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Breakable ammo · on 09/28/2017 23:58 1857
To clarify - this won't affect senci-stone sling ammo. Quest/Fest arrow/bolt ammo that is better than what can be crafted really doesn't exist yet (to my knowledge at least), and we will re-evaluate things when those are introduced.

The point is to create a consumable economy. For a game like DR, game balance and the economy would be improved if all systems featured a consumable aspect. Alchemy and Enchanting feature it strongly. Carving and Shaping will now have a tiny bit. Not sure what you might see someday for Forging or Outdoorsmanship.

If you recall, long ago DR had (most) ammo of its ammo breakable. It was removed for a time, and now it is back. You'll probably see special materials and quest ammo that will be unbreakable. Or arrows that do 3x normal damage but break on the first hit. Plenty of options there for fun stuff.

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