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Re: Born with it? · on 3/29/2011 2:36:19 PM 12892
>>So, which one(s) are valid? Am I missing some possible situations that might be possible?

Let's make a distinction between the nominal and the exceptional.

Nominally, everyone is a tabula rasa as far as magic is concerned. You are not born attuned, and you can gain Attunement to whichever form of magic strikes your fancy, if any at all. Someone might have a knack for one over the other, but only in the same way someone might have a natural talent for playing the flute.

Exceptions exist, which the Magic 3 lore gets into in a bit more detail than before. Sometimes people fail to attune to one form of magic or another, and there exists a genetic disposition to not attune to magic at all. Sometimes people can attune spontaneously, even at a very young age, at which point you could argue they were predestined for it.

These exceptions are rare mutations or ridiculously improbable feats, though. The only anomaly that is even close to routine is genetic inability to attune. It breeds true from either parent and some magicians estimate from 1-5% _and growing_ of the population lacks the ability to perform magic.

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