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Creatures gone wild part 2 (Even Fae are scared!) · on 01/15/2013 06:19 AM CST 1044
More creatures "attacked" towns again. This happened a bit later in Lang, we though a second invasion was happening at first.

[Bin activity unrelated to events removed.]
You say, "Smallest. Invasion. Ever."
Killashandrea says, "Just one Inkhorne."
You say, "And a skunk."
Killashandrea says, "Oh, I didn't see the skunk."
Killashandrea says, "Just have run just as fast as ariving.
You say, "That is how fast it was all over." [I spoke too soon.]

A herd of panicked deer gallop through, though they seem too frightened of whatever pursues them to take notice of you.

Klurn says, "Eep."
You say, "Oh, well there goes a lot more."
You ask, "Wonder where they are running to, or more worrisome, from?"
You lay your ears back in alarm, gazing around guardedly.
Killashandrea exclaims, "Geesh, now we also have to look out for stampedes!!"

High above you, a flock of geese fly past, necks extended gracefully as they labor through the sky. Abruptly, you realize that they are migrating in the wrong direction. Your heart skips a beat as your spell sends a subtle jingling call outward from you in all directions.
A spotted fungus colepexy gracefully flitters into the area with a twisted smile upon its face.
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "Nope nope nope!"
Klurn taps his foot impatiently.
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "Bad bad bad!"
You ask, "What is?"
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "Flee flee fleeeee!"
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "Fly fly fly!"
You smooth out some oily spots on your fungus colepexy's ladybird-like shell.
You ask, "Shhh what is bad?"
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "Bad bad bad!"
The colepexy flaps in confused circles.
Klurn asks, "Wha's bad?"
guard cole
You slink back and forth, like a restless predator on the prowl.
Killashandrea says, "Something that's got all the animals running away."
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "Fly fly fly!"
You say, "Do not have wings. Cannot fly."
You ask, "Moonlight, what is the bad thing?"
You angle your ears forward, gazing curiously at a spotted fungus colepexy.
Killashandrea asks, "Me?"
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "Water, air, earth!"
You ask, "You do... you hear the coleplexy?"
Killashandrea asks, "Or colepexy?"
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "Smell!"
You ask, "Everything is the bad?"
You quirk one ear sideways in confusion.
Killashandrea says, "You said "Moonlight", is that your version of saying Moonie? Or is You pet your fungus colepexy as it playfully flutters close to you.
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "Hear them weep!"
You say, "That is the name."
You nod to Killashandrea.
Killashandrea nods.
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "Run run run!"
You ask, "How can we run, if we do not know where we are running from?"
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "gogogogo!"
You quirk your ears toward each other vainly.
A spotted fungus colepexy exclaims, "NownowNOWNOWNOW!"

[I left and headed to El'Bains. Klurn came with.]

Klurn asks, "They usually talk?"
You say, "Cannot go in there."
You say, "Yes, but not this much."
You say, "Never seen anything spook them like this before."
A spotted fungus colepexy shrieks and licks its wounds, then gestures. Sparkling blue motes dart around it as it transforms into a deep cerulean butterfly that takes to the skies and flutters away.
You say, "They are fae, they do not scare easily."
You say, "... it ran."
Klurn asks, "It ever do that before?"
You say, "No."
You hear a faint voice whispering, "run run run runrunrunrun..." before it finally fades into nothingness.
You say, "Not even Lyras."

[Then someone died at the bin and they gwethed for me, so I came back there. The folks there discussed evacuating and locations, but we never really left.]

A group of skunks troop into the room and just as quickly troop out, tails held high.
A truly massive wolf pads into the room at a brisk trot, stopping abruptly when it sees the gathering of people here. Cautiously, it edges past, disappearing into the woods at a quick pace.

The panic of the creatures is ever-present, but it seems no worse than any other recent moment.

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia \ Invasions, by GAMMERGIRL on the forums.