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Biomechanical Tarantula Alteration Guidelines · on 11/08/2019 10:20 6707
In addition to all standard alteration policies, which can be found on Elanthipedia ( ), the following rules apply to alterations of biomechanical tarantulas.


You may change the noun, but it must remain a spider of some kind. Valid options include any Elanthian species of spider as well as real-world types, provided they do not reference real-world locations. Fictitious Elanthian species include:
• blade spider
• Harawep's Pawn spider (seen on some items)
• Harawep's Spider (Corn Maze boss)
• nightreaver unyn
• nightstalker unyn
• nightweaver unyn
• reaper spider
• tomiek iguji-broodling
• wildling spider (creates wildlace)
• zynachi spider

Elanthia has a wide variety of spider fauna. Below are some examples based on real-world items that have been seen as creatures or items:
• antmimic spider
• armed spider or wandering spider
• arrowhead spider
• barn spider (orbweaver)
• birdcatcher spider
• black widow
• brown recluse or violin spider
• brown widow
• cave spider
• cellar spider
• cobweb spider
• fishing spider
• flower spider (a type of crab spider)
• funnel-web spider
• goliath birdeater
• grass spider
• house spider
• huntsman spider
• jumping spider
• lynx spider
• ogre-faced spider
• orbweaver
• parson spider
• peacock spider (a type of jumping spider)
• redknee tarantula
• sand spider (the source of khiynit and Velakan pearls)
• spitting spider
• wolf spider
• woodlouse hunter
• writing spider (Argiope)

Spiderling (a baby spider) is an acceptable noun.

"Arachnid" is not a valid noun choice, as that is a large class that includes many animals that are not spiders (for example, scorpions, mites, and harvestmen).

Biomechanical tarantulas cannot be altered into "daddy longlegs," as that term most commonly refers to harvestmen, which are arachnids but are not spiders. (The actual spider that some people call "daddy longlegs" is a cellar spider.)

Biomechanical tarantulas cannot be altered into "camel spiders" or "sun spiders", as despite their names, they are not actually spiders.

Slang or cutesy descriptions like "land octopus" or "facehugger" are not valid as nouns, in taps, or in looks.


The body of the spider must remain a metal. It can be embellished with other materials. As always, you must provide any rare material you wish to add.

The legs must remain hard enough to dig into flesh, and any materials you add to the legs or feet must not hinder their ability to do so (e.g., no shoes).


The tap does not have to retain the word "biomechanical." However, the tap must clearly indicate that the spider is not a real, living animal. An easy way to achieve this is to describe a material in the tap, such as a metal or gem.

The merchant handling your alteration is the final arbiter on whether a noun or design is acceptable.


This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia/Hollow Eve Festival, by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.