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Re: black-balled subjects · on 09/24/2013 05:06 AM CDT 2156
>>I dont understand how the word 'clansman's is black-balled by alterers

While I can't speak to what you may have been told in the past regarding anything but alterations, I can tell you why a 'Clansman's' item is not something an alterer could give you (or anyone at this time).

DragonRealms has rules regarding adding titles to an item during alteration that go beyond the title making sense when being applied to that particular sort of item. Generally, a PC must actually have that title, and be able to wear it to show the alterer in order for them to add it to an item. The exceptions to this rule are all on a list of approved general use titles that players can find here:

Since Clansman is neither a title you had and could show the alterer that you had, nor is it on the approved list that anyone can use whether or not they can wear it, the alterer was not allowed to make your item a 'Clansman's' item.

I hope that clears that part up at least!


PS - On a semi-related note, if any of you ever somehow gain access to a restricted title through a bug, please do not attempt to get an alterer to put it onto an item for you. This could go very badly in the end. Please submit a BUG report instead. Thank you.

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