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Re:CC Diminishing Returns · on 2/27/2013 04:59 PM CST 4609
>>Does this apply to the same cc only? Or all CC effects.

All. You can't juggle between stun/immobilize/web or something or every guild would become a "But THEY have four types of CC and I have four ways to stun it's not fair..."

>>but what I am not sure is whether it applies to two or more casters --> one target

The diminishing returns are implemented on a per target basis.

>>Also, just to make sure, the 60s start after the first CC wears off?

After the first CC would have naturally worn off. So for example if you stuns someone for 20 seconds but they break the stun 10 seconds in, they will still have 70 seconds of diminishing returns protection.

>>Is this saying, for third and subsequent CC's, the duration of the second CC is added to the original 60s?

The original timer goes away and a new one is put in place that is 60 seconds + the natural duration of the second CC.

>>Also, is "natural duration" the duration adjusted by this formula?


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