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Re: Background · on 10/05/2013 09:26 AM CDT 724
>>1. Anything else you can tell us about Vuan, Aluandi, the term "Ivory Mage," or why Tiv says he's a failure as a person?

Vuan is... not a nice person. In a guild that cherishes Kssarh, Vuan managed to alienate himself and go into nominally self-imposed exile. The title of Ivory Mage is a semi-polite way to refer to his albino condition.

>>2. What is the relationship between the Arbiter in Darkness and Pelag? For that matter, anything you can say about the Arbiter would be awesome.

At the basic level, they're both of the same order of entity, nearly god-like beings that walk the Plane of Probability and occasionally interact with mortal kind. Pelag is an embodiment of fate (in its most hard, deterministic sensee), while the Arbiter is an embodiment of starlight. Personality wise, "Paladin" isn't quite it but you can see it from there. The Arbiter's personality, insofar as it has personality, is harsh and judgmental, but not as intrinsically malevolent as Pelag.


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