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Akigwe's Legacy: Updates · on 04/12/2012 11:49 PM CDT 3543
A number of updates were just put into place in Prime that should help first timers as well as repeat visitors. Plat tested them earlier this evening with no adverse affects. A quick run down:

1) TASK can now be used during the quest to get some information. It will tell you what stage of the quest you're on (-1 to 6), tips on where you should be / what you should be doing / whether to group up or not, a spit out of the status of each of the puzzles (whether it's started, solved successfully or auto-completed), and a list of how the assistants flex. If Yirruv has been introduced, it should also tell you where he is.

2) The hiding places for the treasure hunt and incidentals have been tweaked. Items can show up in more places now.

3) The spawn mechanics for the assistants have been tweaked. When they spawn, they'll first look for a player in the room to flex to. If it spawns in a room with no players, then it will use the existing mechanics of picking someone randomly. Spreading out during this will be more beneficial than before.

4) You're no longer moved out of the area immediately after the boss dies. Now there's a rope placed where the boss is so that you can leave when you're ready. When your normal quest time runs out, you will still be forcefully removed from the tower to select treasure. Those who want more time to explore can do so now.

If you notice any problems with any of this, please either BUG it or post in the Paid Events / Quests topic.

ASGM Zadraes
Logistics Lead

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