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re: Backlaaaaaaaash · on 06/09/2014 04:44 PM CDT 1537
>>1) Are there caps to how badly you can fail based on the spell difficulty level? In other words, an esoteric spell might explode you, but the worst a basic spell might do is some torn up arms.

Short Answer: Nope!

Long Answer: It depends on a lot of variables. If you just absolutely botch a basic spell it could end very poorly for you but I haven't sat down to run the numbers on if it can actually hit the full scale of fail.

>>2) Right now there is a sorcery feat that reduces the chance of a backlash. Will there be a sorcery feat that reduces the amount of damage when it does happen?

It also attempts to mitigate the severity of the backlash as a result of the above math.

>>3) Did the chance of damage increase overall? In other words, if you very rarely backlashed before, are you going to start backlashing more now, even though it'll probably be lesser damage?

No. At this time the chance of backlash was untouched. This is only what happens after you've got a "whoops" on your hands.

>>4) Is there any point skill-wise where someone heavily invested in sorcery isn't going to explode using sorcery? Not saying immune from risk/damage, but just not going to explode themselves and/or severely maim.

Sorta. You're never going to reach a point that backlash doesn't happen but if you're casting conservatively your results won't randomly spike to "utter failure".


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