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Re: Bonding potions garbage? · on 04/29/2013 02:21 PM CDT 1353
It's already been said many many times in this thread, but once more for good measure:

We absolutely cannot replace player-made items if they have not been registered.

It isn't a matter of we wont, or we don't want to, WE CAN'T. The ability does not exist.

Item registration does not guarantee replacement of items lost to NORMAL game mechanics.

The janitor is a normal game mechanic. A game crash is not a normal game mechanic.

Even in the event of a crash, we CANNOT replace your player-made items without registration! ESPECIALLY in the event of a crash!

At least in the circumstance of the regular janitor, there's a small chance your item is in janitor storage and we can snag it for you, but when we crash, all items have been deleted. It does not exist anywhere for us to go get it from!

Summary: Register your items! That way, there's at least the chance we CAN replace something, if it hasn't been lost to a normal mechanic.

Thanks! Lyneya

This message was originally posted in DragonRealms Policy Discussions \ General Discussions on Policy, by DR-LYNEYA on the forums.