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Chat with Uwresari (very long) · on 10/28/2012 04:28 PM PDT 2186
Over an hour with like 30 people (cut out spam and (presumably) idle chatter)

Uwresari says, "I figure I need to let you all get your stupid out of your system. Every time a festival comes around." Sortny says to Uwresari, "As soon as ye do it'll be mobbed." Uwresari says, "Everyone gets full of stupid. More full than usual." Ruea says, "I'm glad to hear that, Prince Fayne mentioned he wanted to speak to you." Meganlique says, "Never run out of that." Uwresari says, "And if I let you in my shop while you're full of stupid you'll break something." Meganlique says, "You should know better." Uwresari exclaims, "And I assure you, even if I sell your bones I won't make that sort of money back!"

Sortny says to Uwresari, "Nae us, I'd blame the Guards but they are taking the coins and all." Uwresari says to Sortny, "I trust my Guards like I trust my children." Meganlique says to Sortny, "'did he have their pockets sewn." Cyiarriah asks, "You have children?" Uwresari exclaims, "No!" Sortny asks Uwresari, "What children? Ye have Children?" Cyiarriah says, "Didn't think so.." Meganlique says, "Yeah so..." Meganlique says, "They're pockets are sewn." Rajara asks, "Ya sold em for a profit?" Uwresari says to Rajara, "You should be ashamed. Selling your kids." Rajara says, "I didn't sell em! Gotta make em first."

Diggan asks, "So we came up to stare at an old elf?" Uwresari exclaims, "I've been here since before most of you were born, most of you combined!" Diggan says, "We came to check Uwresari into hospice." Uwresari says, "I'll still be here when we toss dirt on you all." Uwresari says, "Of course, given the games you fools play." Meganlique asks, "Can you toss gems on me as well?" Uwresari says, "I expect that to be sometime later this afternoon." Uwresari says to Meganlique, "If you pay me first."

Uwresari says to Heartsfyre, "Keep your grabby hands to yourself." Heartsfyre says, "I thought ya had a migrain.. so was gonna heal it." Uwresari says to Heartsfyre, "I know I'm all the elf you could ever desire but you might learn to ask a man before going all feely on him."

Uwresari says, "So, I ask again, what are you all waiting for here? Because if you were waiting for me I've got a gem to sell you." Meganlique says, "Wooo." You ask Uwresari, "You do?" Cyiarriah asks, "So, what's this gem?" Uwresari says, "I don't literally have a gem to sell you! Not right now at least, what I was trying to say is..." Uwresari says, "Oh forget it." Loggrim says, "I want to buy gems... I cant help it."

Uwresari says, "If you were all sitting here just waiting for me to show up, given that I haven't even set my shop up yet or scheduled any appointments." Uwresari says, "You all need to find more interesting hobbies." Uwresari says, "Maybe I should offer courses." Loggrim asks, "Than Gems?" Uwresari turns to his guard and instructs him to make note of that idea. Osus asks, "Maybe you should stop burning down your shops?" Uwresari says to Osus, "That. Was. Not. My. Shop." Uwresari says to Osus, "You ignorant blind fool." Tsarenzi asks, "The goods certainly weren't of the right caliber. And there were vegetables, werne't there?" A wary Gor'Tog guard gets out a small notepad and scribbles upon it with a bit of charcoal. Osus says to Uwresari, "Funny, we all equated it with your work though." Celitha says, "I am waiting for the Witch or Sindah actually, though I cannot speak for the others." Meganlique says to Osus, "He's going to castrate you." Osus says to Meganlique, "He'd have to hire another 'Tog to do his work, only to have the 'Tog found to be a spy.. again." Loggrim says, "Starting to think he wants it." Uwresari says to Osus, "Which just proves my point, namely that between the lot of you you have the wits of a goblin." Uwresari says, "One that was perhaps dropped on it's head as a child." You say, "Hey, I'm not in this bunch." Loggrim says, "We're all in this bunch... deal with it." Osus asks Uwresari, "And that would put us heads and shoulders above your current intellectual prowess, eh?" Uwresari says to you, "If the insult fits..." Osus pats Uwresari on the back. Anjinson says, "I just enjoy the refreshments to be honest." Osus says to Uwresari, "Its okay pal, we cant all be failed merchants who hire the wrong people. You've got that market cornered." Heartsfyre says to Uwresari, "So what are you? goblin commander or something? cause. frankly yer here also."

Uwresari asks Osus, "You want to know something interesting?" Osus asks Uwresari, "Will it keep you from opening another shop staffed with morons?" Osus gazes at Uwresari. Uwresari says, "I'll work on one item free for the first person to shut this fool up." Uwresari points at Osus. Rajara places her hand over Osus's mouth. Osus gets a split-bladed rapier with a notched pearl handgrip from inside his smuggler's sheath. Osus leans on his rapier. Heartsfyre says, "Takes more then a hand.." You whisper to Osus, "Ugh, YOU'RE the one with that crappy rapier alteration?" Uwresari says to Rajara, "Let's see how well your plan works before payment is offered." Osus whispers, "Gee, thanks." Rajara says, "Too bad sis doesn't have her bell here." Anjinson says, "Why not just refuse him work." Uwresari says to Anjinson, "Because a fool may want to part with his money." Osus asks, "Money is fools work, why do you think he deals so greatly in it?" Anjinson says, "Take payment and kick him out." Osus gazes at Uwresari. You whisper to Osus, "It's a rapier, it's the pinnacle of stabbiness, not sliciness" Uwresari asks Osus, "Has anyone told you lately that your rapier looks like a ladder made for a gnome?" You say, "I kind of just did." Osus chuckles at you!

Osus asks Uwresari, "Has anyone told you lately that the horrible statue you sold is what I made that rapier from?" Uwresari asks, "Oh? Is it?" Osus says, "One and the same." Uwresari says, "Guard. Add him to the list." Uwresari asks, "Anyone else care to confess?" A wary Gor'Tog guard gets out a small notepad and scribbles upon it with a bit of charcoal. You say, "I really liked that statue, a shame to have melted it down." Dante asks, "Which statue, the one of the mountain hag?" Heartsfyre says to Uwresari, "I confess. that we need your shop and wares here promptly.. err. well as soon as possible please." Osus asks Uwresari, "So what'd you trade for me to walk out and let you get back to work for these fine folks?" Osus asks, "Hmm?" Osus raises an eyebrow in Uwresari's direction. > Soosha rings her iron bell once, producing a single clear note.

Immediately, an almost tangible veil of silence descends upon the area.

Uwresari asks, "You're all hopeless addicts you know that right?" Soosha stretches out a hand imploringly to Uwresari. Uwresari says, "I'm happy to feed into your foolishness, but still." You shake your head. Uwresari asks Osus, "Who said I was doing any work?" Uwresari says, "This is my day off."

Uwresari asks, "So what do you all plan to buy this year?" (Silence)

You whisper to Uwresari, "Kind of hard to speak with that stupid silence"

You say to Uwresari, "I think you need a hot toddy." Coulin says, "Got most a'what I wanted s'far. Just got some gifts mostly and a'few weapons." Meganlique places her hand over Osus's mouth. Osus says to Meganlique, "No chance." Xixist says, "I was think some molten diamonds m'self." Ruea says, "I was hoping for a molten-core diamond or two, I have a set to complete." Loggrim says, "See gems." Loggrim says, "Ok gems and potatoes." Uwresari says to Draffaut, "That's an interesting investment." Starlear says, "I was hoping to find a nice iltesh. Or plans on how to make one properly so I could do it myself."

Osus asks Uwresari, "You going to take that lame excuse for silence as her success?" Osus raises an eyebrow in Uwresari's direction. Uwresari says to Osus, "I'll admit, I was hoping someone would be a bit more creative."

Sarait asks Draffaut, "Where are those sold?" Soosha asks, "Wheres the potatos from?" Soosha peers quizzically at Draffaut. A wary Gor'Tog guard asks, "The ground?" Valynn quietly says to Soosha, "There's a tinker wandering around that sells them." A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "I woudn't accept no strange food from a tinker."

Ruea says to Osus, "A thousand plat if you'll be quiet for as long as he requires." Ruea winks at Osus. Osus says to Ruea, "Your husband lost more than that to me just last night. You'll have to do better." Meganlique looks at Osus, obviously trying not to grin.

Uwresari says, "This looks like a terrible idea." Loggrim says, "Its not exactly... food." Draffaut says, "Terribly funny." Uwresari says, "Knowing you all, I expect it to sell like crazy." Uwresari says, "I should invest in the Empath and Cleric's guilds."

Uwresari asks, "Any new merchants this year of note?" Anjinson says, "None I've seen." Uwresari says, "Gotta keep up with my competition." Soosha says, "I like the new stuff at haunted house." You say, "Couldn't find 'Idon Abide With Thee." Coulin says, "All new t'me, this is a'pretty fancy contraption." Valynn says, "S'kra items." Tsarenzi says, "I was excited to see the new S'Kra wedding shop. Though I'm not actually planning to get married again."

A wary Gor'Tog guard Gazes at Osus, thrn gets out a small notepad and scribbles upon it with a bit of charcoal. Osus snorts at a wary Gor'Tog guard. Osus asks Uwresari, "Is he drawing my picture?" Osus says to Uwresari, "Cause I know the 'Togs you hire cant write." A wary Gor'Tog guard snorts. Uwresari asks Osus, "What do I look like, a mind reader?" A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "I can so." Osus says, "Fine." Uwresari says, "I don't hire them to be poets, I hire them to make sure no one steals my goods, break the occasional arm and perform the odd spot of arson." A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "And the occational skull, thems the fun days." A wary Gor'Tog guard grins.

Uwresari asks Sharane, "Are you aware you hav a spider on you?" Uwresari says to Sharane, "I can fix that." Meganlique moves over to guard Sharane. Sharane nods to Uwresari. Meganlique says, "No no." Sharane says, "She is quite harmess."

Osus gets a split-bladed rapier with a notched pearl handgrip from inside his smuggler's sheath. Osus foolishly cuts himself by licking a split-bladed rapier with a notched pearl handgrip. Osus foolishly cuts himself by licking a split-bladed rapier with a notched pearl handgrip. Osus cuts off his own tongue while licking a split-bladed rapier with a notched pearl handgrip!

Valynn quietly says to herself, "Well, that settles that." Uwresari says, "Now THAT..." Uwresari points at Osus. Uwresari says, "Is what I expect out of you all." A wary Gor'Tog guard blinks. Anjinson says, "Good show." Uwresari says to himself, "The bar is so very very low." Meganlique says, "Sad sad elf." Pucktin asks, "You said whoever shut him up got free work?" Pucktin says, "He shut himself up..." You ask, "Supposed to go under or over the bar?" Heartsfyre grins at you. Uwresari says to Pucktin, "I'm aware." Osus points at Pucktin. A wary Gor'Tog guard snickers at Pucktin.

Pucktin says, "He must really admire you - to go to such lengths to obtain work from you." Uwresari says, "I respect that. You maim yourself in an attempt to get free work from someone who's work you insult." Uwresari says, "That's dedication. Or something." Heartsfyre says, "Something.." Osus sighs. Meganlique says, "It's something." Anjinson says, "I think something more than dedication." A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "Certainly is something alright."

Uwresari suddenly starts coughing. His guard moves to assist him, but he waves the 'Tog off with a muttered curse. A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "You need some tea or something Master." Osus gets a bottle of throat melter from inside his traveler's pack. Osus offers Uwresari a bottle of throat melter. Uwresari accepts Osus's throat melter. Uwresari says, "Eh, you only live once." A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "Throat melter, now that might clear you up." Uwresari takes a drink of his throat melter. He makes an effort to swallow, but doesn't seem to be faring very well. Small puffs of smoke rise from his nostrils. Uwresari rubs his throat, looking very uncomfortable. Heartsfyre says, "Clean the hair out of them nostrils it will." Uwresari puts his hand to his throat, looking like he is about to choke. Osus smirks to himself. Uwresari looks very pained, as if choking on something, and puffs of smoke escape from the corners of his mouth. Draffaut says, "That'll help that bleeding cough." Valynn says to Uwresari, "Drink the water." Meganlique says, "Everyone should duck now." Uwresari gags a bit and then opens his mouth, a jet of roaring white-hot pouring from it. Strangely, he looks immensely relieved. You say, "Yah, probably cauterize the bleeding." Uwresari says, "Well, I've had worse." Uwresari says, "Of course I've also eaten by apprentice's cooking." Uwresari says, "Don't ever do that." Meganlique asks, "Yer apprentice ate you?" Meganlique says, "Fascinating."

Dante asks, "Is he a 'tog?" Uwresari says, "Why in the... I'm a lifesculptor." Uwresari asks, "Have you ever seen a 'tog lifesculpt?" Uwresari squints at Dante. A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "Naw, he just hires us fer guards and knee-breakin'." Uwresari says, "And you do a good job of it for the most part." A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "I likes it too." A wary Gor'Tog guard breaks out in a silly grin. Uwresari says, "I imagine you like the pay too." Sarait says, "Ah, job satisfaction. Fabulous." Meganlique says, "I think he enjoys his plate." A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "Oh ya, dat too." Anjinson asks, "Any chanced for limb breaking yet?" A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "Aww, not so far today, ain't nobody tried to stiff the Master fer coin." Uwresari says, "He roughed a few customers up last year for asking stupid questions." Uwresari says, "I gave him a bonus for that." Soosha asks, "Highlights of his job?" Uwresari says, "Have to ask him." Uwresari says, "I'm a peaceful artist, I wouldn't know anything of the joys of arm breaking."

Meganlique says, "Should totally play chicken then." Meganlique says, "You lose the peacefulness fast." Diggan says, "Back to chiken for me." Uwresari says, "Let's see." Uwresari says, "Pay money to likely die." Uwresari says, "In order for a chance to win a trinket." Uwresari says, "Let me think on that one." You say, "We're adventurers, we're not necessarily sane." Valynn says, "There's always a chance to win something really nice." Meganlique says, "Wel... he's thinking a bit." You say, "Otherwise we'd be, bakers or farmers or cobblers or chefs or something." Draffaut says to Uwresari, "I saw someone kill 4 people in chicken earlier to win a black wooden ring. And oh what a ring it was..." Uwresari says to Draffaut, "You make this throat melter make more sense." A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "Now dat sounds like a fun game."

Uwresari asks, "What should I put in the gem box this year?" Uwresari asks, "Rocks?" Ederick says, "Vardite and tyrium." Klurn says, "Dangleuppers." Anjinson says, "Woodchips." Uwresari asks, "Copper coins?" Draffaut says, "Wooden rings. I find myself still envious of the chicken player." Xixist says, "Special metals are always good." Tsarenzi asks, "Could I carve the rocks?" You say, "Platinum eating bugs that infest bank vaults." Maybeth asks, "Maybe marbles for free alterations?" Soosha says, "The new rare gems I seen being sold." Uwresari exclaims to you, "Perish the thought!" Dartwin says, "Masterful tinknersmithing books." Anjinson says, "Leave it empty." Uwresari asks Anjinson, "But would people still play?" Anjinson says, "Probably." Anjinson says, "Think about it." Soosha says, "How bout them baubles that win ya a chance for alterations too." Xixist says, "Folks love redundency." Maybeth says, "I said that." Anjinson says, "We're all just sitting in here." Anjinson says, "We'd most likely play for nothing as well."

Maybeth asks, "Ohh how about tickets as well ?"

Anjinson says, "I should set up a food stall." Uwresari asks, "Everyone have plenty of money to throw at the gem box this year?" Resero says, "No!f." Resero cheerfully exclaims, "I don't!" You say, "Not really, I recognize futility." Maybeth says, "A little." Resero exclaims to Uwresari, "Keep it away!" You say, "I'll just sell the gems that other people get." Tsarenzi says, "Well, that depends. Still considering if the auction might have something for alchemists." Starlear asks, "I expect you're going to have things outright for sale as well, and not just a gamblebox?" Thires asks Uwresari, "Do you accept Prydaens?" Uwresari says, "The box itself makes more money than the rest of the shop." Uwresari says, "Still a pittance, but it's the best way I've found to part your money from you all." Starlear says, "I have no interest in the box." Maybeth says, "For all the addicts." Uwresari says, "This does tend to reinforce bad habits in an merchant." You say, "Yeah, I'll take certainty of buying something over a random chance." Starlear says, "I've been saving platinum for something that I see as must-have. I'm not going to toss it out on chance." Soosha asks, "Will there be new inventory this year?" Uwresari says, "You'll just have to find out." Maybeth grins. Soosha says, "That's what I'm trying to do." Soosha grins at Uwresari.

Valynn asks, "Death awaits us all, eh Draf?" Valynn asks, "Anyone else?" Valynn asks, "Wager on death?" Meganlique points at Osus. Valynn offers Osus a strange clockwork potato. Osus accepts Valynn's clockwork potato. Osus taps the large green button that says "JOIN" on the front of his clockwork potato. Meganlique says, "He has amazing luck." Osus turns the large knob on the top of his clockwork potato, and an odd whirring noise comes from it. Gears inside start grinding away, and the faint smell of naphtha wafts from a small opening. Draffaut says, "Death? I plan on laughing at all you." Draffaut says, "While breathing." Xixist says, "Always bet on death .. you'll get paid sooner or later." Meganlique chortles softly at some secret joke. Osus randomly punches a bunch of buttons on his clockwork potato. A huge jet of naphtha sprays at Osus, soaking him thoroughly! Then, a rapid clickclickclick noise comes from the clockwork potato, setting him alight! The napthha explodes into flame like a roaring bonfire, and Osus screams in anguish as it consumes his body. Soon little more than ash remains, the clockwork potato simply dropping from his hands before they are consumed as well.

* Osus is slain before your eyes!

Osus's clockwork potato falls to the ground.

The clockwork potato leaps toward Meganlique on four metallic legs! It jumps into her left hand! Meganlique winces. Xixist asks, "See?" Soosha's jaw drops. Valynn chortles softly at some secret joke. Thires blinks. Ruea says, "My goodness."

Meganlique turns several knobs back and forth on the front of her clockwork potato. It makes a disconcerting clicking noise. A huge jet of naphtha sprays at Meganlique, soaking her thoroughly! Then, a rapid clickclickclick noise comes from the clockwork potato, setting her alight! Meganlique drops and rolls, managing to put out a few of the flames, but is still badly burned and blistered over most of her body.

A strange clockwork potato leaps out of Meganlique's left hand! The clockwork potato leaps toward Draffaut on four metallic legs! It jumps into his left hand!

Soosha says, "Well that answers my question." Ruea gazes at Osus. Meganlique laughs! A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "Ok, I dun think I'm ever eatin' taters again." Valynn says, "Great luck." You hear the ghostly voice of Osus exclaim, "I had to try, it was a bet!" Draffaut asks Uwresari, "I'm pretty sure that means I get free work, right?" You say, "Well, that probably shut him up too."

Draffaut vigorously rubs his clockwork potato between his hands, making its gears clatter around strangely. A huge jet of naphtha sprays at Draffaut, soaking him thoroughly! Then, a rapid clickclickclick noise comes from the clockwork potato, setting him alight! Draffaut manages to quickly put out the flames before getting too burned, keeping the damage to minor surface burns.

A strange clockwork potato leaps out of Draffaut's left hand! The clockwork potato leaps toward Valynn on four metallic legs! It jumps into her left hand! Valynn appears to be the last one standing! The clockwork potato starts shutting down with a hiss of steam, a hatch opening in the top and giving Valynn 26 Hollow Eve tickets!

The clockwork potato starts scrambling back to its owner! The clockwork potato makes a soft whining noise as it shuts itself down again.

Uwresari shakes his head. Assassin Queen Dyamond came through a heavy steel archway leading out. Uwresari squints at Dyamond. Dyamond waves to Uwresari. Uwresari says to Dyamond, "Get out." Dyamond says, "Aww." Uwresari says, "'Tog! Remember that person." Uwresari points at Dyamond. Dyamond points at herself. Uwresari says, "She's the one who melted the statue." Dyamond exclaims, "I did not!" Dyamond exclaims, "It was Squanto!" A wary Gor'Tog guard grunts loudly! Uwresari exclaims, "You won it, you're to blame! Do you have any idea what I've gone through because of you!" Leilond came through a heavy steel archway leading out. Pucktin exclaims, "KILL HER!" Dyamond says, "I do not know, I am sorry." A wary Gor'Tog guard gets out a small notepad and scribbles upon it with a bit of charcoal. Dyamond ponders. Maybeth says, "Wow." Uwresari exclaims, "Sorry! Sorry!" Dyamond flails her arms about. Uwresari coughs. Pucktin exclaims, "Put her head on a pike!" Dyamond says, "But i like it on my shoulders." Uwresari starts to wind himself up for a good rant but ends up in a coughing fit instead. Dyamond pats Uwresari on the back. Valynn glances at Uwresari. Uwresari exclaims, "Keep your hands off me you witch!" Dyamond says, "I say we take it out on Squanto." A wary Gor'Tog guard glares at Dyamond. Meganlique says, "Poor squanto, not here to defend." A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "Please keep yer mits off the Master." Dyamond says, "Poor Squanto."

>look Osus You see Gambler Osus Of'Foot, Smuggler of Ilithi, a Prydaen. Osus has no head at the moment. He has silver fur with a white belly and silvered black marbling, a shattered slender tail and an athletic build.

Soosha says, "It gives out tickets." Soosha gazes at Valynn. Valynn says to Draffaut, "Thanks for the tickets." Valynn grins at Draffaut. Draffaut says to Valynn, "And you didn't want to play..." Soosha stands near Draffaut. Soosha says, "You gotta show me where to buy that later." Thires says to Soosha, "There is a gnome running around selling them." Soosha asks, "That all he sell?" Draffaut hugs the clockwork potato tightly to his chest, and it rattles a bit like it wants to explode. Thires nods to Soosha.

Uwresari says to Dyamond, "Just be glad I don't have the authority to punish you." Valynn says, "You should take him somewhere he can relax before he hurts himself." Uwresari exclaims to Dyamond, "I was lucky to escape with my life!" Valynn nods to a wary Gor'Tog guard. Dyamond says, "I am very glad of that." Dyamond exclaims, "Well it is good then!" Dyamond beams at Uwresari! Uwresari exclaims, "Don't even think about setting foot in my shop ever again!" Dyamond blinks. Dyamond asks, "Will it be here soon?" Uwresari asks Dyamond, "What's it matter to you?" Dyamond ponders. Dyamond asks, "Could you be more specific?"

Uwresari coughs. Uwresari coughs. A wary Gor'Tog guard asks, "are you alright, Master?" Uwresari gestures at a wary Gor'Tog guard. Uwresari says, "Come on, let's get out of here. We've got work to do and just looking at these..." Uwresari coughs. A wary Gor'Tog guard says, "After you Master, I gots yer back." Uwresari says, "... traitors is infuriating me." Dyamond grumbles. Master Sculptor Uwresari went through a heavy steel archway leading out. Draffaut says, "And he completely looks past the fact that I killed Osus for him..." Draffaut sighs. A wary Gor'Tog guard just went through a heavy steel archway leading out. Leilond asks, "Who betrayed him?" You say, "About melting down that tyrium status." You say, "Statue." Starlear says, "Anyone who was involved with or got something from the tyrium statue, in his eyes." Draffaut says, "The person who won the statue and then melted it into slag to make pretty pretty weapons." Dyamond says, "It did make pretty weapons." Draffaut nods to Dyamond. You shake your head. Walcar darkly says, "Well if he didn't want it melted should have made it so it couldnt." You say, "I'd rather the one of a kind unique statue."

* Uwresari returns home from a hard day of adventuring.

Leilond asks, "Wasn't the statue of a queen or something?" Meganlique asks, "He left?" You say, "Morganae." Dyamond nods to you. Dante says, "The mountain hag." Leilond asks, "Huh, who thought it'd be a good idea to melt down a piece of artwork of the queen?" Leilond laughs! Dante says, "Some of us drank wine and had a lovely party at it's burning." Ruea says to Dante, "Careful, that's a good way to get hanged." Dante asks, "What hanging?" Dante says, "I have a lovely piece of the mountain hag's statue too." Dante shakes his gyre axe! Dante says, "Looks much better like this." Dante taps a twin-bladed gyre axe with a center grip wrapped in Velakan linen that he is holding.

Dyamond gets some form-fitting leathers fashioned with tyrium and night diamonds from inside her nightmistress' pack. Dyamond works her way into some form-fitting leathers fashioned with tyrium and night diamonds.

Osus asks, "Where'd he run off to?" Osus casually observes the area. Osus squints. Leilond looks at Osus and shrugs. Dyamond asks, "Who?" Dyamond raises an eyebrow. Dante says, "Crying over the statue still." Dante nods to Osus. Leilond says, "Seemed to be pretty upset though." Dyamond says, "He did." Osus shrugs. Xixist says, "He did nae look well."

Dante says, "Maybe he should have picked a better subject." Dyamond snickers. You snort, loudly. Anjinson says, "Coughing fits and such." Leilond says, "Mentioned something about traitors -- I arrived late so I only got the tail end of the conversation." You say, "Would have been melted down regardless." Leilond asks, "Did he craft that statue himself?" Starlear nods to Leilond. Dante says, "He considers anyone that profited from the melting of the statue a traitor." Dyamond says, "I think so." You say, "Ayep." Leilond exclaims, "I'd be pissed too!" Osus says, "He profited from the statue..." Dyamond giggles. Dante says, "Typical Mountain elf, very self-absorbed." Osus says, "When he put it up for that contest.." Starlear says, "He had to get special permission to craft it in the queen's likeness." Dyamond says, "Oh yea he made a killing on that statue." Osus says, "Making he, himself, the first traitor." Dante says, "Didn't stop to think some people would consider burning the mountain hag in effigy a positive thing." Starlear says, "When it was melted down, the mountain elves went after him, is my understanding." Leilond says, "Well sure, but you also have to remember that it's a piece of art. If you made a masterpiece -- Say you painted it..." Draffaut asks Dyamond, "Pun intended?" Dyamond says, "They went after us all." Leilond asks, "Wouldn't you be upset if someone burned it for profit?" You say, "Vorclaf: Hated, it'd have been melted. Baron Gyfford: Hated, statue melted." Dyamond says, "Happy accident." Tsarenzi says, "Lifesculpted tyrium, yes? That's a lot of effort and time. And yes, the Queen wasn't happy when her image was melted down." Starlear says, "People didn't see it as art, they saw it as a few hundred volume of tyrium." Dante says to you, "The hag's followers are rather...zealous." Starlear says, "The likeness was irrelevant."

Leilond says, "Ahh, and there-in lies the problem with today's society. No appreciation of art." Dyamond nods to Leilond. Starlear nods at Leilond, obviously agreeing with his views. Dyamond says, "Agreed." You nod to Leilond. Osus says, "Art is made to profit from." Osus snickers. Gambler Osus went through a heavy steel archway leading out. Coulin says, "Th'measure a'society is in it's labors a'love." Coulin says, "If'n you got time t'paint, society's doin' alright."

Leilond says, "It's a good thing I view the battlefield as my canvas of art. No one can take that away... unless your name is Traim and you can cancel out all of my magic." Leilond sighs. You chuckle. Dyamond grins, revealing her dimples.

Naniaki Felyran

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