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Duskruin Auction Item - Vampirism Enchant Inquiry · on 09/01/2020 01:32 11263
If your fatigue is at 100%, it won't trigger. That was intended. Originally these weren't meant to work on other players at all because I don't like to encourage PvP in the things I work on. ::G:: But somewhere along the way, someone convinced me to allow it, so there we are. It was something you would swap to in normal combat if you needed help recovering X stat, not necessarily the only weapon used. The weapon's stats don't affect the amount transferred -- a junky Crossing scim would do the same as a max crafted one as far as the vampirism goes, provided both had the same tier of vampirism effect applied.

With that as background, here's how they work:

If your stat is already at max, it halts and doesn't consume a charge (for charge-based versions).

It figures what 10% of the attacker's max stat is. That's the most that can be transferred regardless of tiering and participants and anything else, period. Completely arbitrary and made up numbers for the sake of example -- if you have max fatigue of 2500 points, the most you could ever transfer on a single hit with the vampirism is 250 fatigue points. For the rest of this example, let's say you as the attacker have 2300 points (missing 200 from your 2500 max).

Next it figures out the % it needs to take based on tier from the target (5-25%), just a flat tier * 5.

Then it evaluates the target to see the # of points that % would be. Let's say our target has 3000 fatigue points. If it's a tier 5 rag, taking 25%, would be 750 points.

Well, 750 is greater than the 10% cap (250) from our attacker, so the amount is adjusted to 250.

These weapons won't boost you above your max, so our 2500 fatigue attacker can't be boosted to 2700 or whatever -- so if the amount being transferred from the victim + the attacker's current amount exceeds their max, it's adjusted. Our attacker had 2300 of 2500, a deficit of 200, but we were going to transfer 250 -- it's capped to 200 so you don't exceed max.

You the attacker get your fatigue points. Now we handle damage on the victim. Since these mechs are shared between the different vampirisms (health/mana/fatigue/spirit), a check is made to avoid death caused by removing points. Even though fatigue doesn't cause death when depleted like health/spirit, it's still checked and the damage to the victim is capped so they won't drop below the death threshold. Assuming that's not in play, then we go back before -- 200 fatigue transferred to the attacker, so 200 fatigue is removed from the victim.

You see pretty messaging. That's the end of the flare's mechanics.

Your stats and current health in said stat affect the #s being transferred as well as your target's.


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