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Re: Crafting exp should probably be turned up · on 04/04/2013 11:42 AM CDT 3428
The problem is really that combat allows the training of dozens of skills at once. Out of combat magic training teaches about 6 and survivals and lore...notsomuch. Once we get to balancing things a bit you'll probably see combat slow down a bit and lore pick up a bit. We cut down on the number of combat skills (particularly weapons) so it makes sense they can stand to train a bit slower than before. 1 learning state per 2-3 swings seems a bit high. If we did 1 learning state per 4 swings, with an average RT of 5 seconds you'd ML in about 10 minutes. So a half-hour of training to ML 3 weapons. And ratio-wise, 3 weapons is about the same as 1 lore skill.

What do folks think about choosing to have WOs grant bonus EXP, in exchange for no Prestige and less coin? The RP would be you are training novices and so the work is "shared" and cannot be attributed to you, but you learn more in the process. The trouble with this is it makes it easier to abuse the system by turning in WOs you didn't do... have to find a solution for that.

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