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Re: alterations by togs and their halfling assistants · on 5/31/2011 12:45:40 AM 7166
someone was nice enough to share part of the 'inside story'

A reeking gob of naphtha seeps through ceiling, landing with a spat on the brim of this guy's straw hat.

Gusts of hot air billow through the building, carrying a hint of smoke with them.

Flames lick through the seams in the walls as the shop grows uncomfortably hot. Patrons and staff alike start to panic as smoke begins flooding the room causing you to gasp for breath. Roundtime: 10 seconds.

The flames rapidly spread, consuming building and merchandise alike. Trapped occupants stumble and fall as they retch from the oily smoke -- an affliction which you unfortunately share. Roundtime: 15 seconds.

The swiftly growing inferno now extends from floor to ceiling, granting a disturbing orange hue to the surroundings. Heavy clouds of smoke and ash fill the shop, searing your lungs with every breath. Shrieks of agony fill the air and several chaotic moments pass before you realize your voice is amongst them, as your flesh begins to ignite. Roundtime: 15 seconds.

XXXX is apparently wrestling with a flimsy doorway. (lotta that, no dice, try kicking it)

Mercifully the pain ends, your nerves reduced to char, though you can only appreciate this for a few brief moments before your life, too, ends.

XXXXX is slain before your eyes! (everybody dies)

the end.

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia (13) \ Festivals / Merchants (8), by POWERHAUS on the forums.