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BS testing · on 02/06/2020 08:33 1445
>We were recently arguing and attempting to test to our ability IG the backstab changes. We were hoping you could confirm or deny some things for us. Basically, we were wondering how damage stats are weighted with the various types of backstab (thrust/slice/swing). The main question here is does a THRUST BS weigh puncture more heavily than the other damage stats (slice/impact) to the point of exclusion? In one person’s testing he is arguing that a thrust BS almost completely ignores additional damage points allocated to slice/impact.

>I said that it shouldn't from what I knew of our conversations when we did initial Blindside testing in TEST. I thought I remembered you saying that things should be equal now, allowing a Thief to utilize whatever weapon they wanted as long as it is withing the weight limit. Is this the case? Will a 10/7/3 damage weapon hit as ‘hard’ as a 7/10/3? If all things are equal outside of perspective damage type will weapons act the same across the board? And if not, could you share the damage weighting of the thrust/slice/swing attacks? We are spending a lot of time asking questions about things and testing stuff that could quite easily just be confirmed on your end and save us a lot of hassle. If it doesn't function that way can we make that a thing so we can have true versatility with our class weapons?

All three types of blindside have the same weights, just in a different order. It is heavily weighted towards the primary stat, but there is a little bit of the secondary stats. I can't give you exact numbers, though.

Puncture is weighted P/I/S, Slice is weighted S/I/P, and Impact is weighted I/S/P. A 7/10/3 should hit as hard as a 10/7/3 and as hard as a 3/7/10, if such things exist.

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