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Re: Criminal Titles · on 03/06/2015 11:44 AM CST 3460
>> (today in fact, while testing racial titles, it was stated again that title are OOC)

To clarify this, because it was something I said that I didn't fully explain..

Category:Titles" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
are only OOC in the manner that they are not "floating around your head for anyone to see" they are "what you are known to be."

Merchant Prince Apu in the area is "known to be" a Merchant Prince.

Prince Vorclaf is "known to be" a Prince.

Hope that clears it up, and sorry if I misled you with our conversation in DR Test, ASHBOMB.

>>It's written in policy that to call someone by their title is considered OOC. I can grab the link if you need it.

I'd actually like to see this. (BTW a post != in game policy.)

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