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Re: Elemental Weapons · on 03/24/2015 12:05 PM CDT 2047
>I might be not understanding the way this breaks down correctly, but it seems to me that you're taking a hit to slice

I could not follow your examples, but let me state something as clearly as I can. The "hit" is 100%, the slice on his greatsword is now zero. You convert 100% of the highest physical damage type to an elemental damage type if you SHAPE it to ice/fire/electric.

Example with made up numbers:
- Sword does 100 slice, 50 impact, 25 piercing.
- Sword shaped to ice does 100 cold, 50 impact, 25 piercing.

Adding Ignite complicates things a little, but it shouldn't be doing anything more powerful numbers wise than casting the spell on any other type of weapon, except now it does two elemental damage types and two physical damage types, as opposed to one elemental damage type and three physical damage types. If you cast it on a weapon SHAPEd to fire, you're getting a very small benefit out of the spell.

The poor elemental protection of armors just means that maybe people who PvP a lot might need to rethink their armor setups. This is a good thing, IMO.

>this is for a secondary skill

Ignite is one of the few things Warrior Mages had that gave a nod towards being weapon secondary. This ability gives a nod towards both Weapon Secondary and, to a smaller degree, Lore (Crafting) secondary.

That one guy

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