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Re: best way to learn crossbow · on 05/13/2013 01:09 PM CDT 1404
>>1 miss rate

I explained that a bit. You need to give me information or else accept that you aren't properly engaging in PvP. If you have 600 LX and your opponent has 600 evasion and shield, prepare to get murdered.

>>2 the way damage shields work

Yes these need adjusting and it is being worked on. However, damage shields block melee just as much as ranged. If a melee attack does 10 damage, and 3 is blocked, and a bolt does 20 damage, and 6 is blocked, the crossbow should still come out ahead.

>>3 speed it takes to load, aim, fire.

Crossbows are slower because they do X% more damage. Eventually the engagement rewrite will assist with players maintaining distance for a short time, but eventually folks will get to melee. It isn't realistic or balanced for a crossbow user to get off more than 1 or 2 shots before someone closes on them. This is no different from using a TM spell...

>> worked down aim time

All weapons are balanced to do approximately the same DPS at the same tier/weight, so if we did this we'd also have to reduce their damage bonus.

One metric that would be helpful is your measurements of DPS. If 2 crossbow bolts take someone down 10% vitality in 24 seconds, and a melee user can take someone down 25% vitality in 24 seconds, then the math needs to be looked at or the factors need rebalancing. I've not seen these numbers from folks, so it is hard to suggest improvements.

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