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Re: Akigwe's Legacy: Loot List · on 03/21/2012 02:18 PM CDT 3174
>I'm just curious if at the end people will be sent back to where they were before like the riot quest

Currently, everyone is sent back to where they came from. May help to try and coordinate a place to meet up ahead of time so you'll be returned together. I'll see about some other options, but no promises.

>it sounds like there might be a bunch of neat stuff.

Keep in mind, not all 100+ items will drop each run. Only a part of it will be randomly selected to be scattered each run.

>I would still like information on that 5 use axe pattern.

Sent a heads up to Kodius. He's more familiar with it.

>Any chance of getting a sneak peak to the vast amount of loot available through incidentals?

Wait and see. :) I will say that there are a number of gems, some of them pretty pricey.

>Any limitations on the goat pin?

Won't take cursed items, scripted items, magical items or anything overly valuable.

ASGM Zadraes
Logistics Lead

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