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Re: Combat 3.0 Update · on 02/06/2012 06:55 AM CST 1263
> Dartenian if I read this correctly you are saying that spears and javelins are essentially 2 handed and will receive some penalty when used with a shield?

I am saying that any such weapons that are currently flagged as a two-handed weapon will receive a reduced penalty when used with a shield. If they are not flagged as a two-handed , they will be treated as any other one-handed weapon.

> Is HX one of these?...The primary advantage of xbow (shield use) is diminished in 3.0 because of the default "help" that the evasion only stance is getting.

Crossbows and slings will not be penalized for shield use, so they are definitely the most defense-friendly of the fired weapons. While firing at melee range will not be as dangerous as it was in the past, having a "real" defense will always be better than having an adjusted defense.

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