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Re: Bows or crossbow · on 2/3/2009 9:49:01 AM 5700
>>Neither, however, effects the incoming OF like evasion does, correct?

>>Two separate contests, PARRY vs OF and SHIELD vs OF.

>>Whereas, evasion + defense works like this (sort of)

>>OF - Evasion vs DEFENSE

I'm not even sure how to translate that to be honest. If you evade part of the attack it reduces the attack. If you parry part of the attack the part you parry will be reduced and the same goes for shield. As for them having seperate contests it is seperate contests for each and they all have entirely different formulas and mannerisms. Yes, at the moment evasion is the best one to use for many reasons. It is the only one that doesn't require equipment to be able to use it, it will play a part in all contests in an always on manner so long as you have the stance points where shield can be bypassed by some spells and ranged attacks of all sorts bypass parry.

There are plenty of reasons to choose to utilize evasion to some degree or other, and how much that is I leave to each of you to decide for yourselves as best suits your play style. That said, if you want to forgoe evasion entirely that is a technically feasible approach. Let's say your shield is the first checked of the two defenses. Shield will calculate how much of the attack you defend against and reduce the incoming attack by that much and then pass the rest to parry. Whatever is left after parry then contests your armor, etc and is converted to the damage you take.

No, the system isn't perfect and I've read the many complaints particularly in regards to parry. It is something we are looking into but you likely won't see any changes right away as this is a large balance issue so I for one wish to take it careful and come at it with a well concidered gameplan. The balance between the defenses likely needs to change some but all of the above reasons for the use of evasion will still remain true. Find what works well for you and enjoy it.

GM Oolan Jeel

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