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Re: Duskruin: Moonshard Hunter -- Updates! · on 09/20/2016 05:44 AM CDT 8157
Right now, you can only have one custom GS and the way this pre-set one works makes it unsuitable for altering. Here's a little more info.
Duskruin now offers Empaths a chance at summoning a member of a reclusive clan of savage alfar warriors.

This isn't a Guardian Spirit alteration, this simply unlocks a new (but non-customizable) look for your CUSTOM cast of your alfar summon. These warriors do not have any mechanical advantages to existing alfar warriors, but they do have some additional verbs, and they know an entirely different set of dances than standard alfar warriors. It's also rumored that they may be slightly surly.
Q: Will this replace my current CUSTOM cast?
A: Yes
Q: Can I get this if I already have a guardian spirit alteration?
A: No, this would replace your existing alteration.
Q: Are all of the savage alfar the same?
A: Mostly, though there are six "individuals" who all have different names and hair colors. A CUSTOM cast will summon one of these at random each time.
Q: What are the new verbs?
A: LEAN, SUMMON, SMIRK, GLANCE, NOD, LICK, SMOOCH, KISS, DANCE and ASK. These verbs either don't exist on the vanilla warrior or they are different on this one.
Q: Is there any cool lore stuff in the ASK?
A: No, it's just for flavor.

Also since you have to be holding the spike to see what the warrior would look like, this is the equivalent of their "tap" (e.g. what appears in the room description):

a savage alfar warrior with its hair shaved into a shaggy [color] crest


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