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Cloth · on 10/31/2012 05:41 AM CDT 1832
The gem box addicts at Uwresari's shop might be interested in the following information:

Imperial Weave
A relic of a long gone age, Imperial weave is everything a fabric could aspire to; durable, light weight, and resistant to dirt and rot, which is fortunate given that the methods of creation have long since been lost and the only supply comes from scraps found in long forgotten ruins of the Seven Star Empire. One of the greatest treasures found in Throne City during its reclamation was an entire storehouse filled with the cloth, though the horde was quickly claimed and concealed by the Moon Mage Guild. The cloth has been found in a wide variety of colors and patterns, though the few people brave enough to try to bleach or dye it have had no success.

A dull, deep brown material that can be dyed, but it will always retain a dull appearance and dark coloration. It is woven from the fibers of a particularly hardy, yet nearly impossible to find, mountain vine.

A shimmery and highly reflective material, ranging in color from pure white to a medium blue but most commonly pale grey. It is generally resistant to dyes. The fabric is known for its being extremely light and airy, yet difficulty to cut and work with. The creation process is a closely guarded secret by a small group of elemental magicians.

Ruazen Wool
An inky black wool woven from the shaggy hair of an elusive Albarian beast known as a ruazen ratav, it is almost always thick and scratchy, but makes surprisingly good armor. It maybe dyed other colors but only after an extensive bleaching process and most Kaldars frown on the practice since there is honor in wearing this cloth.

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