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crossposted from MM folders - vision. RISEN! · on 1/16/2010 10:36:45 PM 4389
Your vision blurs as hazy swirls of miasmatic fog overlay all you see, accompanied by distinct sensations of pain erupting from many areas of your body. As the vision deepens, the pain recedes and your vision is replaced by a bleak laboratory, scalpels and other cutting instruments arrayed neatly beside beakers of burbling liquids that pierce the colorless landscape with their vibrant hues. Though the feeling of pain lingers in the furthest regions of your brain, the look of the place exudes a strange comfort that your conscious mind immediately attempts to reject as false.


The deathly quiet is pierced by footsteps. A stout Human man with thinning white hair steps into view, peering around the laboratory intently. Ah, he says finally, There you are. Are you finished in here yet? There's a lot of work to do, and soon. She's not going to wait much longer. He looks expectantly towards a part of the cold, grey room that you cannot see.


Another Human emerges from the miasmatic haze at the edge of your vision. The expression on the newcomer's face is undeniably jovial, and his green eyes have a hint of mischievous sparkle, I was just putting on the finishing touches, Mr. Book. Sorry to make you wait. The green-eyed man tosses a bit of something, red and gold in color, over his shoulder, discarding it as he follows the white-haired man out.

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