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Re: Bows or crossbow · on 2/3/2009 11:15:12 AM 5706
>>Clear as mud?

Clear and not at all how it works. Shield and parry reduce OF the same way that evasion does, just not as well rank for rank sadly.

>>Now I'll admit I always just sort of filed this information away as a potentially useful data point (because lacking reference for exactly how all defenses work, particularly as contrasted against this OF reducing effect, it wasn't terribly useful in practice). It did, however, cause me to always keep my characters' Evasion up higher than I otherwise might have bothered to, simply on the weight of having GMs expressly state that it has this sort of effect that neither of the others do.

As the balance of the calculations stands now, evasion performs better compared to the other defenses. However, each defense decreases OF by whatever measure of success it finds.

>>Now it appears that you're saying its greatest benefit is in that it will always be contested in any physical attack circumstances. While that's true and is definitely valid, it makes me wonder where that previous bit of information about unique OF reduction benefits fits in.

I'm stating that should be its greatest benefit in theory and that as we seek a better balance between the defenses in the future those factors I listed should remain true while the degree to which each defense performs in comparision to the others may well change.

GM Oolan Jeel

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