23] Rekave asks, "Suur, who has the suur?" [22:23] Dianelle says, "Thank you, Evro." [22:23] Marssi exclaims, "There is some on a cart nearby!" [22:23] Kasto says to Rekave, "I don't have suur... but maybe you could try this and tell me what you think...." [22:23] You tenderly ask Rekave, "Perhaps on the cart to the south?" [22:23] Evro says to Dianelle, "Still think ya more fun to argue with though." [22:23] Marssi says, "I think there are different types, even." [22:23] Vehiel says, "Hmm. The caravan does not seem much in theme with an Elothean Faire." [22:23] Kasto says to Rekave, "It's one of our own." [22:23] Rekave says, "Ah. That is a good beverage indeed." [22:23] Dianelle says to Evro, "I haven't lost my ability to argue or get shrill." [22:23] Rekave says, "A man that puts a drink in my hand. I approve." [22:24] Kasto asks Rekave, "Thank you, I shall place you an order for a cask than? Or no. Three kegs?" [22:24] Evro says to Dianelle, "So might ya introduce me to the new commander or." [22:24] Rekave says, "I am no drunkard, sir. Five kegs will do." [22:24] Kasto exclaims, "A manly order, sir!" [22:24] Dianelle says, "This is Commander Extraordinaire Rekave Diebo." [22:25] Inyasa says to Dianelle, "I thought the title was longer than that." [22:25] Anjinson says to Rekave, "We should throw a party for you." [22:25] Rekave says, "My title changes with each breath." [22:25] Dianelle says to Inyasa, "We haven't that much time, Handmaiden." [22:25] Starlear says, "Paragon of Divine Justice and Protector of Truth." [22:25] Casserah says, "And of the Innocent, Star." [22:25] Kasto says, "Oh my... A party in Shard? Can we do that...." [22:25] Anjinson asks Kasto, "We can do that, right?" [22:25] Starlear says, "Yes. This." [22:25] Kasto exclaims, "I don't know!" [22:25] Kasto exclaims, "I would need to speak with Miss Ruea first and foremost!" [22:26] Evro says to Rekave, "Well with such changing titles I don't know whether to nod bow curtsey or just buy another round." [22:26] Anjinson says to Kasto, "Would be quite a fancy shindig." [22:26] Dianelle says, "You could speak with Sesi just as well." [22:26] Rekave says to Evro, "Curtsy, I wish to see how a man does it." [22:26] Kasto says, "Yes! I could..." [22:26] Evro says, "Don't mind the kilt." [22:26] Rekave exclaims, "Good gods that looks hilarious!" [22:26] Starlear says, "It's all in the knees apparently." [22:26] Kasto says to Dianelle, "To be honest though, I find it hard to talk to her since she's so pretty." [22:27] Dianelle says to Kasto, "Sesi is as sweet as she is pretty. Give it a try." [22:27] Kasto says, "Oh, it's not her who is the problem." [22:27] Evro says to Rekave, "I fear I may have scarred the folks behind me for life with that one." [22:27] Kasto says, "Words just don't come out right...." [22:27] Rekave says to Vehiel, "Perhaps it would be a good time to speak of the House? This is a Culture faire, after all." [22:27] Dianelle says to Kasto, "Shall I help translate? You seem to have no issue talking to me." [22:28] Vehiel says to Rekave, "By all means, you may do so." [22:28] Kasto says to Dianelle, "I know, we talked a bit earlier. I find you very approchable." [22:28] Inyasa says to Rekave, "You walked right into that one." [22:28] Dianelle says to Kasto, "Thank you for that." [22:28] Rekave says, "Oh hush, you -- you." [22:28] Kasto says to Dianelle, "When I talked about good citizens of Ilithi, I kinda meant you too." [22:28] Kasto says to Anjinson, "We should throw a party down here..." [22:29] Dianelle says, "I'll never claim good. But I'll let you." [22:29] Kasto asks Rekave, "Would that be acceptable to you?" [22:29] Kasto says to Rekave, "All you have to do is be the guest of honor." [22:29] Anjinson says to Rekave, "We bring the drinks, you just show up." [22:29] Kasto says, "Pretty easy really." [22:29] Kasto says, "I'll talk to the folks I need to talk to and work out the details and papers and stuff." [22:29] Anjinson says to Rekave, "Oh, my manners..." [22:29] Kasto exclaims, "Stuff!" [22:29] Starlear says to Evro, "Sesi would want me to remind you that pants are important." [22:29] Rekave says, "As long as the celebration includes the militia." [22:29] Anjinson says to Rekave, "I am Anjinson Shilanthor." [22:30] Rekave says to Anjinson, "And I am The Most Excellent Holy Justice Hammer Rekave Diebo." [22:30] Kasto says, "I just so happen to be good friends with like... everyone. Of corse it will involve whomever you desire, sir." [22:30] Katralyn says, "The more he drinks the more hammer he becomes." [22:30] Kasto exclaims to Starlear, "Help!" [22:30] Starlear asks, "With what?" [22:30] Rekave says, "With my hammer, of course." [22:31] Starlear says, "Wow! Look at the head on that thing." [22:31] Katralyn says, "A stylish hammer indeed." [22:31] Rekave says, "Indeed, it is a fantastic hammer." [22:31] Anjinson says to Rekave, "Oh, well I hold the position of Completely Loaded with Copious Coin." [22:31] Inyasa says to Rekave, "I thought you were going to talk about the house." [22:31] Acynarian says to Rekave, "I am Acynarian doomseer, an empath, and am pleased to meet ye." [22:31] Kasto says to Starlear, "You'll be my contact to get milita folks at this party for the Grand Holy Paladin of Pure Holy Justice Rekave." [22:31] Rekave says to Anjinson, "I am unswayed by such things." [22:32] Starlear says, "I will do what I can. Just let me know. I'll see who I can shake up." [22:32] Rekave says, "Oh." [22:32] Rekave says, "Right." [22:32] Anjinson says to Rekave, "Well, the boss put me in it." [22:32] Vehiel quietly says, "I would forbid him from using these ridiculous titles if they weren't so amusing." [22:32] Rekave says, "I will talk about the house." [22:32] Katralyn says, "It is good that the air is clear in Ilithi.. one might have troubles with their breathing trying to maintain the proper airflow to get these titles out." [22:32] Dianelle says to Casserah, "I do believe I'll just stick with Nelle or Doctor. There are far too many grandious titles floating around." [22:32] Dianelle says to Vehiel, "Oh we look forward to hearing them." [22:32] Acynarian says to Inyasa, "To introduce myself, I am Acynarian doomseer, and am pleased to meet ye also. Tis nice to see another Empath here in Shard." [22:32] Casserah says, "It may be good for people to know that you are a lieutenant though, Nelle. At least when there are troubles." [22:33] Dianelle says, "The funny part is I've hardly told a soul and they all find out quickly anyway." [22:33] Inyasa says, "Thank you, I am Inyasa." [22:33] Rekave says, "The House of the Gentle Lion. My sister and I both belong to this most prostigious House, lead by this wonderful man here, Vehiel." [22:34] Acynarian says, "Please excuse me." [22:34] Rekave says, "The House itself is often seen as predominately Paladin, though we do foster others and joining holds no requirement than to be an Elothean. Yet, to leave us is to die." [22:34] Evro says, "Gentle lion sounds like "don't worry about this cobra." [22:34] Inyasa says, "That is a good way to look at it." [22:35] Starlear asks, "Death before dishonor, hm?" [22:35] Rekave asks, "In a fashion?" [22:35] Inyasa says, "One might argue that they are often the same thing." [22:36] Evro says to Rekave, "Calm before the storm sorta thing commander in chief exalted captain etc....I lost track of the titles." [22:36] Inyasa says, "Be careful, or they'll just get longer." [22:36] Rekave says, "As with any House, we align ourselves to a purpose. Ours, is in proving your worth." [22:36] Rekave says, "They will always get longer." [22:37] Rekave says, "And better." [22:37] Rekave says, "Until I find The Title." [22:37] Evro says to Rekave, "Now that is just a challenge." [22:37] Rekave says, "It is my challenge." [22:37] Marssi exclaims, "It can be done!" [22:37] Rekave says, "Not only do I seek to prove my worth, but I look to better my own self. Through words if I must." [22:38] Evro says to Rekave, "You just did." [22:38] Rekave says, "We stand against the ever present darkness. The Darkness of evil, the darkness of men, the darkness of an empty glass of ale." [22:38] Rekave says, "I made that last one up." [22:38] Rekave says, "But you get the point, maybe." [22:39] Katralyn says, "You must get cleaner ale glasses if they are dark." [22:39] Evro says to Rekave, "Any man that admist he needs to better himself, did with said admission...." [22:39] Vehiel says, "The House would be empty if we disallowed drinking, I believe." [22:39] Rekave says, "In short, The House stands to protect." [22:39] Katralyn says to Rekave, "I'd almost suggest you've been drinking at the noose if you've got dark glasses." [22:39] Rekave says, "I'm rather fond of the Silver Eye, actually." [22:40] Katralyn says, "Oh.. that is a wonderful establishmen." [22:40] Rekave says, "I've a drink, but thank you skirt man." [22:40] Evro says, "Kilt." [22:40] Kasto says, "I enjoy the Troupe stuff, we brew a mean goblet of drink." [22:40] Kasto says, "It does an adventurer good." [22:41] Evro asks Rekave, "So you picked Nelle as a LT?" [22:41] Rekave asks Inyasa, "Did I speak well enough or would you like to improve upon my verbiage?" [22:41] Katralyn says to Dianelle, "Thank you." [22:41] Rekave says to Evro, "Of course I did. She declined at first, the silly woman. I'm quite happy she decided to accept the post." [22:42] Inyasa says to Rekave, "You spoke adequately, my dear brother." [22:42] Dianelle says, "Peer pressure." [22:42] Evro says to Rekave, "Well I must say....she is an evil woman that likes to fight and the best damn triage empath around." [22:42] Katralyn says, "She was adamently against it.. you must have a way with words." [22:42] Starlear says to Dianelle, "Of course there was pressure. We did not want to have to settle. We wanted the best." [22:42] Dianelle says to Starlear, "Wow you laid that on thick." [22:42] Evro says to Dianelle, "I can only compliment you so much else you think I am getting soft." [22:42] Rekave says to Katralyn, "I simply looked at her and tossed my gorgeous hair about and said, "Accept it." [22:42] Dianelle says, "Well thank you." [22:42] Rekave says, "True story." [22:43] Rekave says, "Okay, that is a lie." [22:43] Vehiel says, "I hate to steal the two of you away from the crowd, but I need to speak to the both of you. Perhaps we shall do a little looking around, first." [22:43] Rekave says, "Oh, of course." [22:43] Dianelle says, "Who am I to argue.. oh wait, I do argue." [22:43] Katralyn says, "I totally and completely believe you did something of that nature." [22:43] Inyasa says, "Oh, all right." [22:43] Rekave says to Starlear, "I will return for your questions." [22:43] Dianelle says, "If you're scouting out triage locations may I suggest center to southwestish of town." [22:44] Dianelle says, "Most attacks come from the south gate or west gate." [22:44] Casserah says, "And you thought to refuse." [22:44] Dianelle says, "Most." [22:44] Dianelle says, "I can't help myself." [22:44] Katralyn says, "And please be assured there is decent elemental power.. it would be helpful if an old bard tries to help in triage." [22:44] Rekave says, "We'll discuss it all once I return." [22:44] Vehiel says, "Farewell to you all, and have a good afternoon at the faire."

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