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Re: Collected Forageables Pile Description · on 12/16/2009 1:22:05 PM 115
Let me stress this again... you do -not- have a pretend guild. I repeat, you do not have a pretend guild. You do have a slightly more natural attunement with one element than the other two, which bleeds over into various things you do, like spell prep and being perceived.

Necromancers are, and will always be, at least a little bit "off" in the head. Something about the nature of the craft causes their minds to... break. Some may do very, very well at controlling this disjunction, others may give in to that madness completely, embracing it for the sake of the Great Work. It's simply the nature of what happens to you when you attempt to look at too many mana streams at once. Those that have gone through the quest have already caught a glimpse of what necromantic mana really looks like.

The piles, although they're a very, very silly way of showing it (and wouldn't be my first choice of how, they just needed fixing), are a reflection of this madness. While others are consistent, you are erratic. While others produce the same results, even if you're trying to be like other guilds, you won't. However, if someone's watching your piles like a hawk to see what you're making, you've probably been caught already.

GM Abasha

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