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Re: Armor Food for Thought · on 09/29/2012 06:02 PM CDT 2620
>>I'm assuming that in 3.0 heavy armor users are still not expected to dodge as much

The defensive penalty from hindrance is much reduced in 3.0. It also affects all defenses, not just evasion. I find most plate users have just as small a defensive penalty as wearers of leather armor - simply because it is usually the armor prime and secondary skillsets using it (or WMs with YS).

Plate armor nearly makes players invulnerable, so we can't go higher on the % damage reduction than you see there. Keep in mind this was also without YS, DA, or Tier 6 uber plate - which when combined do push it up another 10-12%.

The reason for the uneven gain is Protection is the stat most affected by skill. Chain armor has less protection, therefore less gain compared to cloth and leather.

>>Maybe he was using a Paladin test character

That would not have mattered. Guild and skillset do not affect % damage reduction.

>>But it could definitely be mitigated if chain is significantly less hindering than brigandine.

In general that is quite true. Chain armor has the same hindrance as cloth, more or less. Note - I don't like that fact, its just how it always was, and its too difficult to retcon the whole mess. Instead we allow light armor to be worked down much lower/faster, to compensate.

Keep the thoughts coming. This is the time for tweaking.

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