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Re: Crafting exp should probably be turned · on 04/04/2013 06:58 PM CDT 3443
>>If this happens, people will drop weapons and then we will end up with a lot less of a variety

I have to disagree. 30 minutes to mind lock 3 weapons isn't excessive and allows for plenty of variety. If anything, people should be challenged by training all weapons to high ranks. Specialization (particularly with weapon masteries) is somewhat inherant to any RPG. The goal is to make each weapon group appealing enough that a certain % of the user base chooses to use it.

>>Second, and more importantly, is that the time involved to complete WOs doesn't fit nicely into a training routine.

We could technically increase the time allocated for completing the work order if it is being used for training and not prestige. That being said, scripting convenience is at the bottom of our list when we design systems.

>> highest RTs around

Technically they have a much lower RT than forging could give you before. And they actually train, which is handy :P

Anyhow, we'll keep an eye on things and adjust as necessary.

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