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Re: best way to learn crossbow · on 05/12/2013 11:55 AM CDT 1402
The larger crossbows have a 200% (or more) damage bonus to compensate for the longer load times. Swinging a sword can take 3-4 seconds, and does not do 100% for all damage types. If a crossbow takes 3x as long and does 200% for all damage types, they should be coming out about even - especially because harder-hitting weapons penetrate armor more effectively.

A lack of hitting would imply you are hunting something too difficult for your skill. If you have offenses = to your enemy's defenses you should be missing about 3 out of 5 shots. This is the same for melee, and was maintained in C3.0 because it resulted in the least disruption of hunting areas. When I tried adjusting it to make more sense - folks kind of freaked out (because it resulted in everyone moving down 2 hunting areas lower!)

With equal skill and full aim you should be missing about 2 out of 5 shots, and with 20% more skill than your enemy's defenses you should be missing about 1 in 5. Your typical ranged buff, or incredible balance OF increase will pop you into this category, which is why it works. Very few folks enter combat without some sort of debuff/buff available to improve their to-hit odds.

The combat system isn't perfect, but we can and will tweak the numbers to balance things out. Enemies teach well even up to 140% of their defenses, so needing 20% more skill than would make sense to hit them isn't as big of an issue.

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