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Re: Crafting Tools and Store · on 6/1/2011 11:03:33 AM 5236
Not yet, I have it on my list to get them added to the STOW mechanics.

It is not possible to smelt ore into ingots with a quality higher than the purity average of the ingredients. You'll have to refine to increase the ingot purity/quality (they become the same thing once in ingot form).

Ingredient Quality plays a big part in how well a crafted item comes out. Skill and high-quality Tools can help overcome some poor ingredient quality, but at a point the item will be impossible to mastercraft due to the poor ingredient quality. One of the blacksmithing techniques reduces the impact ingredient quality has on crafting, and should let you mastercraft with much poorer quality ingredients. The flip side to this, is that using high quality ingredients is essentially a skill boost...

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