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Re: Difficulty Ranges\Item Placement · on 12/21/2011 11:53 PM CST 3200
Crafting has 12 difficulty levels, and they span 1-2000 ranks. Difficult appears to be tier 10, so yes it is quite large tier and should teach you for quite some time. The tiers are front-loaded, meaning that the majority of adventurers (people with 1-400 ranks) will advance the quickest and open up new content at a faster pace then someone beyond those ranks.

That being said, using easier metals and high quality tools and ingredients is critical to cap items with as little skill as possible. Even shoveling and pushing the bellows have skillchecks involved, just not unique messaging indicating when you do a less-than-perfect job. It is something I intend to remedy in the future.

This does not mean that your 100 ranks is wasted, as it comes in mighty handy when trying to cap metals with a low workability. Hope that helps explain things a bit.

This message was originally posted in Lore \ Smithing Skill, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.