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Re: BMR · on 02/18/2013 01:55 PM CST 3430
Wards (not just Barbarian Wards) operate differently in 3.0. Some affect a spell's potency, and others affect a spells integrity. A potency ward is rare - Barbarians have one, but it is a higher circle ability. This reduces the damage/effect of your spell by a % but otherwise won't stop it.

Integrity barriers are all-or-nothing. Either they deal enough damage to the integrity of the spell to stop it cold, or the spell passes through at full effect. Multiple integrity barriers can damage a spell and rip it apart, however.

Spell integrity is affected by spell stance and the mana you use. Barbarians can have 100% spell immunity but with large limitations inlcuding being able to ROAR in the process.

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